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  1. i am not shure if i use the same model (i use iiyama T1731SR-B(some number i dont know) and had the same problem. in the menu of the touchscreen is somewhere an option to change the input of the monitor (Auto/DVI/VGA). it was on auto and didn't worked, i changed it to DVI and now it works great. maybe its this...maybe not...good luck
  2. LLuk

    manual Fader 2way

    Hi everybody i asked this allready several month ago, but i didn't get an answer. Can i somewhere activate the GO button in the Manual Fader 2 way Mode..?? If not, does somebody know, if this option will come one day in a software-update..?? this could be very usefull... denks and good evening...LLuk
  3. Hello Edward... thanks for your answer... As soon the actual Production is over and the new (with remote-switches) starts i will change to 7.9.2 Thanks, LLuk
  4. Hey Everybody I am a new FLX User and i have a Problem with Macro-Remotes. I need for a Theater-Production several Remote-Switches all over the Stage. All the Switches remote the same Macro (recorded as Macro1, GO-Masterplayback) In the Setup/Inputs and Outputs i choose the Remote-Switches and press the Macro Softkey. I type the Macro-Nr. 1 than press Ok. But somehow it doesn't take it. The Nr. is still 0. I tried differents Macros, but the number is all the time 0. I tried "go to" and enter a cue and this works without any trouble. And a question...is there a possibility in the "manual Fader 2 way" mode to activate the GO Button..?? denks for Helping and sorry for my bad english...LLuk
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