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  1. Okay, so it's about the device's functionality... I will have a look at the manual if the ROBE Robin600e is doing the job or not Thanks for all
  2. Sorry, i was wrong, nothing to do with the "MOD" option. I've read the page 75 of the manual and i understand now what it means . I just want to have a full black between cues, i don't want the intensity to raise, i want CUE1(position, effect, intensity level x) then BLACK before CUE2(position,effect,intensity level x). I just want to see my moving heads moving from CUE1 to CUE2 in dark an then... FULL CUE2 Is it possible, or do i need to record cues with the intensity appart ?
  3. Hello, I have many cues with 4 Robin Robe (different positions, effects, focuses, ...) I would like to have a "dark state" during transitions between these cues in a playback, i think it should be the job of the "move on dark" (or something else...) option but i don't know how to manage it . Any idea ?
  4. Of course i think that it's better to set up correctly the desk & the power rack when we need a direct "on/off". i have my first 28 circuits plugged on a old Solution28 rack, an all the rest on ADB racks, so working with the SolutionXL is not a problem because ADB racks support the option of managing dimmers (curves, on/off...). But my "past" ADB Cantor desk used to do the job as well, but my "new" SolutionXL not, so if i need an on/off patched from 1 to 28, i can't have it unless i do what i explained before...
  5. Ok, i've plugged the device i needed to an adb rack where i can set up the dimmer to on/off... But i've tried something before with my old solution28 power rack : patched my fixture as a dimmer , then recorded this fixture as a cue in a submaster, then i told that submaster to have the trigger release level at 100% (raise & lower menu)... it seems to do the job without damaging the fixture...
  6. Hi everybody, is it possible to patch a fixture as an on/off switch, because i can't specify that i want an on/off circuit in my power rack ?
  7. Hello Thierry


    tu es aussi un utilisateur de FLX ?

    J'en ai une depuis 10 jours...


    tu es basé ou ?


    A plus 



    Hello Thierry

    you are also a FLX user?

    I have one for 10 days ...

    are you based or?

    See you

  8. Everything fine with my "record" tries, thank you
  9. No, it's just a question of copying everything in one time without returning back each time to the playback i'm copying from. But you're right, if i put correctly at the right place the "Key" cues that i often use (ex 1 to 5, page 1), "Page Lock" can help keeping it in other pages (1 to 5, every pages used) Thank you, i'll make a try and let you know Regards, Thierry
  10. Hi everybody, two questions today : - 1 : is it possible to copy several playbacks of one page at same time, and then paste in another page ? - 2 : is it possible to record scenes from playbacks ?
  11. Hello TomM, here's what Edward answered to me about the same topic, but on 7.9.3 : To update a cue/step of chase, you need to go into it using GO Snap. You can do this by holding SHIFT + tapping the chase's button. You will find that rather than acting as a tap tempo, it now acts a GO Snap and pauses the chase from running. This allows you to go to the step you need to edit, make your changes, tap UPDATE, and then tap the chase's button. You can then tap the chase's button again and the chase will resume to run automatically. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward Regards, Thierry
  12. Hi, A Submaster Set Up issue or perhaps a "rigsync" issue ? Take a look at your Submaster's behaviour and see if "rigsync" is disabled in the General Set Up. I had a problem like yours, and it was "rigsync" that i had to disable. Hope that will help, Regards, Thierry
  13. Hi Pawel, Firstable backup everything on a USB stick before doing anything : Setup...Save... Download the last firmware (.zip), then extract and run the (.exe) file. Put a USB stick (different from the first one ) to complete the process as required. Now your USB stick is ready for the update, just plug it in the USB port close to the LAN port, then "switch on" the desk and follow the instructions... You can now reload your Show and check the new Setup. Regards, Thierry
  14. That's it !!! And I have 10 Selecon PLCYC2 too, and i don't want to "re-address" & "re-patch" all. My setup is stable, i keep it like this. too much technology "kills" technology Regards, Thierry
  15. Hi Kgallen, I think i've understood, but in the room where i'm working there's only one "DMX" cable connected to a splitter far away in an other room, then several "DMX" cables are dispatched where i need them. It's not physically possible (well, very complicated...) to install a second even a third cable, so that i could use several universes. I'm obliged to work like this and i can't do nothing about, 1 Universe and that's all, and with 1 Universe : no "workaround" , and with no "workaround" : no "RigSync" Regards, Thierry
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