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  1. I found it, forgot to post an update. Thanks
  2. This works, but when i select dimmer with mfk i don't get intensity on wheel. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Perfect, that was what I was looking for. Will try in 1 hour, and post and update here if it works. Thank you
  4. Hello, our venue just purchased Zero88 solution desk. Before, we had a 72ch console that was more then 15 years old. We were using 8 dimmers with 8ch each to control our standard lightning (PARS, fresnels and etc.) and recently got some moving head, leds, fog machines and etc. I was trying to add to two dimmers that are missing to the console but not sure how to do it since when I try to patch it, I have to press one of the current 48ch and that replace the old setup. How should be able to add more dimmers to the console? Thanks
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