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  1. Hello, Two questions... 1/ French importer have making a translation about FLX S 24 and 48 in French. Do you thing that there will do for the FLX ? 2/ Last update Manuel I was looking about fresh information. What is the last Manuel version ? Still 7.9.1 ? Or having you newer version ? thank
  2. Hello, in fact I thought a lot about this alignment problem. In the facts : 6 projector on a bridge. And two of them are not aligned with others. 1 OK 2 OK. 3Wrong. 4 OK. 5 OK 6 Wrong As mentioned above on some console, this can be corrected to have 6 projectors when the values at 50%, the points of light are all in the right place. (Like Grandma ...) 1 OK 2 OK. 3 -2% tilt. 4 OK. 5 OK 6 + 1% Tilt everything becomes OK But in practice this implies that making a correction at the level of the tilt, when we go on the 6 projectors at + 50% or - 50%, the number 3 and 6 will have a more limited displacement in one direction and more important in the other direction. (Which is logical since the projectors are badly hooked) So this implies either to limit the other projectors so that everyone is aligned or accept the fact that the end of races will not be identical for all. But the advantage of such a correction at the level of ZERO OS and to be able to have in "home position" all the projectors aligned with each other and thus to have something clean. Question 1 : I see somewhere that we can use SETUP + Position (or Colour Or Beam, etc...) for coming different setting... Is it stil working on 7.9.4 ? Question 2 : "Edit Fixture" was also on 7.9.1, .... In 7.9.4, how can we find this different options ? thank for your help Eric
  3. Thank for your help. Just a other question when I using in (Setup, Clear Option ) "Reset Desk", is it clearing Time Programmer in Off ? thank
  4. Hello, I m download 7.9.5 and see what news on ... Really interesting I prefer to wait and finish performance... But it s look good !
  5. Hello, Glad to see that new version is here. Questions : What news on for FLX ? I will finish my seasons and going on this new version on middle July. For a actual manual, have you news ? The last manual I find was for 7.9.1.... And some things are different between 7.9.1 and 7.9.4 Thank a lot Eric
  6. hello The programmer time is exactly what I Was needing. In fact, I find this option really good. Because like you've said, it's working for all the action ! Thank for your help. Eric VDA (France )
  7. Hello, I have questions about the aspect of the effects. 1 / For some light consoles (Chamsys, GrandMa, etc.), the aspect of the effects is a great strength. We can quickly do something that can be thrilling for an audience ... The effects can as much play on - the movement of a projector - Color change - gobo change - play on the opening of the Zoom, - opening prism closure, etc .. - and several actions grouped with some ease ... . For the FLX, this part will be able to evolve to increase during a show the capabilities of animations? 2 / if I program imagine in the "playback 1", a sequence of various motions in chase version (40 cues for example), can I recall this playback in a master cue playback and if so how to proceed? Thank you for your patience to answer us and see you soon, Eric
  8. Hello, To understand a little more on this option "time programmer". From what I read, if I want to enter "2s" of time for the clear button to be fade, for all other actions it will take 2 seconds ...? Does this imply that it plays on the fades when we press the "GO" button of the master fader? Does this also affect the actions of parameter modifications of the fixtures? (Color, Beam, Position, Etc ...) thanks for the help
  9. Thank you for this precision.
  10. Hello, Do you think that you'll ever have a New udpate with all news Fixtures ? Last Update was un febuary... Take care, Eric From France
  11. Olé, Thank you for your message. Yesterday and the day before yesterday on the show where I worked I did not have any worries at all. But as I said sometimes, everything is fine and sometimes in 1 or 2 hours, I have several times the concern "ghosts" mentioned above. I think it's actually the easiest thing for me to pray that I can finish my season this way, (8/9 July) and so be able to send the console to Thomann, and explain the problem with maybe the copies of our discussions. As they can understand that it is a random failure, unpredictable, so to consider a solution. I will write you on the support to talk more precisely, especially that my desire is to know the FLX and make the Pub to give the opportunity to type structures Theater to go on a console that is easy to use. .. Thanks for your help.
  12. thank you so much Yes indeed in my case, it is the option to correct a position. Either 8 spots installed on the bridge, and 1 spot that is too advanced (radius ground in "home" position) and that to be properly positioned, it should go down the bridge. Except when there is no time ... So if in fact in ZerOS, it is possible to correct this problem, so that the 8 spots are correctly aligned it can join the possibilities of other consoles type Chamsys, Avolites and GrandMa ... So I'm going on my next edit, if time allows me to go in Fixture Edit and try to see what it's like to fix the right placement ... Thank you
  13. Thank I did it this morning, because, some fixture where missing... and in your last fixture update, I find what I need... Thank for your help. Eric
  14. Thank I Buy my console on Thomann (Germany) My problem is that I can not do without the FLX until mid July because I have shows every week and no console, no shows ... so no money ... And I do not think that Thomann be able to lend one ... My other solution "not immediate" is to buy a second FLX, to have a help, but I will not be able to do it either ... So I'm a bit stuck ... Thank Eric
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