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  1. Hello, I have a question about Art Net? I have never used this system, having always had until now light consoles using the DMX connection. 0 / On the FLX, there are 2 worlds in DMX and 2 universes in Art-Net. I imagine that to make this work, I need a compatible box Art-Net, an ethernet cable, and connect everything to the FLX ... 1 / Are there Art-Net boxes more reliable and easier to use than others? 2 / Once the FLX on one side and Art-Net Box on the other connected together, I imagine that all must be done by IP address? The setting of the FLX seems to me simple through "SETUP", but what about the Art-Net Box? Thank you for your help and support to a novice in Art Net
  2. hello Edward, I could indeed this page with all subjects. It is indeed good to combine that as well. Then a manual will be significant help for beginner and new users. This is also why sometimes when the task is too heavy for a small number of people, it is good to appeal to the community ... In any case, whatever the field of activity, we are all confronted with having to understand an environment. Simplifying the life of users allows you to get to the point. This is how when you know an environment, (which is your case), many things do not seem essential to explain. On the contrary, when we approach this same environment without necessarily understanding everything and dominating everything, at that moment it is important to explain each step and therefore to always start from the beginning ... To have in mind the one who starts at Zero and who must understand the philosophy of the environment. A good end of the day Eric
  3. Hello, I come back to the manual ... I am aware that documentation takes time (and therefore money) But currently on the side of the manufacturers, it is often what is lacking! And if we find a lot of videos on the side of the Grand MA, and in all important languages, often new users are a bit delivered to themselves ... Other solutions that is not always easy, it is going through training courses that are often in Paris, and so in addition to the cost of the training course and travel, you have to pay hotel nights .... so that the training comes back to the price of the FLX + Wings ... So I think the documentation and user support aspect is an important thing to do better than the competitors ... To know that if the FLX is a console easier to use Chamsys, just released a live contestant and I think other brands will try to go in this part of the market ... So we come back to documentation and help new users of Zero88 products ... Think about it and may appeal to your community of users, could be an advantage for you! A good day Eric VDA
  4. Hi, Thanks for your answer, becoming beta tester can be interesting indeed. Having captured 2 universes, it allows me to test things at home. Then as I said, I prefer (needing my functional rule for shows and having no one in my area to spare me from an FLX) to buy if this is possible in the coming months a second FLX ... So one could really serve me to the show, and the second of help, preparation for upcoming shows but also to be a tester at home. I really like your console, and I also think that there is positive potential in this machine! What I just miss (I mentioned elsewhere) is an updated manual, or a place on your site, or an interactive manual between users, could be a plus in the face of concurrency. A good day to you Eric
  5. hello, thank for giving us a new software update... Question : When the Update will be come, is it better to take time for doing the update ? (Doing update and having performance can be a little bit dangerous... ) If un the futur I can buy a second FLX, I would like to joint beta tester if it s possible... Take care, Eric VDA
  6. hello, yes a updating Manual will be good for all news users. I can see and French forum some users that are looking after a update manual for having a good FLX experience... Take care Eric VDA
  7. hello stil I've this jester and also the FLX+ wings, things on performance are more simple for me... So I use the twice desk simultaneously, the FLX for LED and moving machine on 1 universe and traditionnel projector on universe 2. and for having Manuel access on traditional projector and Fog machine, I use the Jester. (I use merger and splitter for mixing universe 2 DMX signal. FLX and Jester give me tranquillity and security... Thank Zero88 !
