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  1. Hello, If you just wish to store intensity, you’ll need to ensure SmartTag is disabled. To do this set your intensities to the levels you’d like them at using the channel faders, then press and hold RECORD, and from the Record Options tap SmartTag, so that is has a blue stripe in the button. This will mean only tagged information in the programmer will be stored, ignoring anything else. If you have other information in the programmer, you may then use the attribute buttons in the record options window to choose to not store any specific tagged attributes. You can then tap the playback you wish to store to. Now only tagged information will be recorded. For more information on tagging, please see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  2. Hi Kevin, I’ll take a look at this in further detail. As you say, if you have position parameters tagged, I would expect manually choosing to not record position in the Record Options window (Position with a blue stripe), would result in an ICBE effect palette, not ICBPE. With other palettes, only that specific attribute will be stored, unless SHIFT + RECORD is used to store all parameters into the palette. For more information on tagging, such as the different colour attribute stripes, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311/What-is-Tagging.htm All the best, Edward
  3. Hi Zeljko, Please send us an email to support@zero88.com with this request, and Keith will be able to get back to you. All the best, Edward
  4. Hi Chris, Great OK, let us know if you don't think anything is quite as you expect. Edward
  5. Edward- Z88


    Hi Robin, Hope Kevin's comment has helped you out. When each pixel is patched as its own fixture, all pixels can be selected, and effects can be offset across them. If you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  6. Hi Dan, This is correct looking at the fixture file. The movement effects are the only auto-effects that can be applied to this fixture. The reason intensity effects such as chases aren't available, is due to the fact this scanner doesn't have an intensity parameter, only a shutter parameter. A tip to quickly find the number of DMX slots a fixture uses - tap Add Fixtures, find the fixture, click Next, and type in a quantity greater than 1. The Patch Offset will display the DMX count of that fixture in brackets. Hope this helps, Edward
  7. Hi Kevin, Apologies for our slow response. Has Peachy's suggestion worked for you? Edward
  8. Hi Eric, We have received your email. Apologies for our delay, as Kevin mentions most of the team have been out of the office at the ABTT Trade Show. We will be working through our Support emails and Fixture requests next week. Edward
  9. Hi Martin, Sorry to hear this, we haven't come across this issue before. Can you confirm you are running ZerOS 7.9.5 on your console? You can find out by tapping Z -> System Information. Please could you send us a copy of this show file to us at support@zero88.com with a description of the issue, and we'll take a look and see if anything may be causing the issue. If you have any instances of this happening again, please do let us know. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions. Edward
  10. Hello, Not by using the Global BPM, however the Speed Override control on the console allows you to speed up/ slow down programmed effects on the currently viewed playback. Speed Override can be found on the second encoder wheel by pressing Z, or can be configured to an empty playback by holding SETUP and tapping an empty playback. The currently viewed playback can be selected by holding VIEW and tapping the playback's button. Global BPM will allow you to do this. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011580981 I would then record a blank dummy playback, that contains triggers for both chases, in order for them to start at the same time. To do this, tap RECORD, and tap an empty playback. View this playback, and then tap the cue's Settings button. Then tap Macros... -> Trigger Cue Stacks, and select each chase. Click OK on the Macros window, and OK on the Settings window. Now when you raise this playback's fader, your chases will run together, at the speed of the Global BPM. The simplest way of doing this, is to enable "Fader controls colour" on your colour playbacks you wish to mix. Information on how to do this can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011405471 Hope this all helps, if you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  11. Hi Eric, Sorry to hear this. Thank you for emailing us your show file. We will take a look into what may have caused this and get back to you. All the best, Edward
  12. Hi Both, Apologies for my delay in replying. Many thanks David for creating that document. When MIDI Notes is set to playbacks, and Octaves are separated, this will give you full control of the playbacks. The device ID under MIDI Show Control is not relevant for MIDI Notes, this is for use only with the MSC protocol. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions. Edward
  13. Hi Chris and Eric, Haha very true! There is a list of requested tutorials growing. We plan to create these at the most convenient time to future-proof them - we will create them when we know there won’t be large operational/UI changes for a while! All the best, Edward
  14. Hi Dave, No - FLX S consoles only have access to the 45 auto effects. These can then be mixed and edited, which can then be stored as your own effect palettes. There is no way of accessing Waveforms on FLX S to create your own. A work around could be to create the effect Waveforms you would like blind, using Phantom ZerOS running as FLX. You’d then be able to load the show file into your FLX S to access the custom effect - bear in mind there is currently no way of importing just an effect palette into your show. Hope this helps, Edward
  15. Hi Chris, Sorry to hear this. There could be a possibility ZerOS 7.9.5 has changed your stored effects, as mentioned in the Release Notes. If you would like us to take a look at what may have happened, feel free to email us a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com, and we’ll be able to take a look for you. All the best, Edward
  16. Edward- Z88

