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    Inserting a cue between existing cues

    Hi Dave, This is done by defining the cue number you wish to record. Therefore create your lighting state you wish to be inserted, tap RECORD, and then type the cue number you wish this to be stored as. This can be done by tapping Z, to allow you to type on the syntax pad, or if you have a USB keyboard plugged in, you may use this for numeric entry instead. After typing your cue number, you can then tap your payback's button to complete the record command in the usual way. For more information, please see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1114974331 You should be able to copy an existing cue to a cue number with a decimal place (and then delete the original if you so wish). Can you remember what the error message said that you were presented with when you tried to do this? Any queries let me know. Edward
  2. Edward- Z88

    Use channels without affecting following cues

    Hello, On FLX S consoles, the console's "programmer" has the highest priority. Therefore when you move a channel fader, you bring that channel's intensity into the programmer, where it has the highest priority over all cues. To clear out these high-priority values, indicated in red in the Output Window, you'll need to tap CLEAR, to ensure the CLEAR button isn't lit. Doing this will instantly remove these red values, however a fade time can be applied to this to make it more subtle. This is done by enabling Programmer Time, found on the fourth encoder wheel in the Z window. There is no way to mix channel faders and playbacks with highest takes priority behaviour. I have however logged your request on our software tracking system, so that we may look to implement this functionality in future. If you have any queries, please let me know. Edward
  3. Edward- Z88

    IOS Remote App

    Hi Matt, Thanks for letting us know, are you using any other protocols, or have you just got the console's Remote connection enabled? We are close to releasing the new iOS and Android apps, which have major behind-the-scenes changes that should prevent issues such as these, as well as bringing other features including an Apple Watch app. If you are keen to try these new apps as soon as possible, send me an email, and we'll look to add you to our beta testing group. Any queries let me know. Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Effect Intensity Chase with subfixtures (Sunstrip active)

    Hello, We don't have a release date for this software. We do have an internal alpha version of this software, which we are continuing to develop. Edward
  5. Edward- Z88

    Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hello, If these are "standard" sunstrips containing 10 individual generic cells, then patch 10 dimmer fixtures per sunstrip, with the first DMX address of the 10 matching that set on the sunstrip. You will then be able to create a group of these 10 dimmers, for if you want to control the whole sunstrip together. If your sunstrip is more complex as Kevin describes, then send us an email and one of the team will be able a dedicated file to control it. ZerOS 7.9.4 has been released, however ZerOS doesn't yet contain multi-cell fixture support. This is of course still on our software road-map. If you have any queries let us know. Edward
  6. Edward- Z88

    Payback Names not being stored after power off

    Hi Martin, That's correct, when you exit Setup, information currently stored in the console's RAM is dumped onto the on-board storage. Thanks for the information- keep me updated on whether this happens again. Edward
  7. Edward- Z88

    Payback Names not being stored after power off

    Hi Martin, Please could you tap Z -> System Information -> System Text -> scroll up until you get to this red text, and then take a picture of this and email it to me? Please could you also email me to serial number of the console, as found on the back panel. Do any front panel buttons light? When you're in Setup is the SETUP key lit? If not then this is related to the error the console is reporting. If you have any queries let me know, I will look into why the console is reporting this error. You should find power cycling solves the issue. Edward
  8. Edward- Z88

    Payback Names not being stored after power off

    Hi Martin, After further investigating, if you tap NAME, and then tap a playback, the configured name will be remembered on reboot. If you enter a playback settings -> Advanced -> Playback Name, configure a name, and then power cycle, the names will be lost. If you however name a playback through the playback settings, then enter the console Setup, and then exit Setup, the name will be remembered (tap SETUP once to enter Setup, and again to exit). I have logged this information on our system as ZOS-8844. Any queries let me know. Edward
  9. Edward- Z88

    Payback Names not being stored after power off

    Hi Martin, I haven't come across this before. Could you confirm the software version running on your FLX? If you name a playback, and then power cycle straight away, do you always find your playback name has been lost? If you name a playback, tap SETUP to enter Setup, tap SETUP to exit setup, power cycle the console, has your playback name been lost? Any queries let me know. Edward
  10. Edward- Z88

    Using release triggers in chases

    Hi Massimo, Welcome to the forum! Having multiple Release macros in a chase shouldn't be a problem. Sending a release macro to a playback that is already released shouldn't do anything. When using chases, they will always loop through all cues (in the order you define), as "Next" cues configured in Cue Settings aren't used. If you do wish to use "Next" configuration to allow you to, for example, run the chase through cues 1 to 10, and then loop back to cue 2 through 10, you would need to revert the playback from a chase, and configure each cue to automatically follow on from the previous, over your defined time. This would give you a "chase", however allow the first cue to only be ran once. If you save and then attach your show file either to a post or an email to me, along with a description of which cues/playbacks are causing the issue, I'll be able to take a look for you. Any queries let me know. Edward
  11. Hi Marco, No problem! Glad to hear it. Edward
  12. Hi Marco, The system information screen is displaying that you are running ZerOS This is out of date software, as the latest is ZerOS 7.9.4. In the more recent ZerOS updates we have found some Illyama touchscreens require a different driver to others. Therefore if you are happy to update to ZerOS 7.9.4, you may find in the calibration window there is a line of text displaying "Calibration not working? Press Update and try again.". Try this, and if this then allows you to calibrate the monitor correctly, we will add this model of the touchscreen to our list... http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/ORB-XF/975056031/Compatible-touchscreen-monitors-with-ZerOS-consoles.htm It is worth mentioning ZerOS 7.9.4 brings big changes to how Solution consoles operate, so it may be worth taking a look at the below video, which talks through the changes in ZerOS 7.9.2 and later... ZerOS 7.9.4 can be downloaded from our website here... Any queries let me know. Edward
  13. Edward- Z88

    iOS 12 compatibility?

