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  1. Bingo It's now working in 12 Channel mode. What caught me out was the dimmer function. I had o% showing until I moved the master up to positive % Thank you so much Kevin
  2. Thanks I will try this out at the week end as the board is in use up to Saturday
  3. Hi Kevin The frog board we are running is like me Fat. Does it have dedicated fixture support I don't know do you mean the 12 channels on the upper right side. We are using zero 88 .ift
  4. Is there a limit on the number of chanels I can run the par hex 12 on, currently running 6 but would like to use the 8 ,12 or 13. have installed driver(.ift) for 12 channel and have enough space allocated but it does not even produce RGB. board is a frog with 3.5 drive
  5. Thank you so much . very helpful, now to get it onto the 3.5 disc
  6. so that I can put it on a 3.5 inch disk Need Chauvet Parhex 12 12channel driver
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