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  1. Hi Olly, I would recommend programming a 3 step chase for this, rather than using an effect. The colours of your chase will mix LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) with your other playbacks by default, and so your chase's colours will run over the top of other playbacks, and when the chase is released, the other playing playbacks will take over. Programming a group for each bar will speed up the programming time, as you'll then be able to apply the colours you wish to each bar group. Hope this helps Edward
  2. Hi Simon, To confirm, are you finding Art-Net isn't working on your physical console? Art-Net is working on physical consoles running ZerOS 7.9.5, however not on Phantom ZerOS with an unlock dongle. Edward
  3. Hello, We have logged this software issue as High Priority, reference number ZOS-9327. If you have any queries please do let me know. Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Tracking enabled

    Hi Karina, To disable tracking options, tap SETUP -> Settings -> Record & Update -> Tracking Options -> Cue Only. Hope this helps Edward
  5. Hi Eric, Home and Default values can now be configured on FLX S, which will solve this problem for you. For more information, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1011411491 That's correct, SETUP + tapping an attribute button will open the Attribute Settings. You can also access this by tapping SETUP -> System Settings, and then tap any of the Attribute Settings buttons. Edit Fixtures is now simply the Fixture Schedule (tap SETUP to access this), with the ability to customise fixture data, including inverting and swapping for moving fixtures. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707101 Configuring Defaults is now done outside of Setup. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, Edward
  6. Hi Eric, Programmer Time is not changed when performing a "Reset Desk". Reset Desk clears all show-specific information, however leaves operator configuration, such as Programmer Time. A Factory Reset will reset the Programmer Time to disabled, and with a 5 second fade. Hope this helps, Edward
  7. Hello, As Eric says, this is due to the fixture defaults for RGB fixtures having Red, Green and Blue at full, to give white. For information on how to change this to achieve colour mixing, you can use the guide below... http://support.zero88.com/975070091 This guide is for our Solution and ORB consoles, but you'll be able to use the same process. For more information on configuring fixture Defaults, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, Edward
  8. Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments. The new manual will be coming soon, for all FLX series consoles. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  9. Hi David, Thanks very much for letting us know. I have logged this issue as reference number ZOS-9325. If you have any queries please let me know. Edward
  10. Hi Derek & Simon, Thanks for letting us know, we will take a look into this. Edward
  11. Hi Richard, No problem. If there’s anything we can do to help just let us know. All the best, Edward
  12. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback, that’s great to hear. All the best, Edward
  13. Hi both, Great glad that has solved the problem. It sounds as though the library file got removed somehow. We are continuing to investigate what may have caused this. Just from the last boot. If you have any queries let us know. Edward
  14. Hello, The new manuals will be available later this week. The ZerOS 7.9.5 and ZerOS 7.9.4 release notes go through the changes to the ZerOS 7.9.3 manual. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  15. Edward- Z88

    7.9.5 Patching

    Hello, Yes thank you for the explanation. This is something we are aware of, and has not been included in ZerOS 7.9.5. Instead you can tap the DMX address cell for each individual fixture, and type your additional address for that fixture. Any queries let me know. Edward
  16. Hi Ted, The best way of looking at it is whenever you use RECORD (for anything), you are creating something completely new, whereas UPDATE is used to edit something existing. RECORD -> Merge, will give the same outcome as updating, however it is newly stored, thus a new auto name is given, whereas update is simply editing what is existing. Hope this helps, Edward
  17. Hello, Yes, Update the Group rather than Record over the top of it. To do this make your changes to selection/intensity, tap UPDATE, and then tap the group (or use the syntax UPDATE GROUP x ENTER). The name will remain the same. Hope this helps, Edward
  18. Edward- Z88

    7.9.5 Patching

    No worries 😉 Edward
  19. Hi Kevin, Ah Nathanael replied at the same time as me! Nathanael is working for us as Zero 88 Product Support, and also running FLX series training sessions. Edward
  20. Hi Joe, Great thank for letting me know. We will look into how the ZerOS Library file got removed from the console. Testing both Phantom and my demo FLX using release software - downloaded from the website software download rather than obtained internally. Therefore this isn't a universal issue - it sounds like somehow something specific in your show files has caused the ZerOS Library file to be removed - the trick is to find out what. It would be interesting to know what this said. If you see it again, you can access this text once the console has fully initialised by tapping Z -> System Information -> System Text. Cheers - keep me posted. All the best, Edward
  21. If you can't seem to get the Auto-Effects to generate, please download the file attached... 02052019 ZerOS 795 Effects.zlbr Copy to the root of a USB stick, and tap SETUP -> Load -> and choose the .zlbr file to load in. Exit Setup, power cycle the console, then tap EFFECT -> and try auto generating the effects. Do the 45 new effects now appear? Let me know how you get on. Edward
  22. Hi Peachy, That's great to hear. If you have any queries just let me know. All the best, Edward
  23. Edward- Z88

    7.9.5 Patching

    Hello, I'm not sure I understand the issue. Is this in SETUP -> Add Fixtures? Patching onto the Channel faders is working as expected. Or is this in SETUP -> Fixture Schedule? Are you trying to add multiple DMX addresses to fixtures? Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear it! That's FLX only I'm afraid! Edward
  24. Hi all, Sorry to hear this. I still haven't been able to create this for some reason. When only "No Effect" is generated, can you save the show file, and then load it back in. Does the "Auto Create Effects" button now work? If not please could you send us this show file to support@zero88.com, as this may help us find what the issue is. You shouldn't need to load in any particular files. Auto Effects are stored in a ZerOS Library file, however this file is included as part of ZerOS 7.9.5. From your description, it almost sounds like this file is getting lost somehow. The team are looking into this as we speak to understand what is happening, and how to solve the issue. If you do a fresh install of 7.9.5 and tap EFFECT -> Auto Create before doing anything else, are they generated? We will get back to you as soon as we have more information. Edward
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