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  1. Hi KWR88 thank you very much for your answer Hi KWR88 thank you very much for your answer
  2. Hello, I recently installed version 7.9.5. on my Solution console. I could see a bug on the FX. I have no way to access the Fx of my show on version 7.9.4 even starting from a blank show or completely after making a total rest of the console. I compare on the Phantom 7.9.5 that seems to work perfectly. this is really annoying for me and for others I Think. Would it be possible to send me the Beta version for downgrade so I continued to use my show while waiting for a new update of the 7.9.5. Thank you in advance
  3. Hello So after some hours of research I found the solution to connect the console to wyg with art net in device manager i dont use console solution but the Art Net Artistic console , do not enter the address 10.x.x.x in any case, from the beginning I used the correct settings network the wyg on the console and the soft ZERO88 wyg is useless , it's a shame it might be wise to zero 88 to update these utilities that it works, because the manual says use thank you john and zygliht remains for me to work on my shows
  4. The licence wysiwyg is valid bécause i use with GrandMa 2 controler Just a small différence when you would connect in the soft (device manager to wyg in the place "adress" i write " grandMa1" instead of ip adress or artnet adress John or ziglight what do you think ?
  5. Hello I tried with the fantom zéro (ip adress I Also tried the solution controler with a wifi router 192.168.1. .. I also tried live connection (by wired) Can you make a demo Video when you connect the controler to capture I m a beginner to network setting
  6. Hi John Thank you for you answer I tried Art net , i have some signal in the Dmx patch of Wysiwyg but i can t connect and have the visual of the consol in the "live" part. In the device manager should we do something special ? I also tried Captur ( demo) but it does not work. Thank you
  7. Hello I m sorry for my English writing I 'd need help connecting my console solution wysiwyg r32 I respect the use of this manual for connection but without result i use a windows 10 pc (ip address manual the Zero 88 Driver Installation WYSIWYG tool ( On the screen console ( driver wysiwyg connect, wysiwyg transmitted I use wysiwyg r32 in the window device manager/properties (name :solution adresse : I click CONNECT and an error message to say the console shouldn't connect I think that there is a very basic mistake unfortunately I'm stuck and can not move forward in the writing of my shows I have a friend who owns a grandMA2 . he had to change the IP address (in the window device manager / properties ) by grandMa1 weird but may be the same problem , I tried several names, but no result can help me thank you in advance
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