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  1. Hi again, well programmer time partly works also on clear. It seems though that only one attribute at a time is working. If i choose Another colour and the intensity. it clears the colour instantly but then fades intensity out. And the copy palette thing, sorry if i´m being stupid, but how exactly do you do that? How do i type? I tried using the buttons but then i only get the alternative to copy cue or playback. Or do i need to use external keyboard?
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply! OK, that´s good news about the palettes, i will try that. I know about the programmer fade time, it´s a great feature. What i´m after is more like when you edit a programmed show, say you gain the intensity of a fixture or slighly move pan to adjust for some actor that suddenly is in a dark corner i would like to fade back to cue instead of "snap". Maybe something for future updates? I will open up the desk and have a look after the weekend when it´s a bit calmer.
  3. Hey! Sorry if they´re been answered before but..: Is there a way to move palettes? Would like to arrange them a bit without having to make all new ones! And can you import them between shows? Is there a way to clear "on time"? like press5s - clear. Really handy when doing live shows. Is it possible to set delay times on separate fixtures? Like spot 5 3s delay Before fading out or moving? Also starting to have trouble with one of the Wheels, hardly doesn´t work in one direction, but ok the other way? Strange.. Dust? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, tried it but it seems like it clear intensity values on set time but focus and others are not controlled by this.
  5. Hi, i´ve been looking for some clear options... Is there a way to clear the programmer "on time"? On other desks i´ve used there is an option to enter a number, say i press 5 then clear and the programmer releases on 5 sec. Or release on go is also very useful when you make changes to a fixture live and automatically release this when you press go on a cuelist. Is there anything like this in Solution? Thanks!
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