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  1. Hi Giovanni, Can you confirm you have followed the steps outlined here… https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/load/zeros-library-2 For a list of fixtures included in ZerOS Library v2.1, please see the link below… https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/510be41c-181c-466d-b8bc-cc82d0069786/ZerOS-Library-2.1-List-of-Fixtures.csv If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  2. Hi @gmanno Please could you confirm which software version you are currently on your FLX console? Please ensure you are running the latest software, which is currently ZerOS 7.9.9, prior to updating your console’s library. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  3. Hi @Maryinclaydon Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Sorry to hear you have had difficulty updating your console. As @DALX suggests, I would recommend using the ZerOS Startup Tool to recover your console. https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/trouble-shooting/zeros-startup-tool Please try this, and let us know how you get on. Edward
  4. Hi Martin, No problem. Thanks very much for the feedback. If there's anything else you need just let us know. Edward
  5. Hi @martin o Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Upon loading a show file, you will completely wipe the current show file, and replace it with the loaded show. There is therefore no way of importing certain cues from one show into the current show file. Cues within a show file can be transferred to other playbacks in the same show file if required. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  6. Hi @beyond the blue, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. On FLX S48 consoles, there is not a dedicated Back button. However, you can configure the GO button, so that if you hold SHIFT and tap the GO button, you pause your cue transitions or go back to the previous cue. To do this, you can hold the SETUP key, and tap the Master Playback's button. This will open the Playback Settings. The bottom row of options are the button functions. If you hold the Z/SHIFT key, you will see the current shifted option indicated. Keeping the Z/Shift key held, tap the "Pause" option, and then release the
  7. Hi @Lightescape Duncan Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Really glad to hear you are enjoying your new FLX S48. Great, glad to hear you were able to use a different fixture profile to control your fixture correctly. If you wish to create or edit fixture files, you can use the free Fixture Editor application for PC. The Fixture Editor is included in the Fixture Tools package, which can be downloaded from the link below... https://zero88.com/library For information on using the Fixture Editor, please see the link below... https://zero88.com/manua
  8. Hi @quisqui Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. By default, colour will mix between playbacks using Latest Takes Precedence. This means upon raising a playback, your lights will go to the colour recorded on the playback. They will not mix between the playback you have raised, and any existing playbacks that may be active. To achieve colour mixing on playbacks, such as creating yourself a Red, Green and Blue playback, see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/playing-back-cues/rgb-colour-mixing-on-playbacks Please also have a read of the thre
  9. Hi Otter, That is exactly right. However, the drawback of doing this is if you lower your intensity playback with release on lower disabled, and then go to bring up the fixtures manually, they won't illuminate, as the intensity playback will still be telling them to be black. Therefore if the intensity playback is lowered with release on lower enabled, it releases control, allowing you to then control your fixtures manually again. I have added this as a tip to the bottom of this page... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/playing-back-cues/rgb-colour-mixing-on-
  10. Hi @Seukmiov Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. I have just replied to your email to Zero 88 Support. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  11. Hi @Otter As @kgallen mentions, this will be due to the fact that by default, RGB parameters will default to full. This means when you simply raise the intensity, you achieve full white light output. By default, colour mixes LTP, which stands for Latest Takes Precedence. This is basically a complicated way of saying whichever playback you raised most recently, will be the one that controls the colour of your lights. It will not add to what is there already. So if you have red on stage, and then raise blue, blue is the latest instruction for the light, so it goes blue. Y
  12. Hi @drscoop If you would like access to the latest public beta version of ZerOS, which will be released as ZerOS 7.10, please let me know and I will add your forum account to the Software Testing group. Public beta versions of both the console application and Phantom ZerOS are available to download from the Software Testing forum. If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  13. Hi Mac, Glad to hear the USB drive is now compatible with the console. If you do come across this again, please let me know. Edward
