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  1. Hello Would it be possible to change this site to enable logging in using email address rather than username? I keep getting locked out because there are two potential entries I can get wrong, username and password! With only three strikes and you're out for 15 mintues I keep having to wait. At least I can remember my email address. Many thanks Benjamin
  2. Thank you both. Now I know what to do in the future. Benjamin
  3. Thanks for the Smart Tag recommendation, I will give a go. I will investigate the moving head and see. Many thanks
  4. Hello I edited a fixture profile on my PC to remove the annoying "feature" whereby the strobe effect is the second half of the intensity fader. I installed it with the same name as the original which caused an issue. It worked fine until I power cycled the console whereupon the desk reverted to the original fixture profile. Is it possible to delete the original fixture profile? Or do I just need to use a different name (which is what I've done and it works)? Many thanks Benjamin
  5. Hello I'm using a moving head in one cue. In the next cue the Intensity drops to zero but the light keeps moving. If I try and edit the moving head by selecting No Effect it stops moving, until I update the cue. As soon as I press the MFF button (i.e. Update > MFF Button on the correct cue) it starts moving again! What am I doing wrong? Additionally, how do I get my moving heads to fade on and off like my static lights? Most of the time they cut on and off, but sometimes they fade. Again what am I doing wrong? Many thanks Benjamin
  6. Thank you Edward and Kevin. I will have a word with the service guy - thanks for the heads up. Benjamin
  7. Excellent! Thank you Edward. I have managed to get around that screen not working, as most things also appear on the external display. Unfortunately having spoken to yourselves about this before, the LCD in question is not a replaceable part and would thus require a full board replacement at a cost circa £500 - which I'm sure you would agree would be much better spend towards a FLX 24. I'm tempted to see if there are any part numbers visible on the LCDs, but I really don't want to screw the thing up if I can help it. Again, Many thanks Benjamin
  8. Hello I'm a struggling user of a TLXtra and somehow over Christmas I changed the settings on the Sub-Master buttons so they no longer do anything, previously they performed a momentary Flash. I've found the relevant bit in the manual pg 25, but I can't follow it through correctly. Being able to use the other options such as Solo would also be useful. Just to assist in my incompetence the LCD screen 3rd from right is dead, so I can't use it for anything... Any assistance gratefully received, Many thanks Benjamin
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