    Fx request

    Hello, Interesting, so would you be after a simple intensity effect that runs from 0% to 100%, however with a red colour shift at the low end? If so I will note this as a feature request. All the best, Edward
  17. Hi Thierry, Information on the LOAD key can be found on page 16 of the Solution manual. Hope this helps, Edward
  18. Hi Thierry, For this you need to use the syntax pad on the console. If you don’t have a keyboard attached, after typing LOAD and pressing the first number key on the MFKs, tap SPECIAL, and on MFK page 2 you’ll be able to continue typing the cue number. You can then tap the playback’s button to load the cue number from that playback. Hope this helps, Edward
  19. Hello, This configuration is done in the Playback Settings. To open the Playback Settings window, press and hold SETUP and tap the Playback button. If the Go button seems to have stopped working, make sure the button is configured to Go Fade. To stop the playback resetting back to cue 1 when the fader is lowered, tap Raise & Lower ->, and disable Release on Lower. Hope this helps, Edward
  20. Hello, I would recommend recording normally without Snapshot/ Record All, as you may find things like Move on Dark won’t work as expected. To ensure the console is not in tracking mode, press and hold RECORD, which will open the Record Options window. In here are tracking options. Ensure that you are in Cue Only mode, and you can then tap RECORD to close the window. Now all future cues you record will not track. ZerOS 7.9.5 doesn’t unlock any extra DMX Universes. What it does allow however, is the ability to patch your 1 or 2 FLX S universes, across 64 universes of DMX. An example of where that’s useful is if you just have dimmers on universe 1. Normally doing this would mean the rest of the unused channels on universe 1 would be wasted, but now you can patch those on a different universe, and send it over Ethernet. We don’t currently plan to do this. The FLX S range feature set is dependant on hardware, which also aids in controlling the features. For example extra palettes on S48 is convenient with the external monitor, and FLX has a dedicated syntax pad for no fixture limit. Hope this helps, if you have any queries just let us know. Edward
  21. Yep it certainly will be easier with pixel mapping. This software is still in alpha stage currently. Edward
  22. Hi Simon, Art-Net does seem to be working correctly in ZerOS 7.9.5. After loading in your show file with Art-Net transmitting, have you disabled and then enabled Art-Net again? If this problem is persisting please email your ZerOS 7.9.5 show file that isn’t working, along with a brief description of your network to support@zero88.com, and we’ll be able to investigate your issue further. Any queries just let us know. Edward
  23. Hi Thierry, That’s correct, when the channel fader’s mix mode is set to HTP, it will mix with the cue values, whereas LTP allows you to take priority over cue values. Alternatively to edit a cue, you can use the syntax LOAD x ENTER, which will load cue x of the current playback into the programmer. Hope this helps, Edward
  24. Hi Olly, For the first step of your chase, select bar 1, set blue to full, set red to 0, and ensure that only the red and blue colour parameters are tagged. Make sure no other fixtures are included in each step of the chase. More can be found on tagging here... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Repeat this for the other bars, and you’ll find that you’ll have a blue chase over the top of your red playback, without magenta being mixed. Hope this helps and makes sense, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  25. Hi Zeus, Thank you for your comments, glad you like the new software. Let us know if you have any questions. All the best, Edward
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