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  1. Tried it again tonight; left the desk sitting there, just one channel up in preset mode, and after around 60-90 minutes, that channel went dark. Went back to the desk, and realised that the channel was still showing FF on the monitor, but moving the fader, or pressing any buttons did nothing. If it helps, here's the bits and pieces from the Superuser menu: Jester 48 r2 V3.2 0010900 XXXXXXXX Moderation: Serial number removed from public view USB Host MAIN 03.66VDAPF RPRG 1.00R Again, we had a keyboard plugged in - it's been perfectly happy with no keyboard. I had to unplug the desk in order to get it to respond.
  2. Not sure, Paul. We're in the middle of a production at the moment, but once we're quiet again I'll give it a go, and see what happens.
  3. Last night, I was going about my business when I noticed a few lights on stage had started flashing on and off. I returned to the desk and hit blackout, but nothing happened - not even the light flashed on the button. I tried lowering the grand master, but that still showed as 100% on the monitor. We've not had the desk long, but haven't noticed it do anything like this before. The only thing I can think of that's different is that for the first time, I had a USB keyboard plugged in. I'm not sure of the software/hardware versions, but it's a brand new desk with a sticker on the underside saying it was manufactured in Feb 09. Is this something that's been heard of before? Is it likely to be a problem with the keyboard we're using, or something? The desk behaved perfectly after I removed the keyboard and powered it off and back on, but I'd like to be confident that it's not going to happen again any time soon.
  4. Cheers both. It's been put aside for the moment anyway. Fingers crossed, I'm told there might be enough money lying around somewhere for a Frog and a brace* of Betapacks, so I might not be needing to resurrect the Sirius after all! * Is this the correct collective noun for Betapacks?
  5. Hello, all knowing Zero88 people. I'm trying to resurrect a Sirius 24. At first it was having issues with garbled displays all over the front panel, so I opened it up and reseated a few ribbon cables (some of which were so loose they fell out as soon as I touched them). Whilst I had this open, I checked the battery, which gave a reading of 1.7v, so I'm guessing that I should probably replace this. I also noticed that I couldn't see any DIP switches where the manual told me they should be. In fact, the board seemed to be a somewhat different design to the one in the manual. The battery was over on the right hand side of the board (with the desk upside down and the outputs pointing away from me), whereas the manual told me the battery should be near the back plate. Now, having put the desk back together, the displays seem to make a lot more sense, but: 1. Output LEDs 1 - 20 are permanently on. 21-24 are permanently off. 2. If you put a meter between any output and 0v, you get 17v. I've tried setting the internal jumper to 10v and 15v output, and it makes no difference. Even if you flick the DBO switch, it carries on outputting 17v, even though one of the displays on the board has changed to say 'DBO'. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks, Huw
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    Again, thank you very much for your help, Paul
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    Thanks, Paul. Is there anything in specific we need to be looking at if we do end up with a 12V power supply chucked in there? I can't imagine the controllers draw a massive amount of power, so something like a 300mA brick power supply?
  8. Pritch


    I figure I may as well hijack this thread seeing as it's here. I'm looking at a system using DMX and chillinet also, using one ChilliPro dimmer for the hardwired houselights in our venue, and a load of Install 6 dimmers for stage lighting, with a control panel and a master controller tying it all off. The vast majority of the time, the Install 6 dimmers will be powered off at the mains and only powered up when there's actually a production on. The rest of the time, we'd still like to use the ChilliPro to run houselights. Now, if there are a load of dimmers powered off on the network, will Chillinet still work? It's not really a huge deal if it doesn't as we'll just leave the Install 6 packs out of the Chillinet network, but I figure it would be nice to have them integrated if we can, seeing as it'll cost peanuts to do.
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