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  1. How is this done please Ed. I can connect up my IPAD to the desk via wifi and use ZerOS remote to trigger playbacks. I am not sure how to do this....?? What is the difference between a palette and an auto palette....??
  2. Thanks Ed, thats the stuff I need and seems I have plenty of homework now. No doubt there will be more questions once I have had a read and a play. I look forward to the training session.
  3. Thanks for the info Ed and I have just registered for the training. What is the workflow you use to program i.e. pallets and groups what and when etc....?
  4. Thanks KGallen, yes I dont know as yet but interested in trying it out. I have a visualiser so will have a try with that first to see how it maps across. I really dont know what movers I will come across when this is up and running so need to find some way to changeover quickly and efficiently.
  5. Hi,I have a Zero88 FLX control desk with two wings.I have been using it for a few years now with my own rig. In preparation for some potential work next year I need to set it up for maximum flexibility and capability. There is a chance the venues will be bigger and I will be using a small ground package and hooking into the house rig. I have done this in smaller venues and coped by getting fixture specs , positioning and DMX addressing info. Some venues were really good with a tech spec some not.So the info I need some help on would be to help in a situation when you get to a venue with no tec
  6. Hi Ed, I tried your suggestion and the 'Test' Mode showed no issue with the faders. I did visit Mr Screwfix yesterday for the can of air duster and applied that afterwards also Fingers crossed it has not occurred again. I really dont know what this was.... very weird but hopefully that is it now. Thanks very much again for your help (especially at the weekend) hugely appreciated. Rgds Mac
  7. Thanks Ed, I will give that a try.
  8. Hi everyone, so while getting things ready for my first piece of work coming up soon for quite some time the hand of doom has visited. Faders 1,2 and 3 are acting up. If I raise 1 the intensity on 2 also raises. I can also touch fader 2 while it is in the low position and the intensity flickers. Fader 3 intensity also flickers and changes intensity outputs. Has anyone seen this before please. I have a week to get this sorted ?
  9. Thanks very much Ed, it was the ‘Double Tap’ I was missing !
  10. Hi, Can anyone please recommend a quick way to change an entire universe to an alternative or a number of fixtures to an alternative universe at once....??
  11. Yes seems just fine.... Here is a link to the pix I have put together for it. Includes info on the film and have also included the template. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7y2lwf4pmpfcc4f/AAAiYduOhCyycuGAQGW2-3Mva?dl=0 On the film this was some stuff I have had lying around for years but also just ordered some water resistant film. Here is the link for that: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Sheets-A4-Transparent-Self-Adhesive-Printable-Sticky-Film-Water-Resistance/112572032253?epid=1867791207&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1a35d0e4fd:g:c2cAAOSwGIBZpwyz&amdata=enc%3AAQAFA
  12. When it comes to spiral staircases that will be the ‘B’ Rig....
  13. Thanks Ed, from arrival time to setting it all up is 5 mins so all good on that side of things. On the other at least I have some redundancy ... just in case !!
  14. Good afternoon all. I have spent a bit of time with Swan Flight (who have been fantastic) designing and building a case for my FLX rig and thought you may appreciate a pic or two. I did this as it saves carrying several different cases around and it also helps with setting up and breaking down time. It caters for the FLX, 2 X Wings, Laptop (Running PhantomOS as a tracking back up), Touchscreen, Ethernet to DMX Gateway, DMX Splitter and a MIDI trigger. Of course there will be situations where I cannot place the case where needed so will use a separate touchscreen, Wing and Laptop vi
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