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  1. Hi, I am thinking of getting a dongle as a back up to my FLX. I was wondering if I would be constrained to only 1 universe. Does anyone have any information on this please....??
  2. FLX desk plus two wings and handy rig. Willing to help out and travel if appropriate/covered.
  3. Uriahdemon

    FLX Wing Hire

    Seems I may have one now
  4. Uriahdemon

    FLX Wing Hire

    HI all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a route to hiring an FLX Wing please. I have one on order however not available at manufacturers until 21st Jan which will be too late for the first use for me. Any ideas please....??
  5. Evening All, Does anyone have any tips for the control of the intensity duration on the Fly In and Fly Out effects please. I can control the speed of the movements etc but not intensity which results in it going on and off before/after I need it to.......?? I have played with the encoder values and waveforms but no joy as yet. Merry Xmas !!
  6. Was the Iiyama ProLite T2452MTS one of them Ed....??
  7. Hi Ed, I set up everything and all working fine. I never had to hit update at all ..... it just worked weirdly. I also unplugged the USB and within system info it is picking it up attaching and detaching. The problem is will this happen again ..... is hitting Update the fix if this were to happen again please...?? Rgds Mac
  8. Brilliant Ed, works a treat thanks !!
  9. Thanks Ed, how would I do that. I have got a separate intensity for the movers on a playback but dont quite understand how to do this for those effects that include intensity data.....?? Rgds Mac
  10. Uriahdemon

    Print Patch

    Thanks Ed and looking forward to this fix.
  11. Evening all, I have a number of moving head effects on playbacks and I like to set them up i.e. colour, position, effects before bringing up the intensity so I have the movers intensity on a separate fader (playback). So all the mover attributes are recorded without intensity. I am looking to achieve for example a mover scene with them going through a particular movement pattern but have them offset (so I set the 'Random offset individually') and adjust the encoder wheels as needed for speed and size. Next I would like them to flash on and off randomly so select 'Mark On' and adjust encoder wheel values. Despite recording this with intensity down it is still there and I cant use my independent intensity fader. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on this please...?? Rgds Mac
  12. Hi Dan, is your touchscreen still good or have you had any problems with it. I am just curious as I got one of these touchscreens after reading your post. It was good for a week but then had problems. Ed has put up a possible fix On a different post) which I have yet to try but was just wondering what your experience has been so far...?? Rgds Mac
  13. Uriahdemon

    Print Patch

    Hi Ed, this would be a real bonus if we could print a patch list. Unless I have got something wrong (and that is quite often) using the print screen option will give you an image of black background with white text. I tried this and of course this eats black ink and the white text is pretty hard to read. Rgds Mac
  14. Hi Ed, Thanks for the reply. There has been no changes on the setup at all apart from loading different shows over last weekend. Something I have done quite a bit on the first weeks use. As soon as I get access to my desk I will carry out the advice you provide above and get back to you. Rgds Mac
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