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  1. Bonjour, Bonne chose que tu aies pu résoudre ce soucis au niveau Playback. Là concernant les vues de l'Ipad, je ne peux te répondre car je travaille uniquement qu'avec Moniteur Extérieur + l'écran interne FLX. Certainement que les gars de de chez Zero88 pourront te répondre sur ce point précis. Bonne fin de journée
  2. Bonsoir, Tu as quoi de branché quoi sur ta FLX S 48 ? Lyre ? Leds ? Trad ?
  3. Bonjour, Tu es sur FLX S 48 ou 24 ? Tu as bien enregistré des Cues sur une playlist ? Si tu as besoin d'une notice en Francais 7.9.7 ou 7.9.9... Bonne fin de journée
  4. Hello Jon Thank you for the clarifications in question. It is good to know what is going on. And if you have identified bug concerns that is also a good thing for users. And I imagine that your priority is still to evolve ZerOS to satisfy both old and new users. If you are already progressing positively on the new ZerOS 7, it's a good thing! Glad to know that 7.10 is coming. This is a good thing. Do you think there will be an upcoming library update? Thank you
  5. Hello, I m coming here for looking after 6 months for having coming back about 7.9.9 I using 7.9.7 and for instance having no problems and having a good stability. But In France I saw and French forum that FLX user have some problems with the 7.9.9, about two or three Bugs by day... ... But for having more news, I prefer to post here for having news from FLX and FLX'S users and to see If during the spring I can try to do the update ... Thank for your help
  6. van den abbeele Eric

    Mac OS

    Hello, Having things like ZerOS will be good, but I think that not the priority for Zero88. And now new system on Mac (11.X) take distance will Intel processor... To have a good development on Mac OS will ask many ressource on zero88...
  7. Hello, After the previous traduction (ZerOS 7.9.6/7) I did also the traduction about the last ZerOS, 7.9.9. So It's not perfect traduction, but It will be a good help for understand many things that are not so easy to understand... Take care Eric
  8. Hello, I didn't do the last Update 7.9.7 to 7.9.8. and I wish to do it on fews days... So for all of you, that going to 7.9.8, what are your good surprise ? Still easy to use and separate things form Bean and shape are easy to use ? Thank a lot for sharing your first sensations Eric from France
  9. Hello, I work with traditional projectors and also Leds + automatic in a Theater configuration. Work with a Conduct that begins from the start of the show until the end. (I do dance show) The FLX seems really well designed for this, theater and Culturel center. Clear display, quick access, either by fader, numeric keypad or groups. (I chose because I having many projectors from many direction and during Dance rehearsal a reduced time to have 2 more wings that giving me 72 faders) But so I work1 universe on the traditional light and 1 universe on the Wash LED and Spot
  10. Good to know that update for LeapFrog can giving 10.000 cues. If users haven't do update, it's perhaps a good moment to do it...
  11. Thank Edward, I will speak with this guy to giving him this information. I see some different between the two consoles that is not very important for his show, it's number of Cue 999 on Leap Frog and 10.000 on solution... SO If using ZerOS Phantom he can recording the Show on USB key (in solution XL standard) and all we be OK ? I think that a good idea to know which ZerOS version this theater use for the LeapFrog... to be OK for recording things on window and having no problems on LeapFrog... Thank Edward
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