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  1. Hadn't thought to look at alternate windows, but have now looked at the other windows and the patching is correct. So it is just the output display. Thanks...
  2. Just been trying to patch sequential dimmer numbers onto the same channel number - no go! If the dimmer numbers are at least five numbers apart, then 80@70 followed by 80@75 will patch dimmers 70 & 75 to channel 80. 80@70 followed by 80@71 results in only 70 being patched. Am I missing something? Software is version 3.0.8. Any chance we could have a patching syntax that includes '+' and 'thru'? Thanks, Hutch
  3. Hi Peter, The dimmers are LD24s which hold for a period and then fade as currently set up. The movers in the rig were not affected other than not being controllable anymore and [fortunately] they were not auto off enabled... If I can make the desk do it again, I'll try harder to remember the key sequence! Hutch
  4. Just been programing on the new version 3 software and on three occasions, the desk has gently faded all generics to blackout and then been totally unresponsive until rebooted. In each case, I appear to have pushed 'set' as part of a record command and been referring to my notes before actually typing the comment when the fade out happened. Only the cue being recorded was lost, but it is a little frustrating especially given how long the desk takes to re-boot. I wasn't offered the option of a debug report... The fade was beautifully smooth though. Very grateful that 'back' is now a working
  5. hutch

    Frog OLE

    Is it possible to set the FROG OLE up so that it will show palette numbers rather than DMX values on the output screen?
  6. Hi Peter, That may be true on the desk, but if you record a few cues on the OLE on stack 1, you will find that if the playback is released, no amount of "Go' button pushing either on playback 1 or on the master when the playback is selected will initiate the first cue in the stack. Unless you load using '1/1 enter" the playback is effectively dead. Once the first cue is run, the master go operates, but not the local one. Not a huge problem, but inconvenient....
  7. Any chance of a short cut key for 'thru' on the OLE; it's such a useful key when setting up a show... Also, is there a reason why only the master 'go' button works on the OLE and you have to select the first cue on the keyboard rather than just being able to run from the top of the cuelist using 'go'.
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