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  1. Hello, What software version is your Solution console currently running? To find out, choose the "Other Windows" button found top left of the Output Window. From the drop down menu choose "System Information". In the window that opens will be a line of text displaying the Software Version. If you are running ZerOS 7.9.x, you will be able to install the latest ZerOS software following the instructions below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/load#zeros If you are running ZerOS 7.8.x, please see the instructions below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/software-u
  2. Hello, Pause also acts as a Back button. A single press of Pause pauses the cue stack, and a second press of Pause will then go back to the previous cue. Hope this helps, Edward
  3. Bonjour, Oui, ça l'est. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est d'enregistrer une macro de la touche «Page précédente» enfoncée, et vous pouvez alors déclencher cette macro à partir de n'importe quel repère. Voir la section Macros du manuel pour plus d'informations ... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/macros Si vous avez des questions dites le moi. Hello, Yes it is. All you would need to do is record a macro of the "Page Up" key being pressed, and you can then trigger that macro from any cue. See the Macros section of the manual for more information...
  4. Dear All, Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of the new ZerOS Online Manual, available here... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros Now that the manual is in the new online format, this will be updated regularly. The whole online manual is available as a PDF here... https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/manuals/zeros-en.pdf This joins the five other online manuals available here... https://zero88.com/manuals The ZerOS Online Manual, has now replaced support.zero88.com, and all articles that used to live there. The articles can now be found in their relevan
  5. Hi Dave, These fixture files are available from the link below... https://zero88.com/fixtures/legacy-consoles/Current library (v1.0)/AMER DJ/QSPro32.ift Please download the fixtures you require, and then copy them to the floppy disk of your Fat Frog. You will then be able to load and patch the required fixtures. Hope this helps, Edward
  6. Hi Dave, Please email us a copy of the manual for each of these fixtures to fixturesupport@zero88.com We will then be able to send you a fixture that you will be able to load into your Fat Frog, that you will then be able to patch to control the fixtures. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  7. Hi Dave, It is true, that you can control over 400 channels from the channel faders. However this is because each channel fader can control a maximum of 10 DMX channels each simultaneously (if duplicate addresses are added), meaning you still have a maximum of 48 different channel faders. Haha there are pros and cons to laptop based control - our current offering is Phantom ZerOS with an unlock dongle. Personally, you wouldn't catch me running a show without proper console hardware! If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  8. Hi Dave, Please keep your query in one topic - it helps keep all the information in one place. Also, please post in the relevant forum for your console. The "General Discussion" forum is designed for posts that don't fit into any of the other forums. When you program Memories or Submasters, they contain channel data, not raw DMX data. Therefore if you readdress your channels (or fixtures), your memories and submasters will then simply use the newly assigned DMX addresses. On Fat Frog, you are limited to 48 individual channels (which could each control multiple addresses
  9. Hi Jason, “LEDJ”, and “Equinox”, and both product ranges from “Prolight”, rather than manufacturers themselves. Therefore in the new library, LEDJ fixtures can be found under Prolight. ZerOS 7.9.9 is currently scheduled for release by the end of the year. This will include another big update to the library. Individual fixtures from the library (.zlbr format), can’t be imported into the Fixture Editor. However, the Fixture Editor can still be used to create custom fixture files (.ift format), which can be loaded into the console. There are currently no plans for
  10. Hi Mac, Hope you’re well. Currently ZerOS doesn’t support MIDI triggers over USB, however this is something we may look to implement. This would then allow Phantom to be triggered too. OSC is another trigger method that’s on the roadmap, and as that is over IP that could natively trigger consoles as well as Phantom. You will be able to preconfigure MIDI settings on Phantom, ready to transfer the show over to your console. If you need to use Timecode on Phantom, you can use Real time triggers, by configuring your laptop’s clock. The main justification of the cost
  11. Hi Gabriel, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Thanks for the description. If you dial all the fixture’s parameters to 0, does the fixture go out? If so which parameter causes the fixture to go out? Edward
  12. Hello, No, you can only have a single version of Phantom ZerOS installed at a time. May I ask, what is the benefit of having access to ZerOS 7.9.7 and ZerOS 7.9.8 at the same time? Edward
  13. Hi Dave, I have moved your post to the Frog range forum. I am guessing from your previous posts this is a Fat Frog. The 48 channel faders on Fat Frog, can be manually patched to any DMX channel, and duplicates can be added. To do this, see page 57 and 58 of the manual below... https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/24230203-252a-4a5a-b578-43c498bd6721/Frog-Range-Manual.pdf If you aren't using all 12 fixtures, you can assign dimmer channels to these too, to give you extra dimmer channel control. Once you have access to the DMX channels you need, you will then be abl
  14. OK thanks for confirming. To check that it isn’t being continuously pressed, you can tap Z/Shift -> System Information -> Event Monitor. This will display information when buttons are pressed, faders are moved, or the monitors are touched. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  15. Hello, After releasing your white strobe, the console won’t simply resume the previous manual values, as white has become the latest colour instruction for the light. You could do this by mixing between playbacks, rather than playbacks and manual values. For example, you could have playback 1 as intensity, playback 2 as white strobe, and then playback 3 could contain several cues of different colours. This would allow you to choose a colour using the cues in playback 3 (fader nor required), and then raise the intensity with playback fader 1. You could then strobe the fixtures in white
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