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  1. Edward- Z88

    External Touchscreen Problems

    Hi Mac, OK thanks for letting me know. Edward
  2. Edward- Z88


    Hello, Thank you for your comments. We really value user feedback and always ensure comments and requests are noted so that we can look to implement features and improve the software. See my comments below... 1- For this I would recommend disabling the External Monitor. If you tap SETUP -> System Settings -> External Monitor -> Disable, this will mean your VIEW key will now control the internal touchscreen. You will however still be able to switch the external monitor between Programming/Palettes using the on-screen button. If you wish to have your cue list internally, I would recommend switching the external monitor to faders, and then disable the monitor. The next software update will bring some changes to the external views, including bringing the Groups window externally. 2- If your selected cue list cell is hovered over a cue number (blue cell), press ENTER, type a cue number, and tap ENTER, and this will jump you to the cue. This will not renumber the cue. To go to a cue, hold GO and type the cue you wish to go to, and then release. Similarly to snap to a cue hold SHIFT, then hold Go, release shift and then type the cue number and release GO. 3- Playbacks can be page locked. To do this hold SETUP and tap the playback button to open its settings, then tap Advanced -> Page Locked. Click OK and this playback will always be on this fader irrespective of which playback page you are on. Hope this helps, if you have any queries do let me know. Edward
  3. Edward- Z88

    External Touchscreen Problems

    Hi Mac, Does this seem to have randomly stopped working or has something changed in your setup that may have caused this issue? When you tap Calibrate Touchscreen, try pressing the first touch point firmly a few times, and if it still doesn’t respond press the UPDATE button on the console and try again. If you tap Z -> System Information -> System Info, along the bottom lists the USB devices. Does this change when you plug/ unplug the touchscreen USB connection? Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Fixture Lamp Hours Reset

    Hello, If there was an option to reset a Fixture’s Lamp Hours, this would usually be found under macros. Therefore with your fixtures patched, tap MACROS, and then choose Automatically Create Macros. ZerOS will look at your patched fixtures, and add any macros that have been assigned in the fixture personality. Hope this helps, Edward
  5. Edward- Z88

    USB Show Save/Load Issue

    Hello, I believe we’ve been chatting on Facebook. Please send us an email to support@zero88.com and one of the team will be able to help you out. All the best, Edward
  6. Edward- Z88

    Edit wheel groups for FLXs

    Hi Paul, No problem glad to hear it. Edward
  7. Edward- Z88

    Edit Fixture on Setup

    Hello, Currently, Home, Default and Max Level values cannot be changed on FLX S. This functionality will however be introduced to FLX S in the next software update. Any queries let me know. Edward
  8. Edward- Z88

    Edit wheel groups for FLXs

    Hi Paul, Your easiest option to customise the order the parameters are displayed on the encoders, is to list the parameters in order in the Fixture Editor “Parameters” tab. Therefore delete the fixture groups, and reorder the parameters. To move a parameter to the end of the attribute, change the parameter to a different attribute and then back again. Hope this helps, Edward
  9. Edward- Z88

    Edit Fixture on Setup

    Hello, On FLX, Home, Default and Max Level values are now customised outside of Setup. Information on how to do this can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Any queries let me know. Edward
  10. Edward- Z88

    encoder wheels in %

    Hello, No problem. It is actually a feature originally from FROG2. Edward
  11. Edward- Z88

    pause botton?

    No problem. Edward
  12. Edward- Z88

    encoder wheels in %

    Hello, Encoder wheels can only display raw DMX values, not percentages, in order to show you full control. You can however define a percentage for a parameter using syntax. To do this hold Z/SHIFT and tap a parameter name on the touchscreen above the encoder wheel, then tap Z/SHIFT, and use the syntax to type @, define your percentage, and then press ENTER. (If you are using an external USB keyboard you don't need to tap Z/SHIFT to show the syntax pad, you can simply type your percentage using the keyboard). Hope this helps, Edward
  13. Edward- Z88

    pause botton?

    Hello, To configure a playback button's function, hold SETUP and tap a playback's button to enter its settings. When in the playback settings there is a line of options to customise the button function. By default, a cue stack will have a normal button function of Go, however if you hold SHIFT and tap the button it will Go but ignore fade times, referred to as "Go (Snap)". You can therefore change the shifted button function to "Pause" if you wish. To do this hold Z/SHIFT, and choose "Pause" from the button options, and then release Z/SHIFT. Click OK on the settings window, and now when you hold SHIFT and tap the playback's button it will act as a pause. Hope this helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  14. Edward- Z88

    Probleme with CHAUVET Intimidator Wave

    Hello, Having had a look at this fixture profile, as the parameter types are grouped together rather than parameters per head, it will be very hard to gain full control of each head. What do you mean by "Tilt Reverse Function"? To control Tilt using playback faders, dial your tilt parameter to 255, tap RECORD, and then tap an empty playback fader. Then hold SETUP + tap your tilt playback's button, and choose "fader controls Position" and click OK. This playback will then scale Tilt from its current fixture parameter value to full using LTP mixing. If you wish to have full tilt range control, you will have to therefore manually set tilt to 0, record this as a separate playback or palette, and then you will be able to use your tilt playback to scale the tilt from 0-255. This is due to Tilt defaulting to 127 as standard. Hope that helps and makes sense. If you have any queries do let me know. Edward
  15. Edward- Z88

    Martin MAC 250s: new lamps flickering

    Hi Neil, If the MAC 250s were working fine with your Leapfrog until you changed the lamps, I would be inclined to think that may be a fixture issue. We haven't had reports of these fixtures being effected by RDM information. To confirm RigSync is disabled if you don't wish to use it, tap SETUP -> Inputs & Outputs -> RigSync -> Disabled. It should be by default. Any queries let me know. Edward

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