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  1. Well thank-you uli-s_kn! That's perfect thanks, renumbering channel numbers works exactly as you state. I am now trying to think whether that was the behaviour of the desk before - I always used the "Move" function in "Edit Fixtures" and didn't take much note of the channel number. Unfortunately my physical desk (on 7.9.2 still) is currently on site so unable to test, I seem to think channel numbers didn't previously dictate location? Anyway, it doesn't matter as long as it works! Thanks again Simon
  2. Hi, just testing the new v7.9.3 PhantomOS for Solution prior to rolling out to desk. With new Fixture Schedule, can we still move Fixtures onto the Preset Faders? The move option seems to have disappeared. In fact we don't seem to have control of which MFK's we place the fixtures on any more. This was a great feature of previous versions of ZerOS on the Solution and once I discovered it a few years ago, I now pretty much always move Fixtures onto the Preset Faders, as it makes the Fixtures more readily available for selection than the MFK's, where you often have to switch to GROUPS
  3. Just been playing around and testing new ZerOS 7.9.2. using PhantomZerOS, prior rolling out to my Solution. It all seems quite stable so far, apart from a number of small niggles (perhaps inevitable with a major update such as this!). Again, just using PhantomZerOS at the moment, not tested yet on desk. Here is a list of the minor stuff found: Name button does not work with Macros; there does not appear to be any way to rename Macro palette items To be consistent with other buttons (RECORD, DELETE, LOAD), I would expect the MFK number keypad should appear when NAME is clicked. MFK num
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