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  1. Thanks both. It was something I was hoping to stay away from as 2 universes is more than enough for the stuff I am doing now i.e. house fixtures on Uni 1 and my ground package on Uni2. But I am always a little nervous not having a backup of sorts hence using a laptop which necessitates the use of an RJ45 output. I will have a look at sACN over Artnet Ed. Thanks again both for your help.
  2. Thanks Kevin and Ed, glad we got to the bottom of it quickly. Would this type of thing do the job....?? https://www.thomann.de/gb/showtec_net_8_5.htm So I am guessing the FX4 is for perhaps receiving a converted sACN/Artnet signal from an to breakout to fixtures on the stage. Also should I be using Artnet or sACN please.....??
  3. Good morning, I am entering into networking as I am going to use a laptop as a tracking back up to my FLX. Ed has guided me to the point that the laptop and desk are now talking to each other (thanks). So I tried last night testing the output of the desk down an RJ45 cable to the RJ45/DMX split box (picture attached) and from there on DMX to the fixture. Unfortunately this did not work but I had checked the fixture and output via DMX out on Uni1 previously which was all OK. I set the fixture on Uni4 and enabled both Artnet and SACN (as I was not sure which to use), tried various RJ45 cables but the one I used originally was absolutely fine for Capture. Not sure if I can take an output directly from the desk into the split box I have or perhaps I have not configured something correctly on the desk. Can anybody help please......??
  4. Printable Set up sheets i.e. with Fixtures, associated channels and DMX addresses .... thanks.
  5. Thanks ED, I will give that a try. Rgds Mac
  6. Thanks Jon, I have given that a try but what I really need is to have the FOH fresnels etc adjustable in intensity but not fixed to a value which this fix seems to be the case. Ideally the rest of the show doing its stuff but FOH independent of that and intensity adjustable on a fader please....???
  7. Hi, is there any way at all to get certain fixtures to be bypassed or ignored if triggering solo cues. Any help most welcome please.....??
  8. Thanks Ed, I will download and give it a try !!
  9. Thanks for the info so far folks. Its not a red effect specifically I was after. Lets just say I could pull up any colour combination on any cue on those PARS, then set off another cue with the white chase to override whatever colour is on them..............?? I have also had a look at the manual and cannot find anything on 'Red Sparkle Effect'...??
  10. Can anyone help please........... happy to be shown the obvious and be a numpty to achieve the requirement.....??
  11. Hi all, I am trying to do the following namely have a cue running say in red on a group of PAR fixtures and then introduce a cue chase with single white PARS within that group. So in summary I have a cue running with a colour but now and then want to run a white chase up those lights but have them return to the original colour. I have played about with the recording settings and found nothing that works thus far. Also the manual does not help me (probably my interpretation of it is wrong). As always grateful for your input.
  12. Thanks very much Ed. I will give the tips you mention above a try !!
  13. Hi all, hope you are well. I was at a venue where they had an Orb in play and they had a monitor screen up where there were multiple pages of cues up. There were approximately 48. I was wondering how you do this and is it possible to bring up multiple cue pages up at once on the FLX. At this time I am having to select through the 10 pages to see what is running and what is not. Grateful for your input as usual. Rgds Mac
  14. Hi, I am thinking of getting a dongle as a back up to my FLX. I was wondering if I would be constrained to only 1 universe. Does anyone have any information on this please....??
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