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  1. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay. Yes I would be happy to try out the beta version to see if it makes any difference. It seems I do not have permission to see the link so I will send you an email for the access as requested. Rgds Mac
  2. Hi, I need to use a number of 'Solo' effects on my current show run. Is there any way of introducing the 'Solo' function on a cue in a stack please....??
  3. Hi Ed, I have just done a show run and this problem came up on numerous occasions. Unfortunately it spoiled a couple of moments. Are there any thoughts on why this may be and any fixes ahead please. For info it is happening on my PC too....???
  4. Hi Ed, it mainly seems to be on the Playbacks. Mac
  5. Hi, this is a problem I have had since upgrading to ZerOS 7.9.6. It is an intermittent problem but one that can happen just when you dont want it to (as is usually the case) It is when 'Paging Up' or Paging Down' I used to be able to do this at speed and most of the time still can but now and then there is quite a lag when changing pages. Has anyone come across this before please....?? Mac
  6. Thanks very much Ed and yes I have your email. I will try things out this evening.
  7. Update...... CH1 controls the mode of the fixture to the following: 0-62 Blackout 62-129 Sound Mode 130-189 Automatic Mode 190-255 DMX Mode When using 11 single channels to test CH1 outputs to 255 it outputs as it should do and the various modes are activated according to the value dialled in. When using the fixture profile - Blackout effective to 50 then sound mode is selected (as opposed to 62) Sound mode effective to 100 then automatic mode is selected (as opposed to 130) Automatic mode effective to 150 then from there no control at all. This is including trying the pattern settings. Seems CH1 has different values assigned to the 4 modes and in addition although the default value is 255 DMX control is not achieved. When using the MFF for CH1 on a single channel it works fine....?? Rgds Mac
  8. Hi Ed, thanks and I will send the manual through immediately. Just for completeness I have attached it here also. Rgds Mac Laserworld_Manual_Club_Series_CS-1000RGB_2000RGB_MKII_web_2015.pdf
  9. Hi, I am trying to get full control of the subject laser. I have loaded the fixture file but on bringing up the MMF which should (I think) initiate an output there is none (checked in DMX outputs in System Info). I set up 11 single channels which operate just fine and show in DMX Outputs. The fixture file seems fine i.e. CH1 at 255 which is within the DMX control mode channel values. First time operating a laser with the FLX so just wondering if I am overlooking something obvious please. I have a show on Thursday and need to get this nailed. Thanks very much in advance... !!
  10. Thanks Ed, I will do a bit of research.......
  11. Thanks very much Ed. The fixture profile for Resolume... is it a complicated beast and is there one available. I have had a look at ZerOS 7.9.6 fixture files but nothing there at this time....?? Also once set up is it quite a basic activity to start and stop video. We have a chap who is providing it for us.....?? Rgds Mac PS.....Notifications for replies to forum threads are not coming through to me despite me selecting it.....??
  12. Hi, I am working towards being able to trigger video via my FLX. The current plan is to use a media server running Resolume Avenue. Any help on the configuration and execution aspects of this would be appreciated. Thanks Mac
  13. Hi Ed, I have been plodding away and now have some sort of control although tenuous. So I have only concentrated on the tracking and Artnet output via the network node with one fixture at the end of it. My addressing is as follows as the network node manual stated Network Node IP to be set to and the Console Using the format you suggested I adjusted them all to the following: Network Node - Console (Artnet Primary) - Tracking Backup (Master) - CITP - Remote - Laptop IP - When operating the console all looks well and outputting to network node with fixture doing as it should. I take control on the laptop but the Artnet IP address chosen is which is marked (Not available) when I change this to I now have control of the fixture. When I take control on the FLX selecting (synchronize with Master) all works fine. I take control on the laptop again but have to change the Artnet IP address again to as was chosen (again) This is repeatedly the case. But on occasions when testing the changeovers the console Primary Artnet IP changes to and I have to change that back to So same type of problem as the laptop with both those addresses causing the confusion. When this happens the Tracking Backup window on the laptop disappears but when I change the IP on the console after a few seconds it initiates again. Any ideas please..... am I not saving and selecting the right option when taking control on either device i.e. choosing Master when it should be Backup or vice versa....?? Rgds Mac
  14. Hi Ed, things not quite going as planned. The IP addresses on PhantomOS are continually changing (when switching desk and Laptop on/off). When I have reset them (on which ones I can i.e. Artnet on Phantom ZerOS to be on the laptops ethernet IP which I have set to it is picking it up but showing as (not Available). I reset the desk and PhantomOS and started from scratch with your instructions but I am afraid there is something else needed/at play which is not helping this. Rgds Mac
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