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  1. Hi Edward, i know what the "Load button" does, but i was talking about that: I didn't know that i had to type "Special" again to reach the second digit page, I did try everything but not that
  2. Hi Edward, Firstable, thank you for your answer. But did i miss something, is it written somewhere ? or is it another super user secret ?
  3. Hi, i'm back again. I must be stupid, but i can't load any cues named 65, 87, 23 ... How can we load cues with names superior to 9 ?
  4. OK, my channel MixMode is HTP, i think i must set it to LTP, and only keep HTP for my submasters. Now, i can make a device disapear by decreasing it's intensity, then updating the cue...
  5. Hello everybody, how to edit a particular intensity of a particular projector in a cue ? i can increase without any problems and update the cue when it's about automatics and with traditionals pebbles or profiles, but i can't decrease an intensity with traditionals (something to do with htp/ltp ?) how to delete "live" a standard fixture in a cue ? i can manage my cues when it's about automatics fixtures, but with a profile or a pebble convex ?
  6. Okay, so it's about the device's functionality... I will have a look at the manual if the ROBE Robin600e is doing the job or not Thanks for all
  7. Sorry, i was wrong, nothing to do with the "MOD" option. I've read the page 75 of the manual and i understand now what it means . I just want to have a full black between cues, i don't want the intensity to raise, i want CUE1(position, effect, intensity level x) then BLACK before CUE2(position,effect,intensity level x). I just want to see my moving heads moving from CUE1 to CUE2 in dark an then... FULL CUE2 Is it possible, or do i need to record cues with the intensity appart ?
  8. Hello, I have many cues with 4 Robin Robe (different positions, effects, focuses, ...) I would like to have a "dark state" during transitions between these cues in a playback, i think it should be the job of the "move on dark" (or something else...) option but i don't know how to manage it . Any idea ?
  9. Of course i think that it's better to set up correctly the desk & the power rack when we need a direct "on/off". i have my first 28 circuits plugged on a old Solution28 rack, an all the rest on ADB racks, so working with the SolutionXL is not a problem because ADB racks support the option of managing dimmers (curves, on/off...). But my "past" ADB Cantor desk used to do the job as well, but my "new" SolutionXL not, so if i need an on/off patched from 1 to 28, i can't have it unless i do what i explained before...
  10. Ok, i've plugged the device i needed to an adb rack where i can set up the dimmer to on/off... But i've tried something before with my old solution28 power rack : patched my fixture as a dimmer , then recorded this fixture as a cue in a submaster, then i told that submaster to have the trigger release level at 100% (raise & lower menu)... it seems to do the job without damaging the fixture...
  11. Hi everybody, is it possible to patch a fixture as an on/off switch, because i can't specify that i want an on/off circuit in my power rack ?
  12. Hello Thierry


    tu es aussi un utilisateur de FLX ?

    J'en ai une depuis 10 jours...


    tu es basé ou ?


    A plus 



    Hello Thierry

    you are also a FLX user?

    I have one for 10 days ...

    are you based or?

    See you

  13. Everything fine with my "record" tries, thank you
  14. No, it's just a question of copying everything in one time without returning back each time to the playback i'm copying from. But you're right, if i put correctly at the right place the "Key" cues that i often use (ex 1 to 5, page 1), "Page Lock" can help keeping it in other pages (1 to 5, every pages used) Thank you, i'll make a try and let you know Regards, Thierry
  15. Hi everybody, two questions today : - 1 : is it possible to copy several playbacks of one page at same time, and then paste in another page ? - 2 : is it possible to record scenes from playbacks ?
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