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  1. Hello, ZerOS consoles, including Leapfrog 48, will only send Art-Net DMX data, to Art-Net devices that report themselves as an Art-Net receiver. ArtNetominator does not report itself as an Art-Net receiver, and as such Leapfrog 48 will not transmit Art-Net DMX to it. If you wish to test your network, you could use the demo Capture files on the link below, and use the Art-Net protocol... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/networking/connecting-to-capture Which Art-Net devices do you wish to control with the console? If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  2. Hi Wosti, The Fader Function options will affect the intensity behaviour, with attributes adhering to cue fade times. Fader controls position, allows you to transfer from whatever position values your fixtures are currently at, to the position values recorded in the current cue you crossfade into. Therefore lowering the fader will send the fixtures back to their previous values. It can't be used as a method of transferring between the cues on the playback. Therefore if you want to control the time of position crossfades between cues, you may wish to configure a Speed Override co
  3. Hi Pete, Hope you’re well. This sounds like the trigger level of the playback has been changed to 20%. To access this option, open the playback’s settings by holding SETUP and tapping the playback’s button. Then choose the Raise and Lower tab from the top. You will then be able to adjust the Trigger/Release level. The default is 5%, however if you want to access the full range of dimming you could adjust this to 1%. For more information on Raise and Lower, see here... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/playback-settings/raise-and-lower If this doesn’t solve
  4. Hi Lloyd, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Please see the link below, containing information on using the Windows Remote application with FLX S24... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/networking/using-the-remote-apps If you wish to connect a laptop running ZerOS Monitor to the FLX S24, you will be able to use a single Ethernet cable between the two. Using this method, you will need to configure static IP addresses in range of one another, for both the FLX S24 and laptop running ZerOS Monitor. For more information on IP addressing, see the link below... https://zero88.com
  5. This is logged as reference number ZOS-10640 on our system. Edward
  6. Hi Peter, This is an issue we are aware of. In ZerOS 7.9.9, if you select a dimmer, and an LED RGB fixture together, RGB controls are unnecessarily duplicated on the encoders. Our software team have fixed this issue ready for the next release. If you would like access to this fix prior to the next software version is released, please drop me an email and I can share the beta software with you. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  7. Hi Romec, This will be coming in a future update, and is already logged on our system. Currently you can only copy and then delete the original. You can do this using Speed Override. For more information see below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/special-playback-functions#override Although there is no dedicated “executor” window, you can record snapshot palettes, to record whole lighting states. You could then view the palettes window and use this to recall lighting states for selected fixtures. For more information see here... https://
  8. The amazing thing about it, is no power is required at all. An excellent idea. Logged as ZOS-0104. Edward
  9. Hi Daniel, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. As Kevin mentions, after selecting your fixtures, go to the Effects window, and you will have a button to automatically create effects. Pressing this button will generate 45 effects for your fixtures. How many effects do you see after doing this? If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  10. Dear All, ZerOS Library 2.1 has now been released. This is available for ZerOS consoles running ZerOS 7.9.8 and later. This release contains 23,831 fixtures. ZerOS Library 2.1, along with further information, can be downloaded from the Library page below... https://zero88.com/library For installation instructions, see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/patching/zeros-library Legacy Consoles If your console cannot run ZerOS 7.9.8 software or later, individual fixture files that you require can be downloaded from the link below... https://zero
  11. Hi Peter, That is correct. This is because by default, the playback will release when its fader is lowered, and will then trigger again when it is raised. As colour information by default mixes LTP between playbacks (latest takes precedence), raising your colour mix intensity playback, which has colour information at 0, becomes the most recent instruction to the fixture. The fixtures therefore go black. To avoid this, you can disable release on lower on your colour mix intensity playback. To do this hold SETUP, and tap the playback's button. From the playback settings choose Raise &
  12. I have added a message to this page to help avoid confusion... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/record-options Edward