  14. Il n'est actuellement pas prévu de modifier la fonction Renuméroter les repères, mais nous cherchons toujours à enregistrer des suggestions et des améliorations. There are currently no plans to change the Renumber Cues feature, however we are always looking to log suggestions and improvements. Edward
  15. Sur les consoles FLX S, l'option Playback Renumber vous permet simplement de renuméroter vos cues 1:1. Par conséquent, le premier repère sera le numéro 1, et chaque repère sera incrémenté de 1. Choisissez simplement Renuméroter, cliquez sur OK, puis cliquez sur OK dans les paramètres de lecture. (si vous aviez besoin de modifier cette option, vous pouvez brancher un clavier USB). J'espère que cela t'aides. On FLX S consoles, the Playback Renumber option simply allows you to renumber your cues 1:1. Therefore the first cue will be number 1, and each cue will increment by 1. Simp
  16. Bonjour, Actuellement, vous ne pouvez pas renuméroter une queue individuelle. Par conséquent, pour renuméroter une seule cue, vous pouvez la copier vers le nouveau numéro de cue, puis supprimer l'original. Alternativement, plutôt que de renuméroter, vous pouvez ajouter des instructions "Suivant" à vos repères, pour vous permettre d'exécuter vos repères dans une lecture dans le désordre. Pour renuméroter une pile de repères entière, ouvrez les paramètres de lecture en maintenant enfoncé SETUP et en appuyant sur le bouton d'une lecture, choisissez Avancé en haut, puis choisissez Renumé
  17. Good morning Mac, In a word, no. There's nothing from your description that would indicate why ZerOS wouldn't be able to read/write to this drive. If you format the 4GB drive, can ZerOS then read/write to it? If you wish to try, make a copy of all the files on the 4GB stick somewhere. Then plug the drive into a Windows PC, and in File Explorer right click on it, and choose Format..., then choose Start. Once complete, you can then transfer the files back onto the drive, and see whether the console can detect it. If ZerOS still cannot read/write to it, please plug the drive int
  18. Hi @PJRichards Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. When colours are recorded in playbacks, they will mix LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) with the programmer. Therefore if you manually tell your fixtures to go red in the programmer, and then flash them white from a playback, they will stay white, as white is the most recent instruction they are given. They will only go red again, if they are given an instruction to do so. You won't be able to achieve what you're after using the playback's flash button, but you could use the playback's fader. To do this, you would need to enable Fader
  19. No problem at all! You should find you have received an email with more information. Edward
  20. Hi Otter, ZerOS is a "bug fix" beta. This means it includes enhancements to the current release version, without any new features. The beta release @kgallen is referring to, is available to our forum users who are part of our beta test group. If you would like to try out this beta software please let me know, and I'll add your forum account to the group. We do not currently have a release date for the next version, which will be released as ZerOS 7.10 later this year. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  21. Hi @Otter Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Really glad to hear you have a FLX S48. As usual, @kgallen is exactly right - when trying to record "building blocks" onto playbacks, rather than "whole looks", it is best to disable SmartTag, so you know only the parameters you adjust will get recorded. This will also then allow you to mix them together effectively. Let us know how you get on. Edward
  22. Hi Ian, Just double checked the dates for you - Frog and Fat Frog were launched in the first half of 2001, initially without an external monitor output. The external monitor output was added in November 2001, and the rest of the Frog range was launched in 2002. Edward
  23. Hi @drscoop The compatibility issue with the ZerOS Remote app and watchOS 7 is logged on our system to be resolved. This is logged as reference number ZAPP-10834. I have logged this request on our system, as reference number ZAPP-10835. Currently Rem Dim can only be accessed on FLX S consoles using the watch app. Thank you very much! If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  24. Hi Piero, I can confirm we have received your email to fixturesupport@zero88.com, and will reply today. If you have any questions please let us know. Edward
  25. Hi @marcopolo, glad you found your effect palettes. @kgallen thanks for the handy pointers. As Kevin mentions, the ZerOS Library, in the .zlbr format, doesn't just contain the fixture library. It also contains a library of effect waveforms and automatic palettes, and also a library of Art-Net OEM codes. A ZerOS Library will always be included in release versions of ZerOS, however can be updated following a software update, by downloading the latest ZerOS Library from the link above. Edward
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