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  1. thank a lot Kevin. I will buy a Mouse and see what I feel with. Take care Eric
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers. It is interesting to see where our community of users is. ----------------------------- For my part I move from one place to another. Using PAR Led, Moving Light and Traditional. 1 or 2 DMX universe for instances. In theaters and Performance place. 400 to 5000 people. Use rather with the Master Playback for effects that follow each other. Use with Capture 2018. (will update to 2019) Am with the FLX, + 2 wings and touchscreen. (would like to use iPhone or iPad for having control on stage... But I ve always problem with IP configuration....) I hate to go to 7.9.5 to see the improvements side effects. But for safety I prefer to stay on 7.9.4 until my last shows in July. Because here I start having good automatisms on the FLX and on a fast encoding ... Even if I could evoke some problems on this console, I like it a lot. But I look forward to working with her this summer during my vacation with Capture to take things further on the possibilities it offers. Thank you again for your contributions. Eric VDA
  3. Hello Kevin Off topic Can you tell me more about what you use with your FLX ... Mouse and keyboard ? External Touchscreen ? What more practical use do you have with the mouse ? Do you use several wings with your FLX? Do you use a USB HUB if you have several things connected to the USB ports of your FLX? thank you for your help Eric
  4. Hello, To speak about the quality of good equipment from Zero Before having the FLX, I had a show to do with traditional projectors, ParLed and Wash Moving Light. So I was on LanBox on Mac. there was a crash of the Lanbox 5 hours before the premiere. Can not restart. Then in the theater there was a jester 24/48. So a lot of DMX circuits and only 48 faders. So I took a blank page to see how to group things together and get everything in with the 48 faders And thanks to the DMX patch of the Jester which allows to allocate the 512 DMX circuits as you want on the Faders, I was able to group colors, intensity control and make that I can control the TILT and PAN of the wash . So my other chance was that the choreographer wanted only hot or cold and no colors. (Only white, Amber and blue were my 3 colors on the PARLEDs and moving light) So I was able to reconstruct the whole show and save it thanks to Jester 24/48. 1 circuit controlled all the general intensities. And I played on white, amber and blue by groups of projectors. I was able to rebuild front and back areas as well as right to left. Grouping the traditional ground right and left, and it was a beautiful show. What is just a pity is that this simple console is no longer for sale, because for small theater with traditionnel projectors and just few LED, it is a serious construction and especially more logical in use by report to Botex, Stairville, Berhinger and all the small consoles found on the right or on the left. And I'm very happy to have been able to buy a Jester 24/48 just before its end! Because it serves me as console auxilaire. I put on it the traditional projectors that I want to be able to access live. I always have a spare kit, side projectors and face in case of crash of the main console. It also serves me for the fog machine, stroboscopes and other small machines in the genre. Thank you Zero 88
  5. Hello Thank you for your answers. In fact last 4 shows at the level of effects and memories to zero. (Only one show uses the previous implementation because spotlighting projectors are identical ...) So if 7.9.5 is different mainly in terms of effects it is not for me embarrassing. What worries me the most is that my different versions are non-software but hardware as evoked in another post or mail ... And so, that's what we did, these are the ones that were mounted on the screen and on the scene without moving the fader, or the micro interruptions of current in the traditional projectors that I had time in time this last WE. The worry is that all this is random. Sometimes nothing for 2 or 3 hours and then suddenly it comes and repeats several times. That is to say that even send in service after sale, I do not know if all this will be seen like that ... In any case thank you for your help and I'm still thinking about this or not staying on 7.9.4 ... or 7.9.5 ..... See you soon Eric
  6. And just a question if I doing Update... Fixture will be delete too ? Or fixture that I ask and have installing on FLX must be install again ? Thank a lot Eric VDA
  7. Hello, I ve had a answers from Keith Rogers. So now I m just asking If I can try to go on 7.9.5 for the 4 last performance I have until 8/9 July... Or if it s better to stay on 7.9.4. and wish in all the case to haven't a fatal Crash and having no more FLX for doing lastest performance ... With all that can be negative for future performance... I ve no one beside me with a FLX to share or Rent... Thank for your help Eric
  8. During recording this afternoon I have had a window with message error. I send you the file on support@... Can you what s wrong ? I ve performance tonight. So I must try to continue to recording the performance... thank for your help Eric
  9. Hi, Just this post for having informations about all of us.... 1 / You're form which country? 2 / How long have you been using the FLX ? 3 / Your configuration? FLX Alone? FLX + Wings? FLX + Touchscreen, etc? 4 / In what type of use? Show ? Theater ? other ? 5 / What kind of show? Dance? Comedy? Music? Other? 6 / What kind of projectors and matériel do you use? 7 / FLX Is it use in one place ? or Fly case because it is mobile? 8 / How many uses per week? 9 / Do you know of other FLX users around you? 10 / Have you had any worries? Resolved quickly? Thanks for your help, eric
  10. Hi, It will be great... Do not forget that a satisfied customer will be your best ambassador. And that, to take preference over other reputable desktops, it is the users, the technicians who talk to each other who will be able to make the FLX enter more and more places! For my part and despite my concerns (evoked in another post, projectors that turn on alone without touching the fader which is zero ...), I love your FLX and its ease of use ! And wish to contribute to this ! See you soon Eric
  11. Hello I send a mail for having new fixtures (29 may) without answers... I send again a other message for having new fixture yesterday, without answers. i'm just asking if there is problem on your Mail Box... My need it is for new projector that I received from two days ago from LEDSTAGE (French shop) Lyre Wash PAR LED Spot 200 W I would like to try it for knowing if I keep it or not... Thank a lot Eric VDA
  12. Hello what are the known problems on the FLY with the 7.9.5? thank you for your help! Eric
  13. Hello again, Tonight I return on Zero 88 video on Youtube, and perhaps it s time for making news videos with the new ZerOS. Because I so Older video that show old ZerOS version... Window and things was different 3 years ago... Think about ... So it s sure that in my side, I will do video in French for new users.... Take care and have a good week, Eric
  14. hello Kevin, you use ZerOS 7.9.5 ? You've no problem ? I m too afraid to do the update and have too much problems after. I Have big performance every week... And can take the risk to haven't a FLX ready to work... What do you do in your Job ? Working in a theater ? Other ?
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