  8. It's very interesting to know that the pause button allows to have and by tapping twice, the possibility to go back. It was something that I was doing by pressing the GO button and calling the previous number ... So just for information if we press this button once because we need a break, what time do we have for the FLX does not confuse a return back and a pause and restart immediately the effect in short? And so is there a visual indication on the screen that allows us to know that we are in reverse? When we want to start again, how do we do it? Should he press the "GO" button? thank you so much. Eric
  9. Hello Edward Can you tell us more about displayed color signification ? This can certainly explain some problems or How thing works ? Thank a lot Eric
  10. Ah OK. I understand what you mean. Thank Eric
  11. Hello Edward For the appearance of several DMX channels on a fixture, in general, I prefer to change the DMX numbers on the devices themselves. But there in the occurrence in the Theater where I was all dimmers DMX are blocked. Thus the only way to group multiple projectors is to group several DMX addresses with 1 fixture. exemple for Face projecteurs, there s about 16 projecteurs, but need at first two dimmer fixture... But with this bug, I use in fact 6 dimmers fixtures. 1 / DMX Addition: I will try for the addition of DMX address and I would see if indeed everything works. 2 / For my second problem, I will recover the file and send it to you. I will also try to reproduce the problem. 3 / I can not remember if I left the Setup part or not ... But it's true that I did not think about the fact that when we leave the setup menu we see a window recording. And if indeed I stayed on the window of erasure, or just been on the window of state DMX devices, it may explain that when I turned on the FLX, all old devices were still present. I also noticed that when one makes the copy of a cue, one also sees the window of registration. 1/ Question: From how many Wing advise you a USB HUB? I ask you the question because I think in the coming months to buy a second pack FLX + Wing to have a help in case of trouble or breakdown. And especially in my framework of use with many projectors I need a large number of faders. So currently with 48 faders (FLX / Wings) I'm a little light. And have a Wing and more to go up to at least 72 Fader, and so allow me to have live all my sources on stage. So I think eventually go to 96 Fader, or 3 wings ... But I think also in the coming times to have a keyboard to name the CUES and Fixtures. 2/ last thing : It's when we are live. We play the playback in order of registration, without worries. But it can happen that in a show you have to do a manual correction simply because the artists are not there or it takes on a scene. So in "chanels" mode, we change the state of a projector. Until then no worries. except that "clear" button lights up to tell us that we took hold of the recorded things. But the trouble is that to move to the next Cues must press "Clear" to erase what we have done and make the fixture again accesible things programmed ... Except that this is sometimes a concern, because to press clear, make things disappear at once. Which aesthetically is not really pretty ... Is there an option to make changes in live mode is effective when the fader goes up and things can return to their first state when the fader returns to its place ...? Notice and return of use ... For a furtur evolution of your products, I think there are some limitations that should be studied for the future. 1 / It is the choice to be able to use the 24 MFF is in "Chanel" or "PLayback". I think that having the choice for example 12 MFF see 6 MFF would be a plus in order to choose the configuration of its console. 2 / The lack of space to write the name of use of each fader on an adhesive to write on it is a pity. Indeed when using the FLX in one place, then another place and so on, the types of equipment and placement of equipment are very different. So it is important to write what is in front, comes from the sides, counters, and all special projectors. And so the only place possible and at the top of the faders on top and all the way down below the flash buttons. Which is not always practical. So I think that when you make evolve future products, we must not forget that the technician who will use your products, must register things. Then it is certain that on the sound mixers, now below each fader, there are small colored LCD screens that allow to write things. But the cost of such a thing, would certainly change too much the cost of your products. (Like motorized position faders ...) But I think the user feedback is important to you ... So I would say that a FLX 2 could have - more space to leave the technician's writing, - MFF fader utlisations (Chanel / playback) separated instead of group by 24, ie to have it by 12 from the top and bottom or by group of 6 X 4 ... - have the opportunity to put a second video screen for access to more things, especially when you can have a lot of fixtures. - Possible effects. I understand that you are going to evolve this part there. And indeed it is important, because when the time is short, and that it is necessary to fully exploit all the projectors of a show to have more possibilities of effects on the colors and the movements would be a big plus .. And especially competed with the GRAND MA and Avolites ... Many thanks to you Edward and thank you for your positive presence to help us! PS: I was able to talk to you about a kind of WIKI notice that is closer to the current update, would be a big plus for the best use of the FLX. And I think that a good part of the questions that we ask to you, and you would be with answers in this online notice close to the latest versions of ZerOs ... Think about it ... It means having time to do it, but then it's a lot of time to win ... And I think you can count on the community of users to help you better!
