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  1. Techiemactech


    Hi yep we are running the latest version of the software we upgraded it yesterday. do you have an email address I can send some pictures over too.
  2. Techiemactech


    Hi, we we have had our flx48 desk for a few weeks now and really like the features of it. obviously there are still a few teething issues that we have come across. We keep coming across lines on the screen and at first thought the monitor was broken, however the lines even appeared on the touch screen and external monitor. it takes a bit of getting used to ‘red’ being the item selected in the options. im surprised that by default it’s setup for the external display for playback, as there is then no option to view it on the touch screen. some fixtures appear several times in the list, for example, prolights studio cob, appears studio F.C. and it’s not until you selected it tells you channel numbers/mode, so a little trial and error. And dublicated for each mode. other than that, we put it front of some students and within a few minutes they were recording cues etc and programming moving heads

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