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  1. Hi Peter, Even if RDM was enabled, this wouldn't unpatch a fixture. As a side note, the newer Chilli dimmers are RDM enabled. I don't see any reason why this fixture would unpatch itself. If it happens again, please save and send the show file again with the fixture still unpatched. Edward
  2. Hi Mil, The playback fader will scale the Speed and Size of the effect, from 0, at the bottom of the playback fader’s travel, to the programmed value at the top of the playback’s travel. For more information, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011405471 Hope this helps, Edward
  3. Hi Mil, There are a few options to do this. The simplest, is recording an effect to a playback, and in the playback settings enabling Fader Controls Effect. With fader controls effect, the fader will scale the fixture’s intensity, and the speed and size of the effect. If you wished, you could have the intensity of the fixtures controlled with a separate fader, so this fader is just the speed and size. If you wish to adjust the speed of the effect separately, you can do this with speed override. Speed override can be found on the second encoder wheel when you press Z/Shift, and can be used to speed up/slow down effects running on the currently viewed playback. To view a playback, press and hold VIEW and tap the playback button. Hope this helps, Edward
  4. Hi Eric, Really sorry to hear this. I have replied to your email to Zero 88 Support. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  5. Hi Peter, The only thing I could think happened, is that you patched fixture 35 in the Fixture Schedule, focused whilst still in the Fixture Schedule, and then switched the console off. Setup settings and patch will not be saved continuously whilst you're in Setup, hence why you see the save text when you exit Setup as all your changes are saved. Could this be what you did? Could you have edited another fixture's address to conflict with fixture 35? If so you will have received a warning, where if you had pressed "Patch Anyway", the console will have removed fixture 35's DMX address. I noticed fixture 36 is also unpatched, so perhaps the same happened to this fixture? Edward
  6. Hello, The Cue List can be viewed on the bottom half of the "Cues" external desktop. There is no way of configuring the cue list window to be full screen on the external monitor. Edward
  7. Hi Claire, Have you saved a new stick on the USB stick from the console? Have you been able to try a different USB stick? Sometimes Jesters didn't like larger USB sticks - see if you can try a 1GB - 8GB stick. Edward
  8. Hi both, No it isn't, we will have to look at this. @kgallen - Do you get notifications when I tag you like this? Or if I quote you like this?! Or is it seemingly just random? Edward
  9. Hello, Have you gone into the Notification Settings here... https://zero88.com/forum/notifications/options/ At the bottom of this page you can customise when you receive emails. Edward
  10. Hi Claire, Try saving again (try a different USB stick if needs be), give the show a new name so you don't overwrite the existing show on the USB stick, and then plug into a PC. You should see your new show on the USB stick. Edward
  11. Hi Claire, When you save a show and give it a name, you are saving the whole desk state. Therefore when you load a show, you are removing the whole current show and replacing it with the loaded show. Edward
  12. Hi Claire, Pressing <Load Show>, allows you to choose which show file to load from the USB stick. Once you have chosen the show, you can then click OK, and the current show will then be removed from the console. Edward
  13. Hi Oliver, Thanks for the information and for testing this. We have received your email to support. We will reply with the best steps to make next. If you have any question let us know. Edward
  14. Hi Oliver, I'd recommend getting a can of air duster, and squirting this in the problem fader, and running it up and down with normal pressure applied. If you then boot the console with SETUP held down, you will then be able to see the fader behaviour on screen. If this fader is still registering incorrect values as you move it, the console may need a replacement fader. Feel free to send us an email to support@zero88.com, and we can advise on replacement. If you have any questions let us know. Edward (I saw your personal message to me, but figured it would make sense to keep this all in one thread).
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