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  1. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Inverting tilt solved the problem! I just didn't think of it as I was rigging as it was a brain duck moment. Programming was made a lot easier thanks to this! Cheers, Sam
  2. Birdieapple512

    Pan Invert

    Hi All, Started rigging for a show today and decided to do the Pan invert on the desk instead of the fixtures. But, whenever I used a pan inverted fixture on the old desk ( Illusion 500) the fixture did the oppasite to its counter parts, as expected. But, on the FLX, once pan invert is selected the fixture essentially mirrors its counterparts by 180 degrees. example, I set fixtures 1 and 3 to wash stage right and the others are facing the wrong way by 180 degrees. weather or not I'm just being thick, I don't know! but if there's a way to make them essentially 'mirror' (1+3 move right, 2+4 move left etc) each other? Any input appreciated! Cheers, Sam
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