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  1. tariktz

    Multiple dimmers

    I found it, forgot to post an update. Thanks
  2. tariktz

    Multiple dimmers

    Hello, our venue just purchased Zero88 solution desk. Before, we had a 72ch console that was more then 15 years old. We were using 8 dimmers with 8ch each to control our standard lightning (PARS, fresnels and etc.) and recently got some moving head, leds, fog machines and etc. I was trying to add to two dimmers that are missing to the console but not sure how to do it since when I try to patch it, I have to press one of the current 48ch and that replace the old setup. How should be able to add more dimmers to the console? Thanks
  3. tariktz

    Multiple dimmers

    This works, but when i select dimmer with mfk i don't get intensity on wheel. Any idea how to fix this?
  4. tariktz

    Multiple dimmers

    Perfect, that was what I was looking for. Will try in 1 hour, and post and update here if it works. Thank you

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