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  1. When using moving heads and effect is there an east way to change the direction ???
  2. Primax98

    Equinox Firecracker 1500w Strobe

    Hi Edward, good point. Checked the dip switches a few times over now. Re uploaded your fixture file and controls are now swapped over other than the speed issue. Given up for the day now and will have another go Sunday when next in. Thanks again for the help. Paul
  3. http://www.prolight.co.uk/ftp-in/STRO12_Manual.pdf Hi, I have created a fixture file for this 2 channel device but it isn't behaving as it should. The speed control seems to control the intensity and the intensity control does nothing. Am I missing something here ? Equinox.ift
  4. Primax98

    Equinox Firecracker 1500w Strobe

    Hi Edward appreciate the updated file however the speed control still isn't working :-/ VERY odd ! Will keep on it for now and see if I can remedy it. Cheers Paul
  5. Primax98

    Fixture - Cameo Wookie 600b Lazer

    Hi Jon, thanks for this ! Know what to look out for next time. Appreciate the help. Paul
  6. http://adamhall.invaliddomain.de/out/media/downloads/MARKEN/CAMEO/CLLWOOKIE150G/CLLWOOKIE_CAMEO_Bedienungsanleitung_EN_DE_FR_ES_PL_IT.pdf I have created my own fixture for this and was hoping that someone can check what I have done and let me know if this is correct please, my first attempt at this ! :-) Its a Cameo Wookie 600b Laser I have tried to paste a copy of the link in here but it wont let me hence the code insert. File attached. Cheers Paul CamWook600b.ift

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