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  1. Hi, I want to create a new fixture type with the Fixture Type Editor and a question arised. The attribute for the dimmer channel should be set to 'Brighness', right? But doing so, I see no way to assign that channel to a wheel, because as far as I see, the Fixture Type Editor only allows to assign channels with one of the attrtibutes 'Color', 'Beamshape' or 'Position' to the wheels. What do I oversee? Thank in advance, Michael
  2. schwed2

    Bundle serveral parameter

    Hi Ziglight, About the 14 or 34 channel topic: Yes, that's right. But it is not really a choice. I need the diffrent LED groups so 14-channels it not an option. About reading the manual: I have done that, and it is also not a satisfatory solution. Channel 26 is for predefined colors, and they are really ugly. The idea of creating submasters seems to be exactly what I need, so thank you very much.
  3. schwed2

    Bundle serveral parameter

    Ok, I understand. Yes that should work, I will try it tonight, thank you very much.
  4. schwed2

    Bundle serveral parameter

    I do not think so. (But I am not sure, the desk is as nwe as the moving head). If I choose a color from the color palette, the desk applies the RGB values to the moving heads parametergroup Red 1, Green 1 and Blue 1, which is only LED group 1, while the other LEDs stay unchanged...
  5. Hi togher, I am the proud owner of an new LED Moving Head (stairvile MHz1915). It is a nice lamp with 18 RGB LEDs. These LEDs are split in 5 different groups which can be controlled seperatly. That is a nice feature, but also a problem, because the color of each LED group is controlled by 3 distinct DMX channels, and the guys from Stairvile forgot to provide 3 parameters to controll the color of all groups. So, to adjust the red-value (say) of all LEDs I had to edit the red-value of all 5 LED-groups, a fact that drives me crasy. So my question: Is it possible to say the solution desk to controll serveral dmx-channels as one object? Thanks in advanced Michael

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