  13. Hi Peter, If you cannot see a SmartTag button in the Record Options window, this means that the console is in global Cue Only mode. See the link below for more information... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/record-options/tracking#GlobalOptions I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  14. Hi Peter, The additional universe can be unlocked on FLX S48 consoles by loading in an unlock code. For more information see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/upgrade I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  15. Bonjour, Actuellement, la fonction de verrouillage sur les consoles FLX empêchera simplement la programmation et les paramètres d'être altérés, permettant ainsi d'accéder aux faders et aux cues. Si vous avez des questions, laissez-nous savoir. Edward Hello, Currently the lock function on FLX consoles will simply prevent programming and settings from being tampered with, allowing faders and cues to still be accessed. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  16. Hello, All very valid comments, and thank you for your explanation. We have various thoughts on improving all parameter controls on the console, however I have logged improvements specifically for the handling of Framing Shutters. This is logged as reference number ZOS-10734 on our system. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  17. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. That is correct, by default when you record a single cue onto a playback, the button under that playback will become a flash. If you are not finding this is working correctly, please press and hold SETUP, and tap the playback's button. This will open the Playback Settings. Please ensure the button function at the bottom is set to Flash. For more information see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/playback-settings/general If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  18. Hi @JWylie91 Hope you're well. The "Use with limited programming time" session is available here... A playlist of our 2021 training is available here... https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXZ_FRh4YdsW8J1hqDJGl-aTE1GnHQYJq If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  19. Hallo, Willkommen im Zero 88 Forum. Wenn ZerOS Wing mechanisch an FLX-Konsolen angebracht ist, sollte es gemäß den folgenden Informationen ordentlich angebracht werden... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/zeros-wing Wenn Sie Probleme beim Anschließen des Wing an FLX haben, senden Sie uns bitte ein Bild per E-Mail an support@zero88.com. Da der ZerOS Wing kein externes Netzteil besitzt und über USB mit Strom versorgt wird, ist kein USB-Hub eingebaut. Auf das Cue-Listenfenster kann nur über den externen Monitor zugegriffen werden, wenn Sie den externen Monitor in den
  20. Hi Elliot, What mode are you using the fixture in? Does the mode and address set on the fixture match the mode and address in the patch on the FLX S24? Can you confirm the fixture is receiving DMX from the FLX S24? In what way does it not do anything - does the Tilt parameter under position move the fixture? If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  21. Hi Elliot, For information on connecting the ZerOS Remote apps on iOS to your console, please see the information below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/networking/using-the-remote-apps I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  22. Hi Elliot, I have seen your email to fixturesupport@zero88.com, so will reply to this. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  23. Hello, Framing shutter parameter labels will be displayed as per the information in the fixture library, which will come from the fixture's manual. Therefore the standard naming is "Frame a#x", and "Frame b#x", as defined in the fixture's manual... https://www.jb-lighting.de/download/DMX-Protokolle/P18_MK2_DMX_Protocol.pdf For fixtures which specifically state which of these parameters in the Movement, and which is the Swivel, these will be labelled "Frame In#x" and "Frame Angle#x". Frames will be displayed from "Frame a#1" through to "Frame b#4" on the encoders, following
  24. Hi Daniel, Thank you for the feedback. As far as I am aware, most people who use colour mixing on ZerOS find this far more intuitive, as it means you don't really need to care how your particular fixture mixes its colour - you can instead simply dial "Red", and no matter the fixture you're controlling, you'll get red on stage. I have logged this suggestion, to add a third "Native" Colour Edit option to the Colour Attribute Settings. This is logged as reference number ZOS-10731. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  25. Hello, Please see the link below, which I have updated to now include separate keyboard layouts for FLX and FLX S consoles... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/shortcuts/keyboard-shortcuts You will now be able to use the variant filter top right of the manual to see the relevant content. Thanks for the feedback. On some other consoles running ZerOS, there is a "Time" key. Therefore we can't use T for Thru, as this is reserved. As on most standard keyboards there is a shift key next to the full stop, typing > is easy enough to do with one hand. As I mentioned earlier
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