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  1. WiLL


    many thanks, will do.
  2. WiLL


    any update on the views not saving issue? It's pretty annoying.
  3. WiLL


    Just to clarify the problem with views not saving, the desk will only remember screens that are open when you switch off. When you power back on it displays whatever you had open last but denies all knowledge of any pre-saved views. How likely is this a local problem (i.e., me) as opposed to a problem with the software itself?
  4. WiLL


    Hi Jon, Currently only thing I've come across not saving is views, all other UDKs UDFs, cues, pallettes etc. seem to be hard saving. Will try the snapshot thing later today. Incidentally will a snapshot also function as a block cue? i.e. if I don't want the desk to track ahead and start running a moving light effect 6 cues in advance (with the intensity at zero)because of the noise the movers make, could I make the cue prior to the effect cue a snapshot or is there some other way to block tracking at particular points? Thanks, Will
  5. WiLL


    Have recently upgraded to version 6 zeros software on the orb. Views are not being saved permanently. They 'soft save', but when the desk is turned off then on again the views are no longer saved and need to be rebuilt from scratch, which is annoying. Also, have just taken the desk into a venue which has led house lighting being run from some pulsar chromabanks. I can control the chromabanks fine but the desk refuses to save any of the chase information, will only save intensity channel, chroma banks need the intensity to be set at zero to run chase effects. I could be doing something wrong here as I'm not used to these fixtures, any clues? Will
  6. in that case apologies.
  7. It does have a record button, it's on the 2nd page of the remote. The big red button with 'record' on it
  8. WiLL

    Remote update

    Really hope it'll include a 'go' button. *crosses his fingers*
  9. If a software update for the remote is in the offing, can I suggest the inclusion of a go button so that the cue stack can be fired off via the remote? My principal uses for the remote are as a riggers handset and as an aide for lectures, so the ability to actually go through a cue list would be advantageous in the extreme. Also for the rather rarer occassions when I'm operating lighting and sound it would be helpful to fire the odd cue from the sound desk so that I can op both desks at once. This would save the embarassing dive across the 8 foot gap between the desks. Just a thought.
  10. slightly off-topic, but how are those showtec led pars working out? I've been tempted by the price but i figure with the average throw of 40-50 feet in my venue I'd need about a dozen to make any impression.
  11. I've had my fat frog for about 8 months now and I still learnt a few tricks with this trainer, nice one mate. NOw all it needs is a kickarse soundtrack :wink:
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