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  1. Hi Edward It really does help. I shall abandon my changes and run with your files until they're in the desk. Good thinking, batman! Thank you Richard
  2. Hi Edward Inspired by your speed and the desire to see what this data looks like, I installed Virtualbox on my Mac and downloaded the editing tool. Cool stuff! Question please... on the Fuzewash Z350, if the Shutter parameter default is 0, and the DMX value range from 0-31 is for LED OFF, does the dimmer intensity override this and turn the LED on as the intensity value rises, or should the Shutter default be set to 32 to have the LED on by default? I've gone ahead and filled in some of the extra parameters and value ranges...don't know if they'll be of any particular use unless they come up visually on the desk somewhere when the values change. Thanks again, Richard
  3. Edward, Whilst I'm sure that with more time free than I have and the guiding hand of someone just like you to help me figure out how to do what you did in 3 seconds flat, I am extremely grateful for the swift response and your efforts. We don't actually own the lights yet...our fit out is going to happen in a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd get on to anticipated hold-ups ahead of time, not knowing that you'd be quite so blinkin' efficient! Forgive the green-ness, but do I put these on a USB stick and import them somehow? Formatted as Fat32? I promise to report back that you have sorted it as soon as we are up and running. Gratefully, Richard
  4. Hi Guys Can you help me with a fixture profile for each of the following to whack into a FLX desk, please? I've emailed FixtureSupport@ as well, but just in case. Elation Fuze Wash Z350 ADJ Encore Profile 1000WW Links to user manuals below. Many thanks, Richard Whennell http://cdb.s3.amazonaws.com/ItemRelatedFiles/9773/elation_FUZE_WASH_Z350_user_manual_091916.pdf http://cdb-cdn.adj.com/ItemRelatedFiles/8872/encore_profile_1000_ww.pdf

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