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  1. thx guys! i have ordered a emulator, so lets see how and if it is going to work... Ian, i have formatted the disk also in the frog, but still the USB drive won't read the disks. So i am still struggling but at the end it will work (i hope.. )
  2. ".ift" is what i mean, thx. Just to check if i safe the correct files... ;-) I will search more to work out a solution. What kind/brand of USB drive have you used ? Regards, Arjen
  3. Kevin, many thanks !. I know that the fixture library is bigger so i use the offline edittor to make my own set of fixtures. I also expect my drive to be a newer one, i have read the issues they had with the older once..Do you know what the file-format for the fixturefiles ? I am also working on the USB emulator solution, but for the mean time... kind regards, Arjen
  4. Hi, i am recently own a Mambo Frog and i would like to load new fixturefiles. I have use the offline fixture editor, so far, so good. But i use XP with an external floppydrive (USB). Disks who have been formatted in the desk the USB drive won't read ("not formatted"), disks that have been formatted in the PC with fixture files loaded on them, the desk does not find any files. Anybody ??? Arjen
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