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  1. i pull the console apart and found there is one cable did not plug in properly, after that seems better.
  2. Yes i did twice, even more, it would not help. i think this is very common when people wants to live edit a memory, after record the change, double click clear for clearing the programmer, when you lower down the preset fader, it will grab the output.....
  3. When I try to live edit a memory, fade up the sub master fader. For example add one more peset channel into this memory. Fade up the preset fader, press record button and click merge. Then press clear button. Now if you fade down the preset, the preset fade will grab the output. Is there any way, after merge the memory and press the clear will release the preset fader.
  4. Hi I search in the forum can not find the answer for how to edit the step of a chase. Thanks a lot
  5. It is a new Solution XL, i opened the packing box and worked with it for 3 days and crashed twice. I have to reinstall the os to get it recovered. The first day worked fine, and next morning it failed to boot up get the message as the attachment. i reinstall the system. On the third day which is this afternoon, when i moved from one office to the other, when i turn it on, it happened again. What might be the problem, i did not do any programing on the console yet. Just try to link with the remote iPad. There is no shut down procedure for turning off this console, just switch off if i am right?
  6. i tried to patch dimmer 1 thru 5 to a DMX channel like 20, how to do that? i went through forum and user manual, could not get the right answer. i only saw duplication which is patch one fixture into multi DMX address? if someone can point out where i should look at, thanks a lot.
  7. Hi Jon, please let me know when you will release the new software which will work with Iiyama T1531SR, as the new place use 2 x XL and we already bought 2 x T1531SR. We need to get the deliver the products to the theater next Tuesday...
  8. Hi Daaave, did you get to know how to patch a range of dimmer 1 thru 10 dimmers to channel 30. If any one can give the answer will be appreciated.
  9. for sure i hit the enter to finish, after that there is no response at all. normally before hit the enter the cursor should follow your finger movement...
  10. Thanks ziglight, i just downgraded to firmware 7.7 and get to the calibration screen, you can calibrate the 3 points, after that ask you to do draw test on the screen and there is no more response... i need to deliver this console to our client today.... very sad...i have to tell my client to wait until the new version of firmware which can work with this kind new iiyama monitor
  11. Thanks ziglight, now i read it. i noticed this before i thought it was irrelavent to my question. As my touch screen never worked. Do you think i should down grade the os to the earlier version? i will try it tomorrow.
  12. i am new here. We bought the touch screen Iiyama T1531SR to work with new solution XL, but it does not recognized by the console. I just plugged the VGR and USB into the console. i thought it should be plug and play. there is no response on the touch screen. How to get it recognized? is there any setting i should do? Thanks a lot.
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