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  1. Hi Laurent, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. That's great, glad to hear you chose FLX S. These are the steps to take if you cannot see your fixture in Add Fixtures... https://zero88.com/library#support If you would like us to make the fixture file for you, please email us a copy of the fixture's manual to fixturesupport@zero88.com, as mentioned in "Option 3" in the link. Yes you can, for more information, see below... http://support.zero88.com/996119181 Unfortunately, Phantom ZerOS is currently not available in a native Mac version. If you
  2. Hello, Unfortunately the ZerOS Remote Apple Watch app is not compatible with watchOS 7. We will release an update to the app in future that supports watchOS 7. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  3. Hi Stan, OK thanks for the update. Keep me posted if you have any queries. Edward
  4. Hi David, Sounds like a nice neat set up. Thanks for sharing. Edward
  5. Bonjour, Les applications ZerOS Remote & Monitor sur iPad ne peuvent pas se connecter à la console via USB, mais si vous souhaitez utiliser une connexion filaire, vous pouvez utiliser Ethernet à la place. Quel modèle est votre iPad? Selon le modèle, vous pourrez utiliser soit un adaptateur Lightning vers Ethernet, soit un adaptateur USB-C vers Ethernet. Lorsqu'il est connecté à l'iPad, une nouvelle option «Ethernet» apparaîtra dans l'application Paramètres sous l'option «Wi-Fi» habituelle. En appuyant dessus, vous pourrez alors configurer les paramètres réseau de votre iPad. Si v
  6. Hi Ian, Rather than being able to record playbacks directly onto the channel faders, you can use spare channel faders to control playbacks on other playback pages. This can be done using DMX In, by linking one of your unused DMX outputs on the back of the console to the DMX input port, on Leapfrog or Solution consoles. The topic below mentions this, which may be the one you saw... The instructions above are as per software versions ZerOS 7.9.2 - ZerOS 7.9.4. If you are running the latest software (ZerOS 7.9.7), the options are found in slightly different Setup menus. To
  7. Hi Ian, It sounds like in that case your non-library fixtures are not included in the new library. You can therefore either continue using your legacy fixtures, which will work fine, or you can send us an email to fixturesupport@zero88.com with a link to your fixture's manual, and request it gets added to the new library. There are no plans to update the Fixture Editor software yet. You will still be able to use this to create fixture files in the old Zero 88 library format, which you will still be able to load in. As the current Fixture Editor just has the Beamshape attribute,
  8. Hello, Yes that is correct. As Solution XL and Leap Frog 96 consoles are different console types, ZerOS will give you a warning. However as Leapfrog 96 and Solution XL operate in the same way, you will not lose any show data. The Dockhouse Capture project file (Project.zip) is available to download from the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1004254221 You will then be able to open this in your licensed version of Capture. On universe 1 in the demo file you will have 10 Clay Paky A.leda Wash K20 moving washes rigged above the stage, and 8 ADB ALC4 LED cyc ligh
  9. Hi Stan, Update the software and let me know how you get on. It sounds like your dimmers are RDM as they are discoverable by RigSync in the current software on your console. Therefore the exact model of Chilli shouldn't make a difference. Edward
  10. Afternoon Kevin, RigSync will see multiple single parameter "sub-devices" under the Chilli, and so as long as that model of Chilli supports RDM, which it sounds like it does as they are discoverable, FLX S will be able to patch it. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  11. Hi Stan, Great thanks for confirming. We have of course tested these thoroughly with FLX S and know they work correctly. Since FLX S was launched we have made many improvements to RigSync to allow it to use RDM effectively as possible. ZerOS 7.9.7 was released in December 2019, so if your console has never been updated you may be 1 or 2 versions behind. If so I would recommend updating. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  12. Hi Stan, OK thanks for the information. What dimmers are you using? What software version are you running? You can find your current software version by tapping Z/Shift -> System Information, and in this window will be a line of text displaying the Software Version. Currently the latest software is ZerOS 7.9.7. If you are not running this version, I would recommend updating your console. ZerOS 7.9.7 is available from the website below... https://zero88.com/zeros#download If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  13. Hi Stan, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. When you boot FLX S48 for the first time, it will boot with no fixtures patched. This means that your channel faders will not control any fixtures, as your console doesn't yet know what lights you have. If you have RDM dimmers and fixtures, the console will be able to discover them and patch them for you, automatically assigning them to faders. If you don't have RDM fixtures, and you would like to patch dimmers to the 48 channel faders, you can tap SETUP -> Add Fixtures, and then tap Next, as dimmer will be preselected. You can t
  14. Hi Don, No problem, any questions just let me know. Edward
  15. Hello, In this scenario, I would recommend loading the GENERIC -> LED Unit -> 4ch (D RGB) fixture into the fixture editor. This can be done by downloading the fixture library onto your Windows PC, and extracting/unzipping it. Then open the Fixture Editor software, choose create new, then go to File -> Import Fixture Type, and browse your PC for the extracted library file. You will then be able to navigate this to find the 4ch (D RGB) fixture. Once loaded in, you can then readdress RGB to 3, 4 and 5 respectively, add in a Strobe parameter under the Beamshape attribute, and t
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