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  1. Hi Kevin, VMT for your comprehensive and very helpful reply. Yes, I probably was guilty of 'fiddling' and over-using the Home button (during programming) to turn off the fixtures, as I had noted in the manual (Issue 6, Page 4-5, last para of Contolling Brightness) to set everything to zero before running the show. The No 1 cue aint a problem for me, as that cue is run before the audience arrives for the show - ie, it is running at 'doors open'. The LTP "quick fix" looks to be a very useful tip - i'll try it. I had briefly dabbled with Partial, but very quickly realised that for this enthusiastic amateur, it really was a step too far! Maybe I'll give it another go, if it means getting my show group committee to splash out on an FLX toy!! Anyway, very many thanks again for your help (and your welcome) - onward and upward! Best regards Tim
  2. Hi Kevin, OK - we make progress! I have created the show as you suggested - see show07 attached - the red dimmed without turning white (or green - hurrah!), tho' I did note when fading up, that it turned white before going red! Presumably because it was the No 1 cue, with nothing before it? Incidentally, I programmed all 6 fixtures (3 of each) in this test show. Thus, I'm fairly sure that, as you surmised, the "problem" was indeed my programming - I'm new to LEDs and fixtures! Incidentally, I didn't notice the FIX BR banner show anything other than -- at any time. Also attached is my original showfile: show06. The issue of the LEDs turning white when dimming to blackout was noticeable on a few of the cues eg: #29 to 30; 31 to 32; 56 to 57 and 58 to 59, but is probably most pronounced going from #25 to 26. Hope this makes sense! Thanks again. Regards Tim show06.isf show07.isf
  3. Many thanks Kevin, I'll give it a go and let you know. Regards Tim
  4. Many thanks for this Kevin. The transition is set to Fade for C, B and P (and is set as the default in desk set-up). I am programming in Full mode - should I change to Partial? I am running version10.12 software. Thanks Tim
  5. I have a Fat Frog desk with a number of tungsten lanterns and 3 different fixtures: LEDJ Performer 18 Quad Zoom RGBW (LEDJ 252D) LEDJ Performer 18 Hex Mk II RGBWAUV (LEDJ 252B) Elumen8 MP75 LED Fresnel RGBW (ELUM105) One annoying niggle is that when dimming from a colour (ie not white), via the memory stack, the 3 fixtures above turn to white before dimming. Is there a setting that I need to make to the desk - or a ‘tweak’ that can be made to the fixture personality file (see attached) - that will ensure that the LEDs simply dim on command without changing colour? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks Tim Bourton Fixtures.ift
  6. Greetings, I would be eternally grateful if you could provide fixture profiles for the following please: Ledj Performer 18 Quad Zoom RGBW http://www.prolight.co.uk/ftp-in/LEDJ252D_Manual.pdf Ledj Performer 18 HEX http://www.prolight.co.uk/ftp-in/LEDJ252B_Manual.pdf Elumen8 MP75 LED Fresnel RGBW https://prolight.co.uk/product/mp75-led-fresnel-rgbw Very many thanks in anticipation. Kind regards Tim
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