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  1. Edward- Z88

    Update playback with more fixtures

    Hi Jeroen, If the new set of 4 fixtures are the same fixture type as the existing 4, any palettes you recorded with the original fixtures will also work for the new ones. Therefore you could select your new fixtures and apply the palette you used to record the playback. You can then simply Update the playback, which will then include the new fixtures. Hope that helps, Edward
  2. Edward- Z88

    Copy playbacks between showfiles

    Hi Jeroen, Currently there is no way of combining ZerOS show files. Therefore, in this situation it would be best to have one show file that contains all fixtures, and then maybe have Page 1 of Playbacks for your LEDs, and Page 2 for your moving heads. Edward
  3. Edward- Z88

    Club Capture Software

    Hi Peter, What show file are you using? Have you created one to match the Capture file? Feel free to email this to me (EdwardSmith@Eaton.com) and i'll take a look. A standard CAT5 patch cable will be fine to connect your laptop to FLX S48. On the FLX S48, tap Z-> System Information -> System Text. In here, there should be text showing the console is looking for Capture. Does this find your laptop (this should display your PC's name)? Are there any errors? Let me know how you get on. Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Patch View

    Hello, As Kevin says, use Add Fixtures to patch your fixtures- when adding Dimmers tap Add Fixtures, and then simply tap Next, as dimmer will be pre-selected for you. Add Fixtures is a new and improved, easier to use and more advanced replacement for Patch Wizard. You will then be able to view your patched fixtures in the Fixture Schedule, which is also where you can configure them. Hope that helps, any questions let us know. Edward
  5. Edward- Z88

    Playback saving with tagged lights

    Hi Daniel, Hmm, this is what I'm seeing... Push channel faders 1>6 up to full. Manually select channels 1>4, ensuring they are the only channels selected. Press and hold RECORD, ensure SmartTag is disabled, press Selected Fixtures rather than Tagged Fixtures, tap an empty playback. Fixtures 1>6 resume at full, however if I push the playback up to full and clear the programmer (CLEAR CLEAR), fixtures 1>4 stay on, and fixtures 5 and 6 go off. If the Playback fader is raised at the point of tapping it to complete the record command, the cue will play and programmer will be cleared automatically- is this what you are seeing? Edward
  6. Edward- Z88

    Playback saving with tagged lights

    Hi Daniel, Recording by choosing "Selected Fixtures" won't require you to turn lights off. All you need to do is choose which fixtures you want to be included by manually selecting them (tapping their channel buttons). Then press and hold RECORD and choose Selected Fixtures from the options. I hope this achieves what you're after. Any queries let me know. Edward
  7. Edward- Z88

    Playback saving with tagged lights

    Hi Daniel, If you have fixtures which currently have other parameters in the programmer (tagged), you’ll need to untag these too, not just intensity. Alternatively, an easier option if not just dealing with intensity parameters is to select only the fixtures you want to record, press and hold RECORD, and ensuring SmartTag is Disabled, choose Selected Fixtures from the record options. Then only tagged & selected fixtures will get recorded when you tap a Playback’s button. Hope that helps Edward
  8. Edward- Z88

    Playback saving with tagged lights

    Hi Daniel, It sounds like for what you need to achieve you need to untag the fixtures you don't want. Therefore in your scenario, if you only want fixtures 1-4 to be recorded, however fixtures 5 and 6 are also currently on, select only fixtures 5 and 6, tap Z/Shift, and tap the middle encoder button for Intensity. You will see this writes "Untag Intensity" in the command line. Then press and hold RECORD, and ensure that SmartTag is disabled. If the SmartTag button has a red stripe on it, tap it to go blue. Now tap the Playback you wish this to be stored to, and only fixtures 1-4 will be recorded. Fixtures 1-6 however will remain on stage. Hope that helps and is what you're after, any queries let me know. Edward
  9. Hi Zeus, If you load in custom fixture files, and then patch these into the console, these fixtures will be saved in the show file. Are you saying these are being lost? Are their Playbacks not loading in, or are they appearing not to work? Edward
  10. Edward- Z88

    Fader to control the FX speed

    Hi Dan, The process you describe there, should result in the fader both scaling intensity, and the effect speed/size or your lighting state. From your description you have said record "All Attributes". Did you manually tag all parameters in the Record Options pop up? Did you do a Record all/Snapshot (SHIFT + RECORD)? If you disable Fader controls Effect, does the effect run as expected, or has this been lost? Your other option on controlling the effect speed with a fader, is to use Speed Override. This control can be found under the Z key on the second encoder, but can also be setup on any empty Playback. This will then control the speed of the currently viewed playback. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  11. Edward- Z88

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    Hi Tom, Ok no worries thanks for the information. Let us know if you see anything similar with the latest software. Art-Net connection doesn't use a DHCP IP address. This will be a 2.x.x.x IP generated by the console for each Art-Net device. You will see a DHCP address under Z -> System Information -> Network Devices if there is a DHCP server on the network, however this will only be used by the console if you have set a protocol to use DHCP. If Art-Net is the only protocol in use, the DHCP address will not be used. Hope that helps, Edward
  12. Edward- Z88

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    Hello, Sorry to hear this. To find out the software version tap Z -> System Information. In here you’ll see a line displaying OS version. ZerOS 7.9.4 is the latest release software for FLX. If you have a copy of the show file that showed the lag issue, please could you email it to support@zero88.com. What was the setup of the console? Were you using networking, USB devices? Any queries let me know. Edward
  13. Edward- Z88

