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  1. I want my bullfrog to have 2 separate DMX patches installed, our drama studios split into 2 separate performing spaces, the bull works studio A in normal mode and both studios in wide, on universe A. In order to use it for just studio B, I manually patched it and saved it as a show, but I thought I could set up universe B for this, so you just change the cable on the back of the desk? Doesn't seem to want to do this? Having it on disk is fine, but i nearly lost the disk and would have had to manual patch again! :? pj
  2. i would love to see a proper riggers remote though, usually i make sure someone is on the desk, but i have to have cans up the tower, and when i am on my own i have to take the desk downstairs (bullfrog!) or do some serious leg training! pj ps wireless would b the b's b***s
  3. Paul J

    DMX patch

    Thanx for the info guys, i sussed switching universes with edit but it would always start at B097 because we had patched a001- a096, but i wanted B049,B050 etc - numeric pad entry would definitely solve this. ps ran my first programmed show on the frog yesterday- dream come true.... i'll keep u posted! 8)
  4. :? where i work, we have two large studios which open into a single small arena. i'm using the two seperate universes on my bullfrog as different DMX patches, with A providing control over all dimmer channels for the rig (arena), while B is set to provide control over the latter part of the rig which becomes studio 2 when divided (this means i can use dimmers 49-96 as channels 1-48). When i was setting this up i found i could not get the dmx to assign automatically to universe B, and had to manually tap through endlessly to get the addresses i wanted. It did it for A, why couldnt i do it for t
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