  12. Hello, I do not know if I understood well... You have several states. CUE1 "Face 100 % - Side Bleue 100 %" Cue2 " Face 50% - Side Red at 50%" Cue3 " Face 20 % - Side off - Back Bleue at 80%" Cue4 "Black" Cue5 "Face 0% - Side OFF - Back red and bleu at 70%" etc. You want a different fade effect between each cue ... For my shows I need for each painting transitions with different times ... Ditto for blacks. Is Cue 1 fade of 3 seconds to go on Cue 2 fade of 15 seconds to go on Cue 3 fade of 7 seconds to go on Cue 4 fade of 0 sec to go on Cue 5 etc ... So I end up with 300 to 400 cues that all have their time to bland ... For my part at the time of recording I have the ability to record a specific fade time ... which can be changed as much as possible according to the needs ... Knowing that we can also make a different fade time to go up and down as needed. Thus it is necessary at the moment of "record" to indicate the time of fade with the number of cue ... I do not know if that can help ... Good continuity ! Eric VDA
  13. I use Capture with MACBOOKPRO 2013 and it's work well too ! Eric from France
  14. Hello, today I went on a new show and I had strange things .... 0 / Before starting my new show I did a "Reset Desk" of the FLX! 1 / I enter a fixture 1 (dimmer chanel) with for example the DMX channel 150. I want to add a second DMX channel eg 180. (function add DMX) All is well. And I enter a last number, for example the 210, and when I validate the addition of the last channel. I find myself with 150 180 210 and 211 ... I delete everything thinking I made a syntax error. I start again, with 150, 180 and 210 in DMX channels and I find myself again with 150 180 210 and 211 ... I do not understand how the 211 can come in the group alone without being added with the numeric keypad of the FLX ... 2 / Conversely, sometimes when I'm adding DMX numbers, For example, 205 Then the 209, no worries. And if I want to add for example the 221 I have a display that the number is already used ... I cancel the addition to look on the table DMX what it is ... And the number is not utlise ... I repeat everything from the beginning and I have the same sentence that the number is already used ... The only solution is to use a new fixture to add the DMX channel and more ... But that limits me the choice of fader .... 3 / Last thing Last night before arriving today at the show I had a reset desk to erase everything. This morning when I plugged the console, and I plugged in it I realized that all the fixtures erased yesterday had returned and so I had to redone a reset desk ... End of my questions and strange things ... what should I do to solve the various worries that I have seen this morning and today. thank you so much Eric VDA -------- Bonjour, aujourd 'hui je suis reparti sur un nouveau spectacle et j'ai eu des choses etranges.... 0/ Avant de commencer mon nouveau spectacle j'ai fait un "Reset Desk" de la FLX ! 1/ je rentre une fixture 1 (Dimmer chanel) avec par exemple le canal DMX 150. Je veux rajouter un second canal DMX par exemple 180.(fonction add DMX) Tout va bien. Et je rentre un dernier numero, par exemple le 210, et lorsque je valide l'ajout du dernier canal. je me retrouve avec 150 180 210 et 211... J'efface le tout pensant avoir fait une erreur de syntaxe. Je recommence le tout, avec 150, 180 et 210 en canaux DMX et je me retrouver de nouveau avec 150 180 210 et 211... Je ne comprends pas comment le 211 peut venir dans le groupe tout seul sans etré ajouté avec le pavé numerique de la FLX... 2/ A l'inverse, parfois lorsque je suis en train de rajouter des numeros DMX, Par exemple le 205 Puis le 209, pas de soucis. Et si je veux rajouter par exemple le 221 j'ai un affichage que le numero est deja utlisé... J'annule le rajout pour regarder sur la table DMX ce qu'il en est... Et le numero n'est pas utlisé... Je recommance tout depuis le début et j'ai la meme phrase que le numero est deja utilisé... La seule solution est d'utilisé une nouvelle fixture pour ajouter le canal DMX en plus... Mais cela me limite le choix des fader.... 3/Derniere chose, Hier soir avant d'arriver aujourd'hui au spectacle j'avais fait un reset Desk pour tout effacer. Ce matin quand j'ai branché la console, et que je l'ai branché je me suis rendu que tous les fixtures effacées hier etait revenues et donc j'ai du refaite un reset desk... Fin de mes questions et petites choses etranges... que dois je faire pour resoudre les différents soucis que j'ai pu constater ce matin et aujourd'hui. Merci beaucoup Eric VDA
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