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  1. Hello We use a LeapFrog 48 and i try to install ArtNet. On the Desk is Version 7.9.9 First i try to connect it to ArtNetominator. I made two Pictures, and attached here. Maybe you can tell me what i do wrong, i see the note, but don't get values. Thanks
  2. Hey i have send you the show file an i tryd some stuff. i open up the show file one phantom OS and there it works all fine the numbers on the DMX Output are rising and falling but on the desk its just not working.. and to be sure i also changed the CF card and reinstalld the operating system and it is still not working. and i also reseted the desk and mad a new show and its also not working. i tryd that all with 7.9.9 next weekend when im at the console i will try that with 7.9.8 i have seen that my console has just 256Mb of ram would it make an performance bo
  3. I use the desk for live shows and more or less spontanous i have stored a movement in a cue and when i pressed the button it changed the speed. in 7.9.9 they moved but not right. but i go manly back to 7.9.8 because 7.9.9 was terrible slow. and it also lagt really hard and made errors, do you think that will get an other patch? there 45 effects. i think i will try 7.9.9 again..
  4. Hello We have an Leap Frog 48 and i made the update to 7.9.9 but that was so bad to work with. so i decidet to downgread it again to 7.9.8, and somehow all the effect of the moving heads works when i select them in the mfk but when i store them as an submaster or cue it is not working. the moving heads are going to the position the should start from but they are not moving. i tryd that with old programms and also new ones. someone any idea?
  5. Thank you that with the default settings was very helpfull sometimes at the start i have an error the file is in the attachment. i will replace first the RTC battery. and we are planing to change some things maybe then i will reset the desk and make a new show... that with the color picker would just be very usefull. i need more time when i use the encoders, and sometimes i use it in the live show. what also would help are when the other colors on the fader screen would be. debug_22-8-2016_14-41-18.zdb 23819.isf
  6. We have a LeapFrog 48 Console and the problem is that the universum 3 crashes randomly since the 7.9.5 update. Sometimes it crashes after 10 min sometimes after an hour. But it had crashed now every time i used it with the new update. The RTC Batterie is depleted, but it wasen't a problem befor. Do you have any idea what to do? Is it prosible to downgrade the software? At the moment it isn't a problem, but we have an upcoming event in October and than it must work! Can you also tell me how to set default values, since I haven't found them anymore? By th
  7. Hello Thanks for your help it was the wrong Tracking Mode now it works fine!
  8. Hello i have some Stubid question i use oure Console now a long time an never had this problem befor! (I updated the Console) I use the Playbacks for MH Movments. When i start a Playback the Whole show are Overwriten, LEDs and Moving Haed Color/Gobo. I allways have made a Record that way... With the previous Firmware Version: Press 2x CLEAR set de Show up record... and it recorded only the stuf where i change a value. How do i do that at the current version? Thanks for your support!
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