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  1. Hello Edward, Do you see differents between your previous Touchscreens display (Prolite T1731SR) and your new Prolite t2236msc-b2 ? thank for your help, eric
  2. Hello since I received the FLX of repair (Party of your loaux) and which seemed repaired, I had not had spectacle nor had the occasion to be able to try it in situation. I had just turned it on with the use of the internal screen and only with 1 wing. And everything seemed fine. I thought everything was working without worries. Being in a show this weekend, I wanted to connect the external touch screen, (the one you recommend) I could not calibrate it so impossible to be able to use it in touch ... In fact sometimes I manage to make a cross to touch, sometimes two crosses to touch, sometimes, Three but impossible to be able to draw the screen. What poses another concern is the access to the playlist "MAster playback" to modify the fades in and fade out ... Wing 1 OK Wing 2 Problems But the second concern is on the side of wings 2, where the display of pages is bumpy, and where the button for choosing "channels / playback" does not work and the leds of certain chanels remain lit whatever do. Given the short time I have left I only had time to try other USB sockets .... But nothing else ... The rehearsals arriving this evening I try to manage by wishing that other Bugs do not arrive. I tried to go from version 7.9.7 to 7.9.6 which is the version that you had installed when the FLX was at your home in repair, and I said to myself that maybe some things could have caused problems in the last update. In view of the number of shows arriving in the coming weeks, I am really very upset, because playing with two wings, without a functional touch screen !!! the ideal being bought another functional FLX ... But the price is there ... Thanks for your help PS sorry I can't access my emails from here ...
  3. Yes exactly. I m thinking about the community ... Thank and have a good week.
  4. exactly. The importateur have find a solution. He did for me a 10 CH mode try, and it's working. I try now to have a complet version (6ch/10ch/18Ch) And he tell me that was really a factory problems... So When I will a good version I will send you for complete the Fixtures files. (Version gtf40... ) Thank a lot Take care !
  5. Unfortunately it does not work better. In 6ch mode I have a little fader light at the bottom, and the only way to turn it off is to lower the intensity again in the color option touch screen. in 10 ch mode, I have nothing that lights up and there to have something you have to go to RGBW Dim, but it's not magic ... I do not access the Zoom or strobe ... I gave the link of the fixtures page to the importer to see if maybe he can find a solution ... (He creates the fixtures for the Sunlite environment.) Thanks for your help...
  6. I going to try and telling you in few minutes. Thank a lot
  7. I had indeed confirmation that it is preferable to have the values at 0% at the level of the Dimmer Level. ch 6 on 6 ch mode, CH 10 on 10CH mode and ch 18 on 18CH mode. This channel will go on an up / down time in 8 and 16 bit mode. When I put it all at 100% it's chaotic. With Jester 24/48 So I tested in mode 6, 10ch and 18 ch I confirm indeed that while being at Zero, the projector behaves in the best way. Then if in 10 CH and 18Ch mode there is an "All Dimmer" channel which behaves like general, in 6ch mode, there is no general setting. So the only way to increase or decrease the intensity is through channels 2, 3, 4, 5, (a bit like on the "Martin Rush Par2") défaut mode on "speed" is "0" (CH 9 on 10 ch mode - Ch 17 on 18 ch mode) Defaut mode on "dimmer level" is "0" (Ch 6 on 6ch mode - CH 10 on 10 ch mode - Ch 18 on 18 ch mode) défaut mode" strob" is "0" (CH 7 on 10 ch mode - Ch 15 on 18 ch mode) défaut mode on "Fonction" is "0" (CH 8 on 10 ch mode - Ch 16 on 18 ch mode) Do you need more info? Normaly it will be work like this. Thank Edouard
  8. By pushing things further. I realize that this Level dimmer mode also plays on fade speed depending on where the value is. And depending on where you put the value or everything hangs. I try to have more info to know between 0 to 255 what it does at the projector from the French importer which is very affordable. But I think that channel 6 must be able to be set to 0% even if it means being able to modify this setting by means of a rotary button. To be continued .... and see how to find solutions.
  9. Hello overall I can not operate in manual mode with 1 fader per channel. Because with 10 projectors, in 6ch mode, I would need 60 fader. Either have 3 more FLX wings ... Unless I will find abandoned wings at the roadside, will be a solution... But going through the purchase is complicated for now ... this is how I tried it. on FLX as on Jester 24/48: Fader 1 = ch 1 Zoom 50% Fader 2 = ch 2 Red 0% Fader 3 = Ch 3 Green 0% Fader 4 = Ch 4 Blue 0% Fader 5 = Ch 5 White 0% Fader 6 = Dimmer level (8 Bit-16bit) 0% In this case, everything is fine. I did the test in 10 ch mode, with all channels at 0% like the zoom at 50% and everything was fine. I imagine that this dimmer level mode (6 in 6ch mode, 10 in ten CH mode, and 18 in 18 ch mode) was not well informed more maybe than all the other fader to Full by default, so that nothing is under control except to do as I could find it go on color and go to the intensity of the touch screen, impractical way to have a black. I will send the manual (little information now on the fixture email ...) Thanks for your help...
  10. Hello I have a problem with a fixture (newly made by you) From Ledstage - Zoom Led Par: 6ch - Zoom Led Par: 10ch - Zoom Led Par: 18ch When I connect the projector to work with, (In 6CH, 10CH mode, as in 18ch) the MFF fader at 0% the projector work on in white at 100%. Going to the colors nothing change, only white dominates everything. And even when I lower the Fader General, the PARZOOM is always on ... The Zoom is fine in control . So the only possibility I have to do something is to turn off the intensity through the touch screen. and still the fader at 0%, I can then play on the colors. I looked in the FLX menus, (Colors, Beam, Shape) if there was a solution somewhere, without finding anything. In order to see where the problem comes from, I try with my JESTER 24/48, to command the LedStage PARZOOM in 6 channel mode, and in 10 mode channel. And all was OK. I put again the PARZOOM in 6CH mode on FLX using 6 faders (6 dimmer on 6 fader) and everything was fine. Everything being at 0%, (Each color and the white as well as the general dimmer) I can mount each color manually and everything works well. So I think that when the projector is connected to the FLX, in the PARZOOM fixture, there must be something that plays at 100% automatically. So for the moment I am unable to use the projectors... Is it possible to update this fixture, and so if it's something you can do, is it then possible to replace this fixture in FLX that is causing problems with an updated fixture? Thanks for your help. PS I will still try to see by acquaintances around me, if I can find someone who can help me in the creation of fixture ... Thank you Eric VDA
  11. OK top ! Thank a lot. So I will try to see If I can have possibility to buy iPad and use it into further performance... And If I can do it, I will can back to you for having help. Take care, Eric
  12. but if I don't use wifi network and coming directly from iPad to FLX (ethernet/lighting), what I must configure ?
  13. Je pensais pas que cela soit possible FLX > ethernet > Ethernet lightning > iPad, is it Right ? And on iPad you use IOS application ?
  14. I asked the question to Axente few month ago, and there wasn't in this direction... But If there doing it, I can wait... I will try to ask to Axente if they're doing one or not. They did a FLX S manual, older version...
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