    Problem creating My own LED strip fixture

    Hi Mark, Currently a fixture can only have one set of RGB control applied to the colour picker. If you require both to be, I would advise making a fixture for the first set of RGB, and patch 2 of them sequentially to control the fixture. To Clear unwanted .ift user fixtures, tap SETUP -> Clear Options -> Clear User Fixtures. Hope that helps Edward
  14. Edward- Z88

    Stairville 240/8 CW / WW

    Hi Emma, Feel free to send an email to FixtureSupport@zero88.com, where one of the team will be able to take a look at the fixture file for you. This will also allow us to add it to our next Fixture Library Release. If you are keen to regularly run chases across the fixture, you may be best to patch each segment as a different warm and cool white fixture. Selecting all fixtures in one go will allow you to easily run intensity effects across it. However if you are getting near your fixture limit, you may not be able to do this. Regarding accessing extra parameters, this is simply done by tapping the Attrbute tab again. So for colour to access the next 4 parameters, tap the Colour tab again to page through. Auto Colour palettes and auto colour effects will only work for a fixture with full colour mixing (RGB, CMY), and therefore these won’t be available for just and warm and cool source. Hope that helps, Edward
  15. Edward- Z88

    interactive user manual - "Zero88 WIKI"

    Hi Eric, This is an interesting idea. Don't forget what we do have already is the knowledgebase, see below for FLX: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/ This contains articles that you can look through or search for when you want to find out how to do or use something. Edward
  16. Edward- Z88

    3 and 4 Wheel Groups arrangement

    Hi Franck, Yes that's correct, the order the parameters are listed in the Fixture Editor software is the order they'll appear on the console. If you have any queries, feel free to email FixtureSupport@zero88.com, and one of the team can help you out, or make the files for you. Edward
  17. Edward- Z88

    MIDI Timecode problems

    Hi Dan, Have replied to your email to Support. Edward
  18. Edward- Z88

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hi Eric, Really glad you're loving FLX! In response to your comments... -We are planning on improving the Effects engine in the next software update, which bring more useful auto effects. Don't forget to quickly get chases you can use an intensity effect, and use one of the quick offset buttons found along the top of the Effects window. -We are indeed seeing more fixtures using Amber, UV, Lime, Indigo etc. Therefore we are still looking into the best and most accurate way to implement this into the ZerOS colour mixing engine. -Regarding the external monitor, in case you didn't know the shortcut to quickly change the external monitor to your Palettes desktop is SHIFT + VIEW. A single tap of VIEW will then take you back to your Programming desktop. Any queries let me know. Edward
  19. Edward- Z88


    Hello, Please try re-installing ZerOS 7.9.4. You can do that by downloading and then extracting the software from our website... Then run the ZerOS 7.9.4 OS Creator USB software on preferably a Windows 7 PC, which will then prompt you to format a USB stick. Complete the Wizard, and then plug the USB port into the console and boot. If this doesn’t work, please email Keith as Ian suggested, or email support@zero88.com. Depending on the situation, the console may need to be sent for repair. Any queries let me know. Edward
  20. Edward- Z88


    Hello, In terms of updating straight to ZerOS 7.9.4, you shouldn't run into any problems. However as Ian mentions, you'll probably want to check with everyone who operates the console first, as there are some big operational changes and improvements. The video below talks through these changes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjnbGuTHbFA&t= Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  21. Edward- Z88

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    Hi Skippa, No, unfortunately these devices aren’t compatible with FLX S over USB, and there is no MIDI input. Our Solution consoles do except MIDI Notes input. Edward
  22. Edward- Z88

    Adding chases in cue stack

    Hi Peter, To stop a playback triggering and going to cue 1 when you push its fader up, in the Playback Settings go to Raise & Lower, and disable Trigger on Raise. Similarly, to stop the playback releasing and resetting back to cue 1 when you lower the fader, disable Release on Lower. If you then need to manually release the playback, hold CLEAR and tap its button. Hope that helps Edward
  23. Edward- Z88

    LF96 submaster names

    Hello I haven’t seen this before. What software version are you running? Edward
  24. Edward- Z88

    Adding chases in cue stack

    Hi Pete, Yes Kevin’s correct. Each Playback has its own configurations available. To enter a Playback’s Settings, hold SETUP + tap your playback’s button. In here you have Intensity Mixing and Fader function options. Hope that helps, Edward
  25. Edward- Z88

    Adding chases in cue stack

    Hi Peter, Hope you're well. Firstly, make sure you're viewing your cue stack on the Master Playback. You can do this by holding VIEW and tapping the Master Playback's GO button. Then, tap the Settings button on the far right of cue 3. Then tap Macros... -> Trigger Cue Stacks ->, and tap the flashing playback button of your pre-programmed chase. Press OK on the Macros window, and OK the Settings window. Now, when you go into cue 3 on the Master Playback, you chase will fade in using cue 3's fade up time. If you then want your chase to fade out when you go into cue 4, you'll need to go into the settings of cue 4, tap Macros... -> Release Cue Stacks -> and again tap your chase's button. Click ok again, and now when you go into cue 4, your chase will fade out over the fade down time of the cue. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward

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