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  1. Hello I have a problem with a fixture (newly made by you) From Ledstage - Zoom Led Par: 6ch - Zoom Led Par: 10ch - Zoom Led Par: 18ch When I connect the projector to work with, (In 6CH, 10CH mode, as in 18ch) the MFF fader at 0% the projector work on in white at 100%. Going to the colors nothing change, only white dominates everything. And even when I lower the Fader General, the PARZOOM is always on ... The Zoom is fine in control . So the only possibility I have to do something is to turn off the intensity through the touch screen. and still the fader at 0%, I can then play on the colors. I looked in the FLX menus, (Colors, Beam, Shape) if there was a solution somewhere, without finding anything. In order to see where the problem comes from, I try with my JESTER 24/48, to command the LedStage PARZOOM in 6 channel mode, and in 10 mode channel. And all was OK. I put again the PARZOOM in 6CH mode on FLX using 6 faders (6 dimmer on 6 fader) and everything was fine. Everything being at 0%, (Each color and the white as well as the general dimmer) I can mount each color manually and everything works well. So I think that when the projector is connected to the FLX, in the PARZOOM fixture, there must be something that plays at 100% automatically. So for the moment I am unable to use the projectors... Is it possible to update this fixture, and so if it's something you can do, is it then possible to replace this fixture in FLX that is causing problems with an updated fixture? Thanks for your help. PS I will still try to see by acquaintances around me, if I can find someone who can help me in the creation of fixture ... Thank you Eric VDA
  2. OK top ! Thank a lot. So I will try to see If I can have possibility to buy iPad and use it into further performance... And If I can do it, I will can back to you for having help. Take care, Eric
  3. but if I don't use wifi network and coming directly from iPad to FLX (ethernet/lighting), what I must configure ?
  4. Je pensais pas que cela soit possible FLX > ethernet > Ethernet lightning > iPad, is it Right ? And on iPad you use IOS application ?
  5. I asked the question to Axente few month ago, and there wasn't in this direction... But If there doing it, I can wait... I will try to ask to Axente if they're doing one or not. They did a FLX S manual, older version...
  6. hello Edward, yes it a possibility. I m looking fur further month to have a WIFI hotspot and to go to iPad. But I know that external device aren't work as easily as something that is included. I can often see during shows, tablets connected to the sound management, and no longer work, because the WIFI hotspot falls in the harbor, or that the console has a bug (Yamaha, Berhinger, Midas, and so an...), or by an overloaded network, etc etc ... So for my part I tend to look for solutions that are incused at and without too much difficulty in connection and disconnection. Then it is obvious that adding a screen requires to increase the electronics and therefore a blow which increases ....
  7. two display will be really good...
  8. Hello, I create this topic for talk about external controls from iPad, iPhone and other tablets. What do you use ? iPhone ? iPad ? Other ? For create WIFI connection, what do you use ? Problem to create your network ? And FLX/FLX S, problems bethween tablet and FLX ? Thank for sharing yours experiences, Eric VDA
  9. Hello, I started to doing the French traduction, the last manual, 7.9.6. (FLX/FLX S) just for helping people which can understand English. I wish to finish it in few weeks... take care Eric
  10. hello Again, I forget a other possibility, to have a way for recording many show inside FLX/solutions/etc. Having for exemple a external SSD disque (We find now easily some correct things for little price) and having the possibility to call and recording quickly different show. Also to doing some quick backup.... So You ve your Server professional solution, (that can play a show, without FLX/Solution/ZerOS+PC) but perhaps to have a second light SSD Backup solution can be interesting. At this time, perhaps to keep this SSD disque with FLX/Solution/etc... THank Eric
  11. Undo/Redo - to restore e.g. a lost position or colour and so an.... (yes good idea too !)
  12. Hello, in the wish list, some are indeed rather on the software and the evolution of future versions. I come back to the fact of not having an infinite time when encoding during a show ! It is certain that what would be good to have stronger aids for the operator on : - more "effects" included to enhance a show in a very limited time. - Can also be rated Différents "positions" to also have some choices. Assuming that we will have minimum of 4, 6 or 8 spots or much more. apart from the Home position, to have maybe all the spots / Wash at 45 °, 65 ° / 70 ° and 90 °,. Also have cross positions (Pair/impair) at 45 °, 65 ° / 70 ° and 90 °. I think a good thing would be to put yourself in a show condition. Start from scratch in the morning, add fixture, make the settings, then record 50 to 100 effects to see what is effective or not in terms of quick functions and see on the contrary what is wasting time ... Fixture: The other thing is that some consoles allow you to create fixtures without having to go through a computer. Is this possible in future updates? I take the example of a console that I saw yesterday, a "LightShark LS1 Work" some things are much lower than ZerOS, but other things seem interesting as functions allowing the operator to work quickly and especially to compensate for a small library of projectors ... Mac OS..... hey.... Out Zeros OS FLX By dint of doing shows in different places every week, I can also see other things that could help. A marking for example on the 24 faders of the FLX and the Wings. 1 to 24, 25 to 48, 49 to 72 and so an... Have a self-adhesive option that you can put between the fader and the selection button. when you have the FLX and several wings, it is easy to know where you are listed number. Anyway, we must also mark over the fader, what it is (Front PC, side PAR, backlight LED, Spot, etc) Knowing that now more and more console we have below the fader an LCD indicator that lets you know where we are. And motivated faders (Berhinger sound Mixing, Yamaha, Midas, etc ...) Visibility : The principal buttons (recorded, colour, beam, shapes, group, name, position, ...) on the FLX and Wings, being in black and the inscription of the functions in white but in reduced size, we see a little bad ... So I was able to put on the FLX and the wings, thanks to a Brother little print, a marking in yellow next to the buttons and main faders. So with limited lighting I can finally see the name of the buttons and gain efficiency. Indeed in show or rehearsal time is limited and you have to be efficient to allow the show to be done at best. Second Monitor Here's the last thing, I still think it would be nice to have a second monitor. Maybe it would be too much for the processor ... But in visibility to have the palettes on a large screen and to have the Cuelist on the second screen, it would be a great comfort. Thank you so much.
  13. It will be good to have it for Mac OS. Now it s possible with Grand Ma 3 (MA Lighting) also Chamsys And little Software solutions try now to go on window and Mac OS.... There is more and more people who are going on Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro... Thank to giving us a solution in the future
  14. Thank a lot Erics for your answers I will do it this week and see the différents améliorations. For the future performance, I need stability for giving to the différents choreographer tranquility for their creation... take care Eric
  15. Hello Kevin, you speak about coprocessor update... Is it including the 7.9.7 update ? Or must I download something more ? thank for your help Eric VDA
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