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  1. Hi everyone, is it possible to create macro’s witch control programmer time? My goal is to create some preset times to fade between palettes. thanks in advance, Wytse
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to use a second desk and use DMX-in to control playbacks? I love to work with as less playback-pages as possible. Greets, Wytse
  3. Hi Edward, Thanks for the quick reply! This is very helpfull. If I understand correcly you basically loop for instance DMX-out 4 to DMX-in? Thanks, Wytse
  4. LP

    Fade Time for palettes

    This would make the desk so much better for me. Luckely I now have a speed channel on my scanner so I use that with the pallettes But this would make it a lot easier because my movers don't have a speed channel.
  5. no problem I have got the Dutch manual with the most common functions via some googleing If someone is interested PM me
  6. LP

    Times appearing on Submasters

    Hello Froggers When I programmed some chases and tranferred them to submasters no time and i want to load it again on a different location all the memories on the submasters are working with time I don't know what I do wrong If someone can help me please Thanks in advance
  7. I have seen the dutch manual on some sites but for some reason I can not connect to the sites they are on So if sombody still has it please send it to me I would be very grateful thanks in advance LP

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