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  1. I think I get now. Something to do with 20 pages x 24 submasters. I've been using page 1, submasters 1-24 and I think it is possible to access page 2 etc whilst in program mode using the page B button. Thank you for the little sanity check! Regards Marty
  2. Hi Edward Thank you for taking the time to reply. It's the point when I'm in program mode, I don't understand how to select fader 25 after configuring my lighting state. There are only 24 physical faders on the desk. I'm not in front of the desk at present so I've loaded up the phantom software but still to no avail. Is it a combination button press or something? Regards Marty
  3. Hi folks Please forgive me if the following scenario is ridiculous and a problem of my own making: My school possesses a Jester ML48 and we have a dance show with 27 dances coming up. I've programmed the first 24 submasters with scenes the first 15 or so acts. (I'm not sure if I have been wasteful here as the whole lighting concept is really new to me?) Is there such a thing as submaster 25-48 I can use to programme the scenes for remaining dances and if so please can you help advise how I access it? Regards ​Marty
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