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  1. When I have a cue playing and I have an zoom effect (for example) running in a fixture in that cue (nothing in the programmer), when I go to add a colour effect (or any other effect) into that same fixture, as I select the fixture it automaticly loads in the previously recorded effect parameters which means that I cannot alter the new effect without changing the already recorded one? Is there a way that I can layer effects into the same type of fixture? Thanks, Chris
  2. I just checked again, and yes the new cue stack is also set on 'move on dark'. The way I see it, because when I block the starting cues, I block all of the parameter info (which means that I essentially have recorded the fixtures -that are not in- at zero) the 'Move While Dark' may not recognise the fact that the fixtures are at zero? The more and more I work with 'Auto move functions' ie Strand 500's Grand MAs etc, the more I don't think I like it. Whilst it can save you a little time, I would rather have the option to insert the mark cue which inturn gives me the ability to put a timing on the auto move (mark) cue. For example if I have a bunch of movers in a theatre rig that are just hung off Lx bars and during the blackout they all decide to auto move to their next position over the pre-determined move time (1 or 2 secs) you can bet you life that when you play into your next cue all the Lx bars will be shaking. When I have a physical mark cue, I can then change the timing to maybe 5secs or longer which inturn will stop all possible bar shaking etc. It think would be great to still have this ability. :?
  3. This is a bit hard to explain but I will give it a go. What I need to do is copy cues from one stack to another. I need to copy cues not only from the start of the cue list but also from anywhere in between. I have set the stacks to Auto Move. What I am finding as I copy the cues (say cue 15 + 16) from stack 1 across to the new stack 3 (say to cue 6 + 7) because I have not blocked the start cue 15 before I copy it, as I play the new cue 6 into 7 any information that I have not recorded into cue 16 before I copied it (say colour) will have tracked forward in the new stack 3 from cue 5 or previous cues. In order to correct this if I block cue 15 - then copy the cues across to cue 6 and 7 (as before), cue 6 then plays correctly. However when I play into cue 7 (the copy of 16) whilst all parameters in this cue are correct, this cue does not Auto move because I have blocked cue 6 (the copy of 15). Is there a way for the Auto move to work even if you have blocked the previous starting cue? I think I have explaind this in a way you can understand? :roll:
  4. Do you have an estimate time of when you think that you may have a newer version of software available?
  5. Is there a way I can copy multiple cues across at the same time instead of copying individual cues only? Eg: I want to copy cues 4 thru 5 from Stack 9, to cue 1 thru 2 in stack 1. Then I want to copy cues 8 thru 11 from Stack 9, to cues 3 thru 6 in stack 1. Thanks
  6. Sorry but I did not make myself very clear. When I was speaking of chase in this example, I was talking about an intensity chase created from the effects pallet (chase, smooth, fader). This is essentially only one cue not a number of cues within a stack. I am not trying to put a generic chase into a UDF. This is only one example of what I would like to control manually from the UDFs. I also would like to (for example) make one of the UDFs gobo rotation only. If I record the gobos rotating fast into a UDF when I manually fade the fader to full, the gobos will rotate to the speed recorded, but however if I only take the fader to 50% then the gobos will only rotate half as fast as they have been recorded into the UDF (hence by only taking the fader toi 50%). So is it possable to do this? Thanks[/i]
  7. I am trying to use the UDFs with effects. What I am trying to do is set up an intensity chase, record it into a UDF so as I can use this chase anytime over cues that are playing on the playbacks. When I do this the UDF always uses the recorded time. For example: If I have a state playing on stage, I would like to slowly fade the intensity chase manually into and out of that cue without affecting the cue itself. Is it possible to do this on the Frog? I can do it on the hog by recording the intensity chase into a playback fader and making that fader ICBF (intensity, colour, beam, focus) only. This means when I manually push the fader up it executes what ICBF information that has been recorded into that fader. I just tried to record the intensity chase into the playbacks as well but I still cannot get it to act as a manual effect that I can overlay at anytime. Essentially I would like to use this feature with not only the intensity chase but other parameter effects as well. I would also need to record certain fixtures associated with the particular effect within the cue as well. Is this possible? :cry:
  8. When I record a new cue over 10 secs with an effect running, what I am finding is that when I play the recorded cue back the effect seems to fade in over 10 secs as if you were winding the effect in manually. The effect seems to cycle through all the parameters of the effect becfore it gets to the recored values. This in turn makes the effect (especially over long fade times) move irraticly and all over the place until it reaches its destination. For example on a hog I can set up a state with an effect running and record it. Then when I play it back it will fade intensity and position nicely into the state I created and the effect will have a smooth transition. At the moment I can not seem to get a nice transition from the Frog. What am I doing wrong? :?
  9. Thanks, I just sent an email with all relevant details. I am currently running Version 3.0.0. and yes the cue stack was running at the time.
  10. Is there a way (in a recorded cue or while recording the cue) that I can select more than one parameter over multiple fixtures so as I can change all the times at once? eg: I have set up the look I would like to record but now would like to set the times: • I would like to change the time on all, Cyan Magenta Yellow for four fixtures from 3secs to 5secs. • I would then like to change the time of the pan and tilt on the four fixtures from 3secs to 10secs. • I then would like to change the delay on all, Cyan Magenta Yellow on the four fixtures to 2secs. At the moment I have to individually change each parameter time for each fixture one at a time. Is there a way to select multiple parameters across multiple fixtures? :?
  11. Frog 2 just crashed while deleting ques from a quelist. Did re-start ok with deleted ques gone. Would like to send through the de-bug file. Who should I send it to?
  12. I did find out what was wrong finally. It was that I needed a Xover cable OR Ethernet Switcher. Once I had one of these (ethernet switcher) everything worked as it should. I find it strange though that no-ware to be found was this info. Not in the Capture manual OR the Frog manual. I think for the sake of a few extra printed words it would be handy to have this basic info contained within the operating manual don't you think? Thanks
  13. Just wondering if there is any thing I need to regarding connecting to a pc using art-net. The manual does not say much at all. With these menus: Transmit Art-Net Network Switch Subnet Universe 1 Port Universe 2 Port Universe 3 Port Universe 4 Port What should I switch these to? I assume thet 'Transmit Art-Net' should say Yes? The others I am not sure of?
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