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  1. Sean Sweeney

    LF96 wheel damaged

    Thanks Jon
  2. Sean Sweeney

    LF96 wheel damaged

    Hi there I works at a secodnary school and one of the little darlings has pushed one of the control wheels on a LF96 through the desk top. the clips all appear intact. is this a straight forward repair icna do myslef, if so how do I gain access? If not, do you have a contractor nearby for this type of service? I am in North London. Thanks Sean
  3. Sean Sweeney

    LF96 wheel damaged

    Hi Guys Thanks All, next job is a software upgrade. I notice that the 7.9.3 is now out. Will the manual for the 7.9.2 on the Solution work for the new software or is there as specific manual for the leapfrogs? Still learning. Sean

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