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  1. Hi Jan, as i wrote we are not a commercial company so the solution series is highly over our small budget :-) I write in english so also not native german speakers are able to understand and reply. Trotzdem danke für den Hinweis :-) Grüsse/Regards Klaus
  2. Hi Edward, sounds good, so i will have a deeper look into the documents of the Jester ML family. Klaus
  3. Hi Edward, thanks for reply. We have today 25 RGB PAR each with 5 channels for R-G-B-Dimm-Strobe speed. So if i will fully control every channel i need 125 channels that can be controlled. We did not use Moving Heads or other multi function devices but we wanna be open to do so maybe in the future. Klaus
  4. Hello all, we have today a PC based solution to control the Lights in an Circus tent of our childrens circus called Circus Compostelli in Germany. We have around 25 LED PAR and every PAr can be controlled itself via the Software. Now we thought about to buy a Controller to avoid problems with the PC Software and easier controlling the shows. Whats the right product for us ? We are not that much familiar with all the specific items like submasters and so on... Hi highly appreciate for every answer and tips that can help us to decide for the right product. But because we are a private organization where everybody works for fun and not for finance we must be cost effective. Best regards from Germany Klaus
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