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  1. ive opened up the pack and one of the resistors in reading different to the other three! reckon I can handle this, thanks for the advice, given that this is the first problem ive ever had with this kit, its testament to zero 88 build quality!
  2. thanks for the info, im based in Dorset, i'll have a chat with our tech department and see if its something they can handle
  3. yes! both channels went together (3&4) how involved is this job? swapping the triacs was easy, im assuming some solder may be involved?
  4. hi all, hoping you can help have two aging beta 1s, they get fairly light use in the school where I work, 2 consecutive channels are constantly on, I bought some triacs and fitted to the relevant channels but did not solve the problem the triacs I removed are T2513MK, and the ones I fitted in their place are BTA25600B so my questions are have I fitted the right triacs? and could I have wired them incorrectly? could there be another fault? any help with this will be greatly appreciated steve
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