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  1. And perhaps for the futur, it can be good when there is library Update to include it in zerOS update ! Just to giving a complete download with all the last version ... i m just thinking about new users which don’t know ZerOS and fixture version ... take care
  2. thank Edward. Other question about Download page, like ZerOS 7.9.7... When there is a new Fixture version, is it integred into ZeroS Update ? Or user must do fixture update after doing the ZerOS update... ?
  3. Hello He had a FLX 48 with a old version ZerOS. He wan't to do Update because he had problems with the older ZerOS... Specials things to do ? Or can He make directly Update without special things to do ? thank eric
  4. Last question about Jester Manuel 3.4, and last OS version 4.1 ... News things about Manual between Jester OS ?
  5. Just a other question about "DMX IN" Jester Fader use for exemple channels 1 to 48. A other console in DMX in use 49 to 96. So the Jester quand record Chanels 1 to 96 ?
  6. Hello I'm coming for a other French user. So he had connect a other DMX console, in the "DMX In" and he want to record in memories. things from Jester console and the other console... 1/ So is it possible to recording DMX Data from a external console ? 2/ There is special things to do ? 3/ If it's possible what are the memories limits ? Thank for your help and this French user Eric
  7. Bonjour, Je viens un peu tard. J'utilise un mergeur (DM44 stairville) depuis quelques années. Avant j'avais un mergeur Botex avec lequel je n'avais pas de soucis non plus... Actuellement j'ai une FLX sur la premiere entrée et une Jester 24/48 sur la seconde entrée du mergeur. Je ne rencontre pas de problèmes d'utiliser un mergeur. Ensuite j'utilise la Jester pour le contrôle direct des projecteurs traditionnels en manuel, et la FLX pour tout ce qui est Leds, Automatique, et le traditionnel qui est enregistré. Ainsi si en effet la FLX envois sur tous les canaux DMX, les intensités reliés au Faders (ainsi que commandes de Couleurs, Positions, Gobos, etc, etc, ), la jester n'envois que les intensités des traditionnels, ainsi je n'ai pas de conflits possibles. Ensuite comme dit plus haut, le mergeur va faire ce que tu désires selon les réglages. Pour ma part j'utilise le mien en HTP. Une bonne journée. Eric -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I come a little late. I have been using a mergeur (DM44 stairville) for a few years. Before I had a Botex mergers with which I had no worries either ... Currently I have a FLX on the first entry and a Jester 24/48 on the second entry of the merger. I have no problem using a mergers. Then I use the Jester for the direct control of the traditional projectors in manual, and the FLX for all that is Leds, Automatic, and the traditional one which is recorded. So if indeed the FLX sends on all the DMX channels, the intensities connected to the Faders (as well as controls of Colors, Positions, Gobos, etc, etc,), the jester sends only the intensities of the traditional ones, so I don't have no possible conflicts. Then as said above, the merger will do what you want according to the settings. For my part I use mine in HTP. A good day. Eric
  8. Bonjour, La version 7.9.7 fonctionne bien et donne de bons résultats avec la FLX. Donc logiquement j'imagine que le fonctionnement est tout aussi bon pour les FLX'S. Cela va permettre aussi d'avoir une mise a jour des fixtures. Une bonne journée. Eric (France)
  9. I think that when it's possible to add some little things that can help user, it 's important. If I see what is the reality during performance, you don't have everywhere WIFI or Phone reception and to go on Zero88 Forum is not possible at this time ! So to have practice help in Manual look to be a safety way to perhaps save à show ! Take care Edward and I will come again for further question
  10. Thank a lot Edward. Can we tell something like this (Add on French manual) Combine several effects together. For All FLX Several additional effects can be saved to create a complete effect. Thus it is possible to add together an intensity effect, with one of position, colors and beam. So you can select several effects, adjust their parameters, then with the "Record" button select an empty palette. Erase a combined effect For All FLX To remove a single effect from a fixture, select the fixture, and tap EFFECT, until you see Exx on the encoders, where xx is the effect palette number you wish to remove. Then dial the size to 0. The effect is then removed. Thank Eric
  11. OK thank Edward. The way to add many effects on a Cue will interesting people which are needing some complex effect ! Question about http://support.zero88.com/1011404471 part, Is it still OK with 7.9.7 ? Still having 45 effect when "automatically creates effect" is use ? Question 2 If for a fixture (into a Cue) I have 4 effect, is it possible to just Erase one of this 4 effect ? Or I can only go to the "No effect" to reset all effect and started to zero ? Update + GO So I note also that After Update, it s'important to finish the Record with "GO" button. I think that I Haven't did that every time. I will do a topic in French forum for explain this. Thank for your help ! Eric
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