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  1. go4more

    Touch Screen Help

    I clearly wasn't pressing it in the right order - or for long enough!
  2. go4more

    Touch Screen Help

    Hello - I'm testing my Solution with the T1731SR-B1 screen. It worked fine at Christmas however since I updated the software last month. I get the following message when trying to calibrate. 'Press update and try again' How and where do I update. Thanks Chris
  3. go4more

    Load new page on playback

    Super - Many thanks, got it! Regards Chris
  4. I'm struggling running playbacks in sequence. Having used the Fat Frogs when I moved to another page the sub master would flash to indicate it was still live for a cross fade between subs. I find on my Solution is Playback 10 is live and I move to page 2 to bring up Playback 11 I have to jump back a page to fade out Playback 10 Could you advise what I doing wrong please and if there are any fixes I could use? Regards Chris

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