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  1. Hello, I'd like to know how to solve a problem concerned with Playbacks. I've attached a Showfile with this problem. Playback 49 is programmed to show only "Red" up to 100%, and Playback 50 contains 100% of "Red" and 47% of "Green" to show "Orange". Raising Playback 49 first, then raising Playback 50. After that, lowering Playback 49 and 50 sequentially will cut out Red. I'd like to know how I can set up Playback 50 to fade out the colour. Best regards 0817.isf
  2. Hello Edward, Thanks for replying. I'm running Solution with software version 7.9.2. It doesn't freeze when the page is turned to 11 in Channel Mode, and the Wing goes up to page 99. Regards
  3. Hello, I would like to know what if the wing of FLX is attached to Solution. Actually, I have tried connecting one to Solution, and it works. It successfully performs in playback mode until the page is turned to 9. Whenever the page gets to 9, the console itself stops working. I suppose this is because channels over 200 are on that page even though Solution doesn't support more than 201 channels, right? I would like to know how to fix this problem if there is any. Regards
  4. Hello Jon, Thanks for very useful advice. I have to apologize being impolite not replying to you. I didn't realise your answer as I haven't signed in this forum for a long time. I have never studied Macros, so this is a good opportunity to know how to use Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello Edward, Thanks for replying. It's a shame that the wing doesn't have this function. I really hope the next version of ZerOS will make this operation less complicated.
  6. Hi, let me ask a question about the wing for FLX. I've got a wing expecting it will provide me with 1 - 48 faders in page 1, 49 - 96 faders in page 2 and so forth. I can't figure out how to set the wing to function in such way. I would like to know if I can control 48 faders at a time when paging up/ down with this wing. Best regards
  7. Hi Jon and Tyler, Thank you for such a kind offering. I'm trying to figure out FLX somehow on my own first. I really feel guilty about troubling you. And thank you all who gave me valuable advice!
  8. Hello Jan, Actually, I'd love to, but I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I cannot afford a trip abroad, unfortunately. It is ideal that Zero88 will hold workshops in Japan but I bet there will be few chances. So I really need a help from all of you as there is no one who I can rely on!
  9. Hello keredyelesob, Thanks for giving me a very useful example! I hadn't thought of such a usage of playback faders, so it has changed how I use playbacks. Now I've found I can do a lot of things on FLX by applying a variety of options. Can anyone give me other examples of programming playbacks by making parameters separated, if you don't mind? Or, can I ask anyone to tell me about your own unique usage? I would like to learn about FLX more and make the most of it.
  10. The point I still want to know is why we need to control parameter tag state manually even though the FLX console selects and records the appropriate parameters automatically (same as in "keep parameter sparate"). Would you give me some examples where you think the tag states should be controlled?
  11. Hello Kevin, Thank you for the quick reply! I have found I read the user manual wrong and thought the function of Advanced and Basic tracking the other way around.
  12. Hi, I would like to ask another question. When I record a Cue, the console allows me to choose whether I record the Cue with "smart tag" on. Please tell me what Smart tag rule is. On top of that, I would like to know how to use Basic option and Advanced option of Tracking Options effectively. On what point are they different?
  13. Thanks for detailed explanations! I really apprecitate them. Well, I haven't got confident yet, so will probably ask again if I have had other questions. I will try and get used to the console. Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi, I recently began to use FLX console, and here are some points I don't quite understand in the user manual. I'd like to know in what kind of situations these functions are used. 1. "Keep Parameters Separate" I don't see the difference in fixture's behavior between before and after I change the settings either "Yes" or "No". 2. "Wheel Behavior" The wheels seem equally sensitive when "Colour" attribute is being adjusted no matter which behaviors I choose; Proportional, Course and Fine. On the other hand, the wheel doesn't seem to be reacting when "Position" attribute is adjusted and the behavior is set "Fine". Why? 3. New "Inhibitor" option for Playbacks The console and fixtures work as the manual explains, but I don't understand what this new option is for. What is "proportional scale"? How is it used? 4. New "LTP Catch" option It seems to me fixtures are working the same way as when they are set HTP. How can this option be useful? I'm sorry about my poor English, but I hope you understand the points and will give me good advice.
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