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  1. I did the update, Everything seems to run correctly... You're right, i 've used the "boot method" to install the previous Zeros 7.9.5... I've just plugged the USB drive this way and load the os live as you recommended , and so far so good... Thank's a lot, as always, you rule
  2. Only the : n°1 mfk button "1E [No Effect]" is generated... I'm still in 7.9.5... It could be the issue ?
  3. Hi everybody, Strange behaviour of the desk today, the auto effect generator is not working anymore... I can generate auto colour, auto beamshape, but there's nothing to do with the " automatically create effect palettes " button... I just have a n°1 mfk button "1E [No Effect]" and a mfk n°36 "Effect 36"... ?????
  4. Hi everybody, 10 cues in one playback, i'm in cue 5 and want to go back to cue 4 or another number of cue.... I've tried this but it doesn't work : "Jumping to a cue (Go To cue) Goto cue allows you to jump to a specific cue. Simply hold down the playback’s GO button, type the cue number to jump to, and then release the playback’s GO button."
  5. Of course, as simple as described... Thanks, Thierry
  6. HI everybody, An other "basic" question, but how can i insert a cue between two others ? I've tried the old "memory"way but it doesn't work
  7. Thanks a lot, it's all right now. I've done so many manipulations that i must have been "colour enabled" in my submaster an "colour fade time" in my cues, or "colour disabled" in my submaster and "no colour fade time" in my cues.... All the best, Thierry
  8. Hi everybody, here is my problem : i record a cue with 4 fixtures intensity 100%, colour red i record the 2nd cue on the same submaster with the same 4 fixtures intensity 100%, colour blue when i switch from cue 1 to cue 2, the red become blue instantaneously, which is so far normal because the two intensities are 100% and only the colour is changing But i would like the colour to fade from red to blue, and it doesn't seem to work even if i specify the colour to fade i'm doing something wrong for shure, or the settings of my fixtures are wrong Something strange is that when i specify a fade in the beamshape area (strobe for example) with the same fixtures, that's ok, the strobe runs after my fade time Any idea ?
  9. Hi Edward, i know what the "Load button" does, but i was talking about that: I didn't know that i had to type "Special" again to reach the second digit page, I did try everything but not that
  10. Hi Edward, Firstable, thank you for your answer. But did i miss something, is it written somewhere ? or is it another super user secret ?
  11. Hi, i'm back again. I must be stupid, but i can't load any cues named 65, 87, 23 ... How can we load cues with names superior to 9 ?
  12. OK, my channel MixMode is HTP, i think i must set it to LTP, and only keep HTP for my submasters. Now, i can make a device disapear by decreasing it's intensity, then updating the cue...
  13. Hello everybody, how to edit a particular intensity of a particular projector in a cue ? i can increase without any problems and update the cue when it's about automatics and with traditionals pebbles or profiles, but i can't decrease an intensity with traditionals (something to do with htp/ltp ?) how to delete "live" a standard fixture in a cue ? i can manage my cues when it's about automatics fixtures, but with a profile or a pebble convex ?
  14. Okay, so it's about the device's functionality... I will have a look at the manual if the ROBE Robin600e is doing the job or not Thanks for all
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