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  1. Hello, So now I ve FLX + 2 wings and I want to put Keybord and mouse. What do you use as a USB bay distributor? Do you recommend one brand more than another? Since I'm going to plug a USB bay into one of the USB ports of the FLX, I would not want to cause any problems ... Thanks for your help... Eric
  2. thank Jon. So I think that I will buy in Germany et Qwerty Keybord for having help.... Just a other question, when you've a keyboard, you can use for all ? For Patching DMX, enter cue name or renaming FX/colour/position palettes ? Thank Eric
  3. Thank you Edward for considering our requests, but if all is not possible ... (thank a lot for the 7.9.6 PDF manual) In fact it is certain that this console FLX can work with a time of preparation before a show (Theater / dance) or show some time in advance. But the other thing you have to see is that sometimes the time is limited. In this case, having to have - quick access, - FX capable of generating basic things, - speed of movement and amplitudes of easily accessible movements and in fact everything that can take control of LED and Moving Head projectors, will give strength to the FLX (ZerOS) and so can claim in rental companies to have a console that requires hours of preparation for a show that must be mounted quickly. Because playing on a lot of parameters and looking to perfect things is always better, but sometimes we can call us in the morning at 8am for help, or learn that something planned is changing or not having the equipment provided (Pannes , change of rental company, etc ...) and there is a console that can be driven easily and quickly So I'm going to update to 7.9.5 to 7.9.6 with firmware update, and I will see all the news things... Thank Eric
  4. Oui c'est cela .... désolé je n'avais pas vu ta réponse...
  5. Bonjour Cristophe, Si tu as un PC tu peux le faire toi meme. L'autre solution est d'envoyer la fixture a Zero88. Il crée la fixture (ainsi cela permet à la communauté d'en profiter) et tu peux juste la rajouté a ta librairie existante. En general il mettent quelques jours à répondre. Une bonne journée Eric
  6. Question is on the title... Azerty or only Qwerty ? Thank Eric
  7. - indeed have parameters at the level of effects that can easily allow to act on speed, or size, or offset or other in a more intuitive way. On version 7.9.4, some parameters can easily go into too big or too small limits, by just changing a few things ... - The ability of some consoles is to be able to have effect palettes playing on the colors, on the gobos, on alternations of events specific to each family of projectors ... How to get to play on some parameters more easily without having to spend an infinite time of programming ... - More freedom on the windows of the external touch screen. - Subgroups or control groups of projectors with more intuitive access and allowing to work faster. - In a global way, to have possibilities through the effect palette to be able to act on a group of projectors more quickly with more effects and access to more effective basic parameters to have a recorded show quickly. Indeed what can easily miss is the time! And if this is not directly related to the new OS, but a manual that repeats the basic events of the current system, and not a version too old ...
  8. yes it will be good to have the possibility to have a Mac compatible software.... wish that Catalyst will go ahead... Take care
  9. OK I will try it and coming back if I ve problems or questions... Thank
  10. Hello, I'm not sure I understood the way to do that. I'm going this weekend, take the FLX (which I just received) and see a little how to do this concretely. In fact having the FLX + 2 wings, in general I use the 72 MFF faders in chanel mode. To have access to all my projectors. But if I understand a little things, to use a "fader control," I have to be in the playback mode on the side of my MFF fader. That is, at least one wing? Is this? merci pour votre aide
  11. Hello, Thanks a lot Edward, I think this is something that will indeed help me. Question Is it when I record "record home", press at the same time on "Shift" will deactivate SmartTag? (like I do for cues recording ...) Thanks for the help ! Eric
  12. Hello, Question about "default configuration" So I see in this option that you can configure "intensity, beam, color, position and effect", for having a different setting. Imagine that for my moving head position at at central position (50% pan and tilt) that in fact on stage not exactly in the right position. Can I use this default option for example having in "central position", the real central position on stage? In fact, having this option for the right position that I want ? thank for your help Eric VDA
  13. Hello, After reading this, I have question or rather need a clarification on the option "fader control" If I understood correctly this option allows to have a specific control on an element (color, position, etc ...) Concretely, how is it? I have on one side MMF Fader in channel mode that control the different projectors (Leds, traditional and moving head) on the other side I have my master fader that records and reads the cues. How do I proceed? I imagine on MMF 24 in channel mode a moving head (with all the parameters accessible with color, beam, effect, move ...) How to activate control fader for example on just the pan? Thanks for your help ? eric
  14. Hello thank you for your reply. Just a reminder... 1 / for the concerns of dropout, it usually happens often after a certain number of hours or the console is turned on. (8 to 10h ...) I had trouble in many places (this excluded a problem specific to a place and specific matérial ...) In most cases, the problems are on traditional equipment. Drop out half second... Just enough to be see. But at the last show it started on 1 Spot Led. (Loss of pan / tilt half second then return to the correct position) 2 / For ghost button concerns, this may not be done for several days, then suddenly do it multiple times on the same working session. Again this is not peculiar to a place. Which still exclude something outside the console. (Like problem on electric alimentation) Thank you for your answer, I am so reassured ... See you soon Eric
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