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  1. stum

    Jester24 ML

    Hi James, A lot of the shows which are run in the theatre from the desk are busked, ie not plotted, A lot of the shows are tribute acts and turn up about two hours before they are due to start with absolutely no lighting plot. So when I'm doing lighting changes they need to be subtle, not state changes the from red, all of a sudden changing to blue.. Is it a change that is required in the fixture profile, or on the desk itself? Thanks Stuart..
  2. stum

    Jester24 ML

    Hi James, Basically using them as wash lights where I wanted to mix colours using the subs.. ie sub1- Red, sub2 -Green, Sub3- Blue.. etc allowing me to mix the colours as i add the them a gradually. .. It worked ok with other RGBW Pars I had when I just used four circuits..one for each of the four colours, but as I now have more LED's I thought I would add them as fixtures to give me more scope.. thanks..
  3. stum

    Jester24 ML

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice on how to set up out JesterML with 8 xLedj Intense 9HEX10 LED Slim Par 9x10W 6in1 colour LED's. I have tried tagging and untagging the fixtues but although their operation changes, it does not give the color mixing I wanted or expected. the lights all operate on different addresses and are set to 8 channel mode. When Tagged, they operate as follows. When I record the colours into subs the first sub I put up (RED) will operate as expected. When I try to mix a color for example Blue to create purple, the blue will come on at full when the sub is at 5% due to the red sub being fully up, but the Red will go off. When Untagged the operate as follows. Again all colors are recorded to seperate subs. If I put up the red sub the colour will latch although the light will come down with the fader, when I add the Blue now the Blue will latch on at 5% and Purple will come up as the fader is put to max, then if I take down the fader the colors Blue and Red will be latched on and will not go down with the fader, so as I add other colors until eventually all colors are latched on and all subs do the same thing, only operate the intensity.. Any help with color mixing on this desk will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks..

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