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  1. Hi Michael, The brightness attribute is applied automically to the console encoders/wheels dependant on the console model. For example the old Frog series fixture control had a dedicated BRIGHTNESS attribute for the Dimmer, whereas on the Solution consoles this is included under the POSITION attribute. Therefore this cannot be set in the Fixture Type Editor. Hope that helps, Edward
  2. Ok great, Instructions on how to fit it can be found here: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/359/0/leap-frog-48--96-smptemidicanremotes-upgrade-kit---fitting-instructions---issue-1-en You can purchase the card from your local distributor: http://zero88.com/distributors/uk/index.shtml Edward
  3. Oh ok thanks for letting us know! Glad you're up & running! Edward
  4. Hi Pinky, To create this effect I would select my lights and set their intensity, and apply the "Smooth" Effect palette, and then dial the "Size" parameter down so the effect is just rippling around your set intensity value. You can then hold SHIFT + dial the Offset parameter encoder. Remember if you hold SETUP + tap EFFECT you can change the behaviour of the encoder when you hold SHIFT (different Fan options). Edward
  5. Hi Mac, Pinky's issue was the internal touchscreen wasn't working, not an external monitor. Edward
  6. Haha it's a bit different if it fails after hours of use; as opposed to not working fresh out the box! Edward
  7. Hi Mike, Just replied to your support email. As Kevin says you will have to go back to the dealer/distributor you purchased the console from for them to take a look, and give you a replacement. Edward
  8. Hi Mac, I'm more than happy to help you with this, I'm sure others on the forum will be too! If you think it would help you're welcome to come to the office and I'll give you some one to one training. If you'd rather do it in the comfort of your own home I'm happy to do Skype calls, just let me know what works best for you. Feel free to PM me or send an email to my address below... Kind regards Edward
  9. The way that the console knows how to apply colour wheels to the auto-palettes is within the "Details" tab when creating the fixture, where you can set RGB values for each slot of the colour wheel. If you download the Fixture Editor software from the website you will be able to load the fixture in and see the RGB values applied for each colour slot in the Colour Wheel Details. Hope that helps Edward
  10. Hi Mac, I believe the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR doesn't have an Orange slot in its colour wheel, therefore the desk can't apply a palette to it. However to add colour wheel slots to Auto Palettes you can simply manually change the colour wheel with the encoders, press UPDATE, and tap an Auto Palette. Edward
  11. Hi Terry, After controlling your dimmer channel with the keypad/ wheel you have to press ENTER, then when you select your fixtures you will only adjust their intensity. Hope that helps Edward
  12. Hi Mac, Make sure you have updated your PhantomZerOS Fixture Library to v33. Then under CHAUVET -> there will be Int.Hybrid 140SR M1-> under which will be two 19-Channel modes, and the fixture I made you is one of those. Hope that helps Edward
  13. No worries, any problems or queries just post! Edward
  14. Ah fantastic glad you've got it sorted, will remember that if I ever have issues in the future! Edward
  15. Please find attached the updated fixture file for the Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR (19 channel Mode). Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid140SR.ift When you select your "M1" fixture, there will be a few 19 channel variants, you will want the last one. Hope this helps Edward
  16. Hi Mac, Just checked the profile and you're right this one must have slipped through without Gobo data being included. I'll go ahead and add that in now and post back with the updated file. Edward
  17. Hi Mac, May not be able to do Thursday, but if we don't resolve this soon I'm sure we can find a date for you to pop in. This the desk and console in the same IP range I would expect you to be able to Ping the console. Next step is to try a different CAT5e straight patch cable and see if the problem is with your lead. Edward
  18. Hi Harry, You can't do this with SmartTag enabled. When recording just attribute palettes to "sub" Playbacks, tap SmartTag to turn it off before recording. This will record the Playback as expected. You can then tap it again to turn it back on after recording it. Hope that helps Edward
  19. So just to double check you are using the Capture protocol rather than Art-Net? To check this is outputting tap the Z key to view the Quick Access Functions -> System Information -> Network Overview and check that there is a green tick next to Capture. Next you'll need to make sure that Capture is patched the same as on your console. The best way to do this if you had phantom working is take the show file you used for phantom and load that into the console, that way you know the patch matches. Edward
  20. Yep Kevin is right it does take quite a while to add in detail for every gobo, however the fixture in the new library has all the detail included so you won't need to edit the file. To see it's gobos, tap the button in the middle of the gobo encoder. Hope that helps Edward
  21. Yep that's both channel modes with full information included for that fixture. Edward
  22. Hi Harry, To make sure your parameters are kept separate you need to make sure only the parameters you want recorded into your palettes are "Tagged". Parameters are tagged automatically when you adjust the encoders. To "Untag" parameters hold CLEAR + Jog the parameters' encoder wheel. You will notice it will go from having a White background to a blue background in the LCD above the encoder. Therefore you will need to record your Gobo position palette, and then untag the Gobo encoder, and then record your prism encoder. These will now be separated, and you can then make a separate palette for both of these with the Gobo/ Prism parameters back to default. This would mean you have a palette for Gobo In, one for Gobo Out, one for Prism In, one for Prism Out. Hope that helps Edward
  23. The latest Global Fixture Library (version 33) is now on the website, and the Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is included in it... http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/440/ Edward
  24. Hello, There are 2 different types of CAT5e cable, a patch cable/ straight through and a cross over cable, however it doesn't matter which you use directly between FLX and your PC as the PC will automatically work out what cable is used and adjust to suit the setup (auto-mdix). However for the console and PC to "talk" to each other they will need to be on the same IP range for the Capture CITP protocol to function. For example with a subnet set to they will both need to have an IP address of 192.168.1.xxx. I suggest the "xxx" to be 100 on the PC, and 101 on the console. Hope that helps, Edward
  25. Hi Uriah, Kevin's right you've got a basic version of the fixture profile. If you can wait until tomorrow I can send you the full versions of the 2 channel modes for that fixture which have already been made. Edward
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