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  1. Hi Erics,

    Thank you for your comments. I will make a note of your request.

    Currently if you select a fixture and go to the Colour Picker tab, the value fader on the right hand side of the touchscreen will be the current colour of the fixture. If you have multiple fixtures selected in different colours, you will be able to see multiple cross-hairs on the picker, showing you the colour of each fixture.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Hello,

    Yes, to renumber a Playback, hold SETUP and tap the Playback's button. Then go to Advanced -> Renumber, and you can choose the start number and increment for the list. 

    You can't renumber individual cues. Tapping enter on a cue number, typing a number and then tapping enter to confirm, allows you to choose which cue is next. For example if you are in cue 1, tap enter, type 10, and tap enter, the next time you tap GO you'll go to cue 10.

    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


  3. Hi Martin,

    Really sorry to hear this. Who did you buy the console from?

    If you boot the console with the SETUP key held, this will take you into Test Mode. With the external monitor disconnected, does the internal touchscreen come on?

    Connect are our Authorised Service Centre in Germany, so you'll be able to get this fixed through them- and don't forget if its brand new you're covered by the 3 year warranty.

    Feel free to email us directly at support@zero88.com, if you'd rather sort this over email.

    Hope to get this sorted for you as soon as possible.


  4. Hi Tom,

    Glad that SHIFT + GO gave you the result you wanted. Playback buttons can have 2 functions, a second when pressed with Shift held. The default shifted function is Go (Snap), which means you can manually snap into a cue in a chase, without it running. You can however configured this shifted function, by holding SETUP and tapping the Playbacks button. The bottom line of options is the button function. 

    If a Playback is a chase, the Go Fade option, is a little bit like a chase resume. This is because chases don’t use cue fade times, as the cross fade between cues in a chase are configured in the chase options of the playback settings.

    The Load function is used to “load” any cue into the programmer. This is therefore like playing back your cue, but rather than coming from a programmed value, the values are brought into the programmer (indicated by red values in the Output Window). This is useful to add additional values to record/ update the cue, or as a good way of recording a new cue, made from the basis of another. 

    Regarding colours in the Output Window, this guide should help you if you’re a little confused...


    Hope that helps, any queries let me know. 


  5. Hi Dan,

    MIDI Timecode from your description will be your best option, as any cue on any Playback can be triggered by MIDI Timecode. MIDI Show Control (MSC) only triggers cues on the Master Playback.

    For demos, we use the MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI interface...


    We use this with QLab for Mac. I haven't used any Windows based software to send MIDI triggers, but I believe software such as Multiplay has this functionality.

    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


  6. Hi Mac,

    The link below contains the ZerOS 7.9.4 software file, Phantom ZerOS, and the release notes.


    Therefore after downloading this you should find Phantom ZerOS, that you’ll be able to extract and run on your PC, will update Phantom from 7.9.2, and you’ll be able to extract the software file to the root of a USB stick, for you to load into your FLX and run the update to ZerOS 7.9.4. 

    Hope that helps, any queries let me know. 


  7. Hi Peter,

    We found a couple of issues with patching that in some circumstances cause the console to crash. These issues were fixed early on, and the latest software for FLX S is ZerOS 7.9.4, available to download from our website here...


    If you install that, you should find this solves the issue, along with bringing new features and enhancements to the FLX S. 

    Any queries let me know. 


  8. Hi Peter,

    Can you confirm that’s crashing on ZerOS 7.9.4? Is it always crashing when trying to patch? Is it the same thing you’re doing at the point of crashing, if so could you give instructions on how to recreate?

    Hope to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 


  9. Hi Steve,

    That's correct, if you save your show that will store all information about the desk, including Network settings, Fixtures Patched, and of course cues, Playbacks and Palettes. Therefore save your show and update the software to ZerOS 7.9.4 by loading the upgrade file into the console like you would a show file. After turning the console off and on to complete the software upgrade, you can then load your show file back in. This should fix the app issues you were experiencing.

    Any queries let me know.


  10. Hi Tom,

    Thierry's comment will work on ZerOS 7.9.2. The latest version of software is ZerOS 7.9.4.

    You should find you can also use the Load method. With your chase released (fader at 0% so it isn't running), tap LOAD type the cue number followed by the Chase's button, and the cue of the chase will be brought in to the programmer. You can then make your changes, and tap UPDATE ENTER, to update the cue of the chase.

    Hope that helps,


  11. Hi Jim,

    It sounds like there is a patching issue if the Channel faders controlling the dimmers are affecting the movers, so check the DMX addresses. 

    Feel free to email me your show file with the list of problems you are experiencing, and I’ll take a look to find the cause of the issues. 



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