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  1. Hi Nigel, Unfortunately, cues cannot reference other cues. Therefore in your situation you will have to update each individual cue that used your playback you need to update. An option that you might find easier in your situation, is to instead of recording and updating data into cues in your Master playback, simply add trigger and release macros in to recall your playback that you regularly use. To do this go into the settings of a cue in your master playback, tap Macros... -> Trigger Cue Stacks -> tap the button of the playback you wish to trigger. The way to reference cue intensity values to a single location is by using Intensity Groups. Groups will always record intensity information present on the selected fixtures at the point of recording. If you then tap a programmed group once, the fixtures will select normally as expected. If however you double tap a group, the fixtures will be selected, and any intensity information will be recalled. If no intensity data was present at the point of recording, fixtures will be taken to full when double tapping. This allows you to double tap a group to turn them on to your predefined levels, exactly like you would for colour, beam and position palettes. You can then record this into your cues, and they will all reference the intensity levels in the group. You can therefore update all of these cues easily by double tapping the group, adjusting the intensity levels, and then tap UPDATE and tap the group. All cues that used these intensities will update automatically. Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  2. Great, no problem. Edward
  3. Hi Matthew, Yes, we are hoping to include this in ZerOS 7.9.5. All the best, Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Updated Manual

    Hi Mark, ZerOS 7.9.5 is still currently work in progress. Unfortunately I cannot give a release date on this yet. Would having access to the latest beta version of ZerOS be of interest to you? If so please drop us an email to support@zero88.com requesting to have beta access, and we’ll be able to add your forum account to the group. Another guide that you may find useful in the meantime, is our console training notes. These are available here... http://support.zero88.com/988886531 Hope this helps, Edward
  5. Hi Matthew, Thanks for the explanation. Planned for a future software update, there will be an option in Setup which will allow you to choose the boot Fader Function. Therefore you can ensure the console always boots in Playback’s if you wish, avoiding the need to change the function. I will ensure that the priority is raised due to your request. Hope this helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  6. Hi Mark, Hmm interesting thanks for the information. Glad to hear you solved the issue. Edward
  7. Bonjour, Pour une flexibilité maximale, je vous recommande d’enregistrer une lecture avec un effet de fondu Red Fade, Green Fade et Blue Fade sur vos appareils souhaités. Ensuite, lancez ces effets, sélectionnez ces projecteurs et appliquez différentes palettes de couleurs par-dessus. Vous verrez que vous pouvez changer la couleur de l'effet en direct. Pour appliquer un temps de fondu aux palettes, jetez un coup d’œil à Programmeur Temps ci-dessous ... http://support.zero88.com/1011402011 J'espère que cela vous aidera si vous avez des questions, faites-le nous savoir. Hello, For the maximum flexibility, I would recommend recording a playback with a Red Fade, Green Fade and Blue Fade effect cue on your desired fixtures. Then run these effects, select these fixtures, and apply different colour palettes over the top. You will see that you can change the colour of the effect live. To apply a fade time to palettes, take a look at Programmer Time below... http://support.zero88.com/1011402011 Hope this helps, if you have any queries let us know. Edward
  8. Hi Matthew, Thank you for your comments. We have had a couple of requests to remotely change the fader function. This is possible on the larger FLX console through programming a macro. This is already logged on our system. We haven’t currently scheduled which version of ZerOS this will be included in. All the best, Edward
  9. Hello, As Kevin has explained, it sounds like the MACs have accidentally been recorded into your Smoke machine Submaster. There are a couple of reasons this could have happened. Firstly, the console maybe in Full Programming mode. When in this mode, if you tap the Program button, a snapshot of the console’s output will be captured. When in Partial Programming Mode, only tagged parameters will be stored. Tagged parameters are parameters you have adjusted manually, indicated by a white background in the encoder LCDs. You can change the programming mode by holding SHIFT + MODE to enter Setup, and then arrow down to <Record Options>. Partial is the default. Therefore to solve this, ensure the console is in Partial Mode, ensure the Smoke machine is the only fixture tagged, and program onto a submaster. The reason you’re seeing this is as Kevin says, pushing that submaster up is the latest command you have sent to the fixture. This is due to LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) behaviour. If you lower the submaster, a new command is not sent to the fixtures, and therefore they remain doing what they’re doing until they are given a new command. Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  10. Hello, I haven’t personally used FLX with W-DMX G5 products. I would have thought if the DMX signal is fine from FLX over wire, this same signal will be transmitted wirelessly, and so you should in theory receive the same quality of data. If the TX box has a DMX out port, have you tried plugging in a terminator? Are the W-DMX products on the latest firmware? All the best, Edward
  11. Edward- Z88

    Updated Manual

    Hi Eric, We definitely agree. We think it’s very important to support customers to ensure they can get the most from the products. An updated manual and more videos are definitely something that will be released in future. In the meantime, you may find the knowledge base a useful resource... http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/ Edward
  12. Edward- Z88

