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  1. We are updating our projects reference list. Let us know where you use your FLX Range consoles (and any other current Zero 88 products) and we will put you on the list. Please include name of your Company, the Venue name where the console was used, Location/Town, and console type. Thanks :-)
  2. Eaton Lighting Systems will close for the holiday season on 23rd December 2016 and re-open on 3rd January 2017. Last date for shipments prior to closing: International - Tuesday 20th December UK - Thursday 22nd December During the holiday period you can visit zero88.com/forum for answers to your non urgent enquires. You can also contact support on +44 (01633) 833101 or email support@zero88.com. For urgent support in Europe please call Franck on +49 172 5252885 (email francktiesing@eaton.com) and for International enquiries please call Tyler on +44 (0)7814 030632. If you're not in any rush for an immediate answer Zero 88 staff will pick up calls and e-mails periodically throughout the holiday period. Happy holidays from Zero 88
  3. During the duration of the office refurbishment, our local theatre has been supporting us with a space to provide our scheduled training sessions. Our latest training session was on the FLX consoles and we had a great day in the lounge at the theatre. All training at our Cwmbran office is free of charge and open to everyone who is looking to buy, have already bought or are just looking to improve their console skills. For more information contact your local sales manager for training in your area. Thanks to everyone who attended training at the Congress Theatre and all the staff for their support and understanding!
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