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  1. Excellent, thats the one. Thanks very much Kay !!!!!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of doing the following on a cue stack. I have a number of cues on a stack for the control of moving heads and as I flick through I just raise the intensity when I like. I was wondering if there is a way of reducing the fader intensity to 0 without the cue re-setting i.e. it stays active and all mover attributes remain the same....?? Thanks in advance as always.
  3. Thanks Ed I will give it a go tomorrow.
  4. Thanks both, much appreciated. So as I read it the desk I have is capable of outputting 4 universes to physical output 1 or 2. The thing is how do I actually do that. I went into setup>universes and tried what I thought was a logical change but it stayed as was.....??
  5. Hi, on reading the manual it states 'each of the outputs can be mapped to any of the DMX universes'. Has anyone done this and how did you do it. Also am I correct to assume you need to get the Universe Upgrade applied before being able to do so. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi David, how did you get on.... has 7.9.7 resolved the issue for you...??
  7. Hi Ed, I will give 7.9.7 a go. on the release notes ZOS-9615 refers to rigsync speed of discovery and not page selection lag....? Rgds Mac
  8. Hi Ed, just updated the desk to Beta version and programming over the next couple of weeks. I will let you know how things go. PS.... I am assuming V7.9.7 does not include all the current Beta fixes/updates. Not mentioned on the release notes anyway. Rgds Mac
  9. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay. Yes I would be happy to try out the beta version to see if it makes any difference. It seems I do not have permission to see the link so I will send you an email for the access as requested. Rgds Mac
  10. Hi, I need to use a number of 'Solo' effects on my current show run. Is there any way of introducing the 'Solo' function on a cue in a stack please....??
  11. Hi Ed, I have just done a show run and this problem came up on numerous occasions. Unfortunately it spoiled a couple of moments. Are there any thoughts on why this may be and any fixes ahead please. For info it is happening on my PC too....???
  12. Hi Ed, it mainly seems to be on the Playbacks. Mac
  13. Hi, this is a problem I have had since upgrading to ZerOS 7.9.6. It is an intermittent problem but one that can happen just when you dont want it to (as is usually the case) It is when 'Paging Up' or Paging Down' I used to be able to do this at speed and most of the time still can but now and then there is quite a lag when changing pages. Has anyone come across this before please....?? Mac
  14. Thanks very much Ed and yes I have your email. I will try things out this evening.
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