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  1. That's perfect Edward Thanks for the quick response as usual. Cheers Joe
  2. Hi Edward, I don't suppose the session you ran on the 3rd March was recorded and currently available? Not been on the forum for a while so I missed it and I would be interested in giving it a watch. Thanks
  3. Brilliant, slightly relieved it is a bug and not just myself doing something stupid. Thanks for your help. I look forward to the update. Joe
  4. Cheers, This morning I've cheked the desk and the issue still occurs with newly made intensity effects however the one that I left yesterday that wasnt working now works. It appears that either changing something in it's settings or rebooting the desk kickstarts the playback into playing the effect properly. I factory reset yesterday to attempt to flush out any settings that may cause this but with no success. Thanks
  5. Hi Edward, That was my understanding of M.O.Dark settings. So after testing it appears I was prematurely celebrating, I have now come to the conclusion that the desk is only correctly playing back a playback containing an effect once I change something in that playbacks settings. I've tested with a couple of settings and once I click okay on the playback settings window it starts to operate as normal. I have attached the showfile I am experimenting on, Playback one is currently outputting the effect properly as I have altered a value in its playback settings whereas playback 2 hangs on the 50% intensity value as I am yet to change anything in the settings option. Just to be clear I have done a fresh software install and also this showfile is new, not one produced on a previous software version. Thanks Joe FxTest.zos
  6. Hi Edward, After updating I was still experiencing the same issue, I have however managed to resolve it. It appears that the default setting under Move on Dark had Don't Move Effect selected. Once this was deselected on my playback the effect started working as expected. I have not set this and it was already selected in the defaults for Move on Dark. I have therefore deselected it in my defaults. I hope this is useful to anyone who comes across a similar occurance in the future. Thanks Joe
  7. Hi Edward, Correct, they fade down to 50% and are displayed as green, I definitely have the size at 100, I shall update to 7.9.8 today and report back if this is still happening. Like I say, i've used the desk for a good few years now and haven't had this trouble prior to this beta version so hopefully its just a glitch somewhere. Thanks for your continued support. Joe
  8. Okay no worries, I was unaware of that function and it is now responding correctly to the dmx lamp off from the desk. Another thing that I'm probably just missing is in regards to recording effects on this beta release without smart tag enabled, as this is my preferred method of programming. However when saving an effect such as chase 1/2 in cue 2 where cue 1 is simply bringing the intensity up to 100 the effect seems to be being registered and the intensities of my Rogue R1's drop to 50 when calling cue 2. The fixture also shows the chaser 1/2 effect in the intensity section of the cue window, however there is no movement of intensity values or visible effect. I'm finding this is similar with effects I build in the waveform window. the only effects that seem to respond normally are position based ones. I'm probably just missing something that may have been changed slightly however it's bugging me. Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers,
  9. Hi Edward, Thanks for the speedy response, I can confirm that I haven't disabled any function on the fixture, lamp off was working fine prior to loading this Beta software version on. I have tried it on a second fixture just to be sure and still no lamp off control. Cheers Joe
  10. Hi guys, When I create auto macros for my Mac 250 Entours I used to always get a Lamp on and a Lamp off macro auto produced. Currently I am experiencing the following issues: No Lamp off in shutter options when the Mac's are selected - I cannot lamp them off other than manually on the fixture. Lots of auto created macros however no Lamp on macro No response when selecting Lamp off in the macro menu Fortunately I tested this with a Mac that was situated on the floor and not in my rig so I could manually lamp the fixture off easily enough. Cheers Joe
  11. We've had the FLX from very early on, I had worked with a colleague of mine back then who had some experience with older ZerOS consoles so I guess I picked up that method from him. You learn something new everyday Cheers! Joe
  12. Installing it by loading the .exe file directly on the desk has worked. I was not previously aware of this method, Thanks guys.
  13. It's just the only way I've ever upgraded in all honesty and it has never failed me. I shall head back to the desk now and try the other method. Cheers chaps
  14. Hi, I've tried installing this beta version on to our FLX today and no matter how many times I run the usb creator (which builds successfully), when i put our zero88 usb that I always use the lighting desk throws up this error when I try to do the install. Any Ideas??
  15. Brilliant, Thanks Edward, Just hit me as something that required flagging up. Joe
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