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  1. That's a good thing ! Wish that you will do this in the better time !
  2. Thank Edward. A new update is it coming soon for user ? Take care Eric
  3. Hello ... Other Bug or problems on FLX with 7.10 ? Have a nice day
  4. Bonjour, Est ce que le problème a été résolu depuis cette mise à jour en 7.10 et les soucis évoqués par Roamin ? Bonne journée
  5. thank dear Edouard, I will come back if I need help. Have à nice day (off topic: just sending you this week information for fixture library "LedStage & Electroconcept" to be include in next library)
  6. Good evening, Finally I went to the Swisson site and discovered that the node I own is finally also ArtNet 4. (Art-Net 1 - 4, sACN (ANSI E1.31), sACN draft version (v0.2)) So on the Swisson XND 4 node I have a small screen which avoids having to go through an external computer to enter the parameters. Which is a good thing! In any case I thank you for the information of settings and I hope to be able to come back to you in a few days ... Thank you
  7. Thank Edward for your answer... So the Swisson XND-4R5 ENode work only in Artnet I, II & 3. (It was for this that I was interest by gateway 4. ) Thank for your help, I Will have a Look tomorow. Take care ! Eric
  8. Thank Edward & Martin, This will be good to have possibility to command some independent Light (or other operation) with the possibility to affect OR NOT GM & selective playback. To have a option for have action or not on FLX selective part ... Have a nice day
  9. Hello I never use Node possibility for having 4 universes.... SO I wanted to buy a gateway 4, but too expensive. SO I have find a Swisson XND-4R5 ENode occasion..... But I never use and having experience with Ethernet and TCP/IP adress So the Swisson XND-4R5 ENode having "ArtNet 3" ans "sACN" possibility..... I was looking on the WEB how to connect FLX to the Swisson XND-4 for universe 3 and 4 (FLX having DMX 1 & 2 working) I find no more explicit news about "IP connection". FLX > RJ45 Cable > Swisson XND. After I See that I must "Enabled" sACN option and after using a IP adress... And after I see that I can use "DHCP option" or using a Static IP.... So I don't have a DHCP server, so I imagine that I must use only Static IP .... for exemple for the FLX : - But I don't understand Classe A, B & C and I don't understand how the swisson Node can do the différence between Universe 3 and Universe 4 ? thank for your help
  10. Hello, Yesterday I Use for the first time UDK possibility... this is Service (security) light. Having two fixture light on (Cannal 37 and 38) and after need it light Off (Latch option) So when the UDK is "on" and I want to recording other light in a CUE, This two light 37 & 38 are recording with... So I would like to recording all the light without this two projector... How can I Use UDK for this ? thank
  11. For the Mac OS version it will be a good thing. There more and more Mac OS Computer on the world and many technicien and artists use Mac OS... Thank
  12. Hello, I didn't seen that there were several other options other than 5 or 6 present in the first page .... TIMING - The first thing is to have the possibility of having a different timing of different elements (intensity ... Or Colour ... etc...) in the same CUE. Have a change of fade in 15 sec for all fixtures and for some fixtures to have a longer time delay. This allows in the same cue to be able to create interesting effects. (Whether for the intensity, the colors, the beam, the movements or the effects ...) COPY - To be able to copy several Cues together. Example From CUE 20 to 25 To CUE 130 to 135. Effect Engine Increase effects engine yes Pixel Mapping / Matrix Yes more UNDO function Maybe interesting ... would be the last events that we could catch up ... OR having a place to store information Some kind of Cue stuffs everything Fixture Builder YES, for be free to manage fixtures !!! Storage multi show files Yes Mac ZerOS Version Yes thank A lot
  13. Hello All is in the title, what do you think about this new update ? Stable version ? Some problems ? Thank for you return Eric
  14. Hello dear friend, I will have finish this week, the French Manual's last version with all the lastest revision. I did this for helping, and giving help for understanding the FLX/FLX'S Online Manual. This will be in PDF and printable. Have a good day Eric V.D.A
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