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  1. I figured that would be the case...ah well! The remote switches idea sounds good though. I'll try it out. The reasoning behind running looped cuestacks from the SX buttons is simplicity, just hit the button and the thing goes without you having to mess with manually loading the cues in the Playback X. We'd just prefer that all the 'operator' needs to worry about touching is the SX buttons and the subs. Many times I have found that someone 'accidentally' did something causing the lights to stop working (not to mention a 'what have I done?' phone call at 3am). It would be nice to have this 'idiot proof' ability when needed. I have seen many club managers/owners/non-tech people's eyes glaze over when they see the console, it all just goes way over their heads and they can never remember the simplest instructions on how to properly get around the desk. How hard would this be to implement? Also I've been thinking macros would be nice to have for utilities like home fixture, douse lamp, etc.
  2. My client who owns a nightclub and a Mambo Frog wants to have long sequences triggered off of the SX buttons so he or the barback can wander over to the board every so often and change the program. I'd like to be able to program multiple consecutive memories and have them run in a loop when an SX button is pushed. So far I am unable to do this. I can run cues linked via the jump function on the Playback X, but when I transfer the first cue in the loop to a sub or SX button, only the first cue is output. I tried using the chase option, but I do not have control over the timing or fade from cue to cue, which is what I need to do.
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