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  1. Hey, Using 7.9.9 during the week and had multiple desk freezes. DMX remained stable but I had to power off and back on multiple times. Small show, under 20 fixtures, 100 odd cues. Speed master & Grand master playbacks. I had the show file on two desks and had freezes on both. It appeared to be when I used a speed master to snap into a cue. For example Static cue 25, speed master snap into q 27 etc... Anyone else experiencing similar ? I have another show this week and would love a solution if possible.. (Will forward on the show file asap)
  2. I can confirm held set up and go fader controls where untagged
  3. Programming a show with fade times on cue parameters. Colours and positions are snapping despite having a 4 second fade time. i have a speed over ride fader but it is not allowing me to control anything. what am I missing
  4. Yep that would be general delay times I’m specifically looking for the move in dark delay time
  5. I can’t find the move in dark delay time in the new up date I need to speed it up ? Urgent enough anyone know where it is moved to ?
  6. Iv also just made the go button not work .
  7. Is there a way to make the memory play back act as a master for just the memory . Keep other playbacks live and not restart the cue list back to 1
  8. Hey, Im currently running a show and I have encountered save issues. Essentially the desk saved the show mid programming and froze. I was forced to power off and on. I lost about. 30% of my cues. Every time I power down I am missing different cues and edits. Thankfully the final show will save onto the usb stick and it seems to load okay. But its not saving onto the desk. Its not a battery error as I have had that before. This seems different . Is there a way to wipe the memory completely.? I have 4 shows left and I can't risk the usb corrupting and not loading.
  9. Hey I am working in a theatre this week that have Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash in 33 channel mode. Im using there leapfrog / solution and I desperately need a fixture. Does anyone have one ? I dont want to update their fixture library as I'm not sure what version they currently run
  10. Hey , been using zero 88 and just updated to the latest software. Liking the new possibilities of the sub master faders but I am struggling to create a step chase in the normal memories cue stack . It essential to a lot of the work I do. Is this a feature that has removed or has it a new way of being recorded. Urgent help neeeded or I will possibly have to downgrade for next gig
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