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Hi Eric, Thank you for your comments. Noted. This is something we are working on. In the meantime, you may find the FLX area of the knowledge base a useful resource... http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/ All the best, Edward
  13. Edward- Z88

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Hi Eric, Software updates usually take less than a minute to install. Show files are forward compatible, and therefore you are able to load your show file from previous software into new software. However, it is always good practice to perform software updates after a show run has finished plenty of time before the next, just to give you time to get used to any changes. If you would like to become a beta tester, please drop us an email to support@zero88.com, and we’ll be able to add your forum account to the group. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  14. Hi Eric, Thanks for the post. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Zero 88 Lighting Controls! If you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  15. Hi Wolfgang, You won’t be able to create a fixture where the intensity switches. This functionality is available with a Relay using the Beamshape attribute. If you wish to use a fader to switch for whatever reason, patch a relay, turn it on, and record to a playback. Then go into the playback settings, choose Raise and Lower, and then set the trigger level to the percentage you’d like the fader to trigger the relay. Hope this helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  16. Hi Nigel, Great, glad to hear it. Edward
  17. Hi Nigel, This is all the information required to create a fixture file. Please drop us an email to FixtureSupport@zero88.com with all of these images, and one of the team will be able to send a file across to you. Let me know if you have any queries. Edward
  18. Edward- Z88

    Updated Manual

    Hi Mark, Hope you're well. This hasn't been created yet, due to ZerOS 7.9.5 development. I haven't forgotten, and will look to create this when the next software version has been released. All the best, Edward
  19. Hi Peter, If you are going through these cues in order, these fade times are not required, as there is no intensity information changing from cue to cue. If you do wish to see these fade times, simply go into a cue, add a fixture intensity into the programmer and update the cue. You should find the fade time values appear again. Hope this makes sense, Edward
  20. Hi Pete, As Kevin says, this is due to these cues not having any intensity changes from the previous cue. Any queries let me know, Edward
  21. Hi Dan, Thanks for posting. We are still looking into this. Are you still finding that FLX is ignoring MIDI Timecode after a period of time? Do there seem to be any common traits each time? For example, does FLX seem to stop listening at a certain timecode? If there’s any further information you can provide, that will help us to recreate and find the cause of the issue. Edward
  22. For on site training, please drop us an email to training@zero88.com for a quote. The Chauvet Ovation F-415 FC is included in the latest Zero 88 Fixture Library. Version 37 was released this week, and a list of fixtures included in this release is available here... http://support.zero88.com/975072641 To download this Fixture Library, see the link below... https://zero88.com/forum/files/file/8-fixture-library-full/ To load this into the console, download and extract the files, and copy them into a USB stick. You can then plug the USB stick into the console, tap SETUP -> Load File, and choose the Fixture Library. You will then need to power cycle the console. To load this into PhantomZerOS, copy the Fixture Library to the file directory that PhantomZerOS looks at, and again tap SETUP -> Load File, and choose the library. All the best, Edward
  23. Hello, Great. We have just released Zero 88 Fixture Library v37, which contains over 9500 fixtures. If you do however come across a fixture that isn't in the list, you can either make the file yourself using our free to download fixture tools, or drop us an email to fixturesupport@zero88.com, and one of the team will be able to email the file across for you to load in. To access each individual parameter of a fixture, this is done using the encoder wheels. You can control these in Phantom ZerOS by viewing the front panel of FLX S, and clicking and dragging on the encoder wheels. In Phantom ZerOS you may also find it useful to use syntax to set the parameter levels. You can do this by holding SHIFT and clicking on the parameter name displayed above the encoder wheel, and then type @ followed by the percentage you wish to set the parameter to, and press ENTER to confirm. If a fixture has more parameters within an attribute than there are encoder wheels, you have to page through. For example on FLX S24 controlling a fixture with 5 colour controls, you will only access four of these parameters at a time on the encoders. To page through, click the Attribute tab at the top of the touchscreen. You will see the parameters on the encoders change. Looking at this fixture file, it has 2 sets of RGB control when in 9 channel mode. Currently, FLX S can only handle 1 set of RGB within a fixture to give access to the auto palettes, colour picker and LEE Filters Mood Boards. If a fixture has multiple colour mixing elements you instead can use the encoder wheels directly, and then of course record your own custom colour palettes if you wish. Hope this helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  24. Hi Keith, Glad to hear the desk is now running at 100%. For advice on obtaining spares, feel free to drop us an email to support@zero88.com, and we'll be able to point you in the right direction. All the best, Edward
  25. Hi Alex, No, it won’t. However if all the user fixture files are now included in this latest fixture library release, you can tap SETUP -> Clear Options -> Clear User Files, to ensure you don’t have duplicate library entries. It is worth mentioning a Factory Reset will leave this library installed, but remove all show data, settings, and user files. Hope this helps, Edward
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