    Hi Sven, No problem. The apps are still in public beta testing with 1 known bug still to fix, so we do not yet have a date for this release- was just giving a rough idea of when this might be, rather than giving no information at all. Edward
  14. Edward- Z88

    use flx effects

    Hello, If you have programmed an Effect to a playback, you can enable Fader Controls Effect on that playback. This is done in the playback settings by holding SETUP and tapping your effect playback, and choose "Effect" from the Fader Controls... buttons. The Effect speed and size will then be scaled by the fader. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  15. Edward- Z88

    Next Update - Idea's/Thing's I've Noticed

    Hi Ben, Thank you for your comments. We don't have "Cheat Sheets" for Solution console, but have you checked out our knowledgebase? This contains many different articles and tips for using the console... http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/Solution-Series/ If you hold SHIFT and tap EFFECT, this will open the Effects window on the external monitor. You should see a button allowing you to Automatically Create Effects. This will create 32 effects, a mixture of Position, Intensity, Colour and Beam effects that you can apply to your fixtures. You will be able to adjust each effect, and then record your own effect palettes. PhantomZerOS is available to download from our website, and can emulate Solution consoles... https://zero88.com/forum/files/file/17-zeros-794/ This allows you to program and edit show files, to load back into the Solution. If you then run visualisation software such as Capture on your PC, PhantomZerOS can then talk to the visualisation software... http://support.zero88.com/988883201 As you mention the INSERT button is now fully customisable, but as well as this the channel buttons have a range of functions, and so do Playback buttons/faders. You can customise playback buttons in their settings, by holding SETUP and tapping a Playback button. What other button customisations would you like to see? Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  16. Edward- Z88

    before the ZerOS 7.9.2

    Hi Tobias, ZerOS is available to download from our website here... This is listed as FROG2 software, however is compatible with ORB XF if you wish to roll back the software. Any queries let me know. Edward
  17. Edward- Z88

    iOS 12 compatibility?

    Hi Sven, The latest beta version of the apps are compatible with iOS 12, which are due to be released in the next month or so. Any queries let me know, Edward
  18. Edward- Z88

    ZerOS 7.9.4 Released

    Hello, To install ZerOS 7.9.4 from ZerOS, you will need to create a bootable USB stick, which can only be done on a Windows machine. To do this download ZerOS 7.9.4 from our website, and extract the zipped files... Then run the ZerOS 7.9.4 USB OS Creator software on a Windows PC, preferably running Windows 7 with admin rights. This will run an installation wizard, that will ask you to plug an empty USB stick into your PC to format. After completing, remove the USB stick from your PC, and plug into your Solution. Then turn the Solution on, and after around a minute you should see a screen on the external monitor to install ZerOS 7.9.4. Do this, and once complete switch off the console, unplug the USB stick, and then reboot. As with all software updates, all information stored on the console will be removed, so make sure you have a saved copy of your show file first if you wish to load it back into the new software. There is a useful video below, that guides you through the big software changes from ZerOS to ZerOS 7.9.2 and later... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjnbGuTHbFA&t= Once you are on this software version, future software updates can be done by simply loading software updates into the console. Hope that helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  19. Edward- Z88

    USB Problem Solution/LeapFrog48 with SW 7.9.3

    Hi both, This issue sounds similar to one that we have discovered and is fixed in the latest public beta version of ZerOS, version If you would be interested in having access to this pre-release software, let me know and we can add you to the beta test group. Any queries let me know, Edward
  20. Edward- Z88

    USB Show Save/Load Issue

    Hi Neil, We'll continue discussing this via email. Edward
  21. Edward- Z88

    External Display Views

    Hi Dan, If you're coming along to PLASA, you'll get to see the latest beta software... Above is a screenshot of the latest internal Phantom ZerOS. Edward
  22. Edward- Z88

    How to delete a cue

    Hi Nico, As Kevin points out, this is done by defining the cue number. You don't have to tap Ⓩ, if you have an external keyboard connected - you can simply tap DELETE [cue number], and tap your Master Playback button to complete the command. You can then confirm the delete. If you don't wish to have a gap in your cue stack, you can the renumber the whole playback, by holding SETUP and tapping your Master Playback's Go button, tap Advanced Renumber -> OK. Any queries let me know, Edward
  23. Edward- Z88

    USB Show Save/Load Issue

    Hello, With the USB stick unplugged, tap "Other Windows", found top left of the Output Window, and from the drop down choose System Info, then tap System Info. At the bottom of this screen you should see a section labelled "USB devices...". Looking at this section, plug the USB stick in, do you see any change? If so the console is detecting the USB stick. Then tap SETUP -> Save Show -> tap Refresh after 10 seconds, do you now see "Removable Device" appear in Destination Device? Let me know how you get on. Edward
  24. Edward- Z88

    Submaster controlling the dimmer channel??

    Hello, It certainly sounds like a show file conversion issue. As Kevin says from Factory reset you should be able to push channel faders up, tap RECORD, tap a Playback button (submaster button), and that lighting state will then be stored to the playback. A double tap of CLEAR will allow you to fade the Playback up and show your lighting state. Any queries let me know. Edward
  25. Edward- Z88

    Submaster controlling the dimmer channel??

    Hello, Tracking mode won't effect recording to Submasters/Playbacks, unless you are recording fixtures with 0% intensity. If you tap SETUP -> Defaults -> Playback Defaults -> Raise & Lower -> Trigger on Raise, is this setting enabled or disabled? This should be enabled, otherwise the console will require you to tap the playback's button first before you raise the fader. Let me know how you get on. Edward

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