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    Renumbering Query

    Brilliant, Thanks Edward, Just hit me as something that required flagging up. Joe
  2. JWylie91

    Renumbering Query

    Hi all, Just happened to notice something I thought I would question when demonstrating how to renumber a cue stack to my colleague. We had a simple cue stack created and I had demonstrated how to set instructions for cues to jump to specific 'next cues' should he ever have a need to jump around the stack. He then asked me about recording cues in between stack numbers so I showed him which led us onto the renumber function. Upon renumbering the cue stack I noticed that the 'next cue' instructions hadn't updated and would require manually changing. I would have thought that the system would have updated normally to keep the next cue links correct however they failed to update. It seems a bit awkward if you have to go through all of your cue stack checking these numbers each time you renumber. If this is how they have been designed to work then I guess I will have to remember that for future programming however I thought it may be worth looking at for future additions. Cheers Joe
  3. JWylie91

    Position's Feature

    Just wondering whether there is an update to the feature discussed a while back in this thread? It is still a feature that I feel we would greatly benefit. Many thanks Joe
  4. Legend! That'll make tomorrows rehearsals a little more interesting
  5. I was leaning towards that thought... Any update on how to access said elephant?
  6. Intrigued by what is meant by this 'hidden gem'? and more importantly how to find it...
  7. Hi Edward, Downloading and loading in the new library file that you provided did the trick. I have also managed to load my previous default showfile created in 7.9.4 and the effects appeared when the auto create button was selected. Many Thanks Joe
  8. Tried multiple installs now of 7.9.5 and no luck getting the effects to work, Just loaded my old file that still has effects palettes and none of them do anything. I have also looked at making a new effect in the waveforms option and there are no function options to allow me to assign any movements such as Sine etc. I have no choice but to reinstall 7.9.4 and hope for an update on the issue soon...
  9. My default show file I loaded to save me from having to remake my base setup also had the same issue. Automatically create effect palettes left me with simply one... 'No Effect'
  10. That would have been my method of approaching programming this chase. I would, as you have suggested, initialise each fixture with its desired colour then simply take the intensity down, then record and repeat with the intensities reversed... That way I would be sure that the information given to the fixtures is always going to contain my required colour data.
  11. JWylie91

    Programmer Time

    Ah, Perfect. Cheers for that!
  12. JWylie91

    Programmer Time

    Hi, One feature I would really like to have is the ability to have the programmer time function assigned somewhere else (other than/in addition to) in the Z Menu. I often require the desk to operate in a busking set up, it would however be useful to be able to toggle the programmer time on and off when changing gobo palettes and then also adjusting the programmer time value for quick adjustments to attribute changes such as colour. I understand it isn't a massive amount of effort to jump into the Z menu however when using the internal touch screen for the groups page i would rather have quick access to both simultaneously. Thanks Joe
  13. I have also noticed a flash issue with one of my eight Stairville CX-3 LED PAR 64's. This I believe started since using 7.9.4, I have tried parking the unit to prevent the desk sending DMX data to it incorrectly, however the unit continued to flash randomly. This can be rather distracting when some dimmer scenes are on stage. I shall also check whether or not I have Rigsync active. cheers
  14. JWylie91

    Smart tag

    Please free to correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that SmartTag will basically record everything that is required to ensure the look you set up on stage is recorded as seen. If you are unsure of how to work with tracking then it is the easy option for ensuring your cue's are recorded correctly.
  15. Hi Ed, Does the Speed Override control only work with the Master Playback? I had a bit of a test the other day and wondered why I couldn't get anything responding to the override fader I'd set up. If this is correct then that would explain why I had the issues. Thanks Joe
  16. JWylie91

    Position's Feature

    I'm not in desperate need of this feature, just wanted to know whether it was still in the plans for the console.
  17. JWylie91

    Position's Feature

    Amazing news! Thanks for that. Joe
  18. JWylie91

    Position's Feature

    Hi, Before we bought our FLX we were told by one of the reps who came and demo'd it for us that there were plans to implement a feature where you could import a plot of your stage space and then use that for selecting your positions for moving fixtures instead of using the sometimes tricky XY Position grid. I was just wondering whether this is still something that is planned for development. As the desk is used as our house desk it would be a great feature to allow us to quickly plot positions especially for moving all movers to one specific point on stage. Thanks
  19. This sounds relatively similar to a few issues that I ran into with version 7.9.1. Especially the Clear button becoming unresponsive as well as faders and buttons becoming less responsive.
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