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  1. +1 for the MIDI show control, on Cue stack, Ryan
  2. Hello, On our current show we are running 4 moving lights off an ETC Express, but next year we are considering hiring more. In which case we are thinking of hiring a dedicated Moving light desk. But my question is, can the Jester ML accept MIDI Show control from the ETC Express to trigger cues on the cue stacks. Or any other alternative method of playback. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ryan
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for the advice. So, Step 1 : All fixtures @ 0 Intensity, Position : Figure of Eight Step 2 : Fixture 1 : Full Position : Figure Of Eight and so on. Am I right in thinking that if I set the Fixtures to carry out a Figure of Eight pattern, then it will retain this throughout the programming of the chase ? Thanks, Ryan
  4. Hi All, Basically, I am in the process of planning possible chases for a band on the Fat Frog. So I have 4 minimacs, and the effect I want to create is as follows. I want to have a continuous chase i.e. an Ellipsis, for all the 4 minimacs. Then I want to flash one at a time, I have programmed many chases on the frog before but never thought of doing a chase like this. So just to recap, just one minimac flashes at a time then switches to another, so on. Has anybody achieved this/knows how to. Regards Ryan Dell
  5. ryandell

    Tagging Fixtures

    Ok, thanks very much for your help Peter Regards, Ryan
  6. ryandell

    Tagging Fixtures

    Hi Guys, Ok, I am trying to virtually programme the frog 2, this is on the offline editor. I am posting here because I think I will get a swifter response. So I am trying to virtually programme moving heads into my cue stack. They are patched correctly, I then select the fixture I want and change the pan and tilt, To try and prime the fixture, I am using the auto tag function, the programme window states that the moving heads are in position. So I programme this but when I go to review the scene it seems that the movement has not been programmed in. Any help on why this is occurring would be great. Thanks Ryan
  7. ryandell

    Frog 2 Chase

    Hi Guys, No need to worry I typed in R2/1 as was stated in the manual Silly me Cheers Ryan
  8. ryandell

    Frog 2 Chase

    Hello, Looking for some help, I have programmed a cue stack on the first stack and I have a chase on the second stack. I have entered a macro to trigger the chase on the next stack when I want it to, but the problem is stopping it, is there a way that I can insert a macro to stop the chase when there is a blackout, Cheers Ryan
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering if there is any way of getting hold of the betapack 1 fuse carriers Cheers Ryan
  10. Hi, I downloaded the new version 1.36 that you have posted and it works brilliantly cheers ryan
  11. Hi, I have installed the latest version of direct x, there is still no more displayed on the screen than there was before. I have read the other thread about the phantom version crashing and the screenshot of how the front panel looks is identical to mine, but when i start the prgramme up 5 seconds later a message from windows pops up and says that it needs to close becuase there is an error. I hope this expands on my point a bit more than "the screen goes weird" Thanks Ryan
  12. Hi, This happens to me as well. I have succesfully installed it but when i run both the 48 and 96 channel version the screen goes weird and the only thing displayed on the front panel are the faders. cheers Ryan
  13. Hi Brian I Might give that a go later on. Thanks Ryan
  14. Hello, Our school are about to show Pirates of penzance and if anyone knows the story they will know that the first half starts very sunny and then in the interval there is a change to dull and dingy colours, I was wondering if there is a way of a progressive cue for instance the wash lights changing colour from the light to dark colours during the second half while there are other cues in between this period. Is it possible to have 2 cues running (1 colour changing and 1 stack that is general blackouts and changes.) Cheers Ryan Dell
  15. Hi Peter, I'll give this a go thanks for the reply. Ryan
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