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  1. Thanks, If I am using 2 devices what should I be setting my IP addresses to? Can't seem to get them to talk to each other! I have linked them with a Cat5 cable, opened phatom on one and capture on the other. Then enabled Art-Net. Am I missing a step there? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply, Potentially I do go down the Capture route, my current job means I don't always have access to the desk so to be able to program with the phantom would be useful. A couple more questions if that is ok. Will I notice any massive differences between capture and WYSIWYG or are they fairly comparable? What is CITP? My Set up will probably be one laptop running it all (Visualiser and Phantom) when travelling, 2 separate machines one running Phantom, one the visualiser when at home, then console and visualiser in the venue (If it is easy enough to interchange between those operation modes) Thanks
  3. Hi, Looking at designing a show on PC with WYSIWYG. Absolute beginner to networking so if anyone could talk me through the process that would be great. Not sure whether I will do it all on 1 PC or on 2 separate machines, so If you could explain both that would be great! Using an Orb XF and most current WYSIWYG (R39) Thanks Guys
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