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  1. HugoPilot

    [Request] Pages for prefaders

    Hi there, I own a JesterML 24 and I have not enough faders for some of my shows. The first thing we would do is connecting a wing, but it isn't very efficient. So I got a simple request: Can you build pages for the pre-faders just like the submasters in the next version (4.2 i guess?)? And what is the reason why the submasters have 20 pages and prefaders don't? Regards and thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I made a custom fixture (.ift) file. But when I try to import the file onto my Jester ML 24, the message "Please Wait" occurs and doesn't go away. I have a Kingston 16GB USB, completely empty with the file on it. I run Jester ML 4.1 on it. Why can't I import my fixture file? Kind Regards, Hugo Woesthuis TDC444.ift
  3. HugoPilot

    FL Studio as a DMX Controller for Jester ML

    Thanks, I will try it out and thank you for the fast reply!
  4. Hello everyone, FL Studio 12.3 (BETA 4) came out with the new ZGameEditor Visulizer V2. The new version has (finally) DMX Support. Now I am wondering: Can my laptop send DMX to the Jester ML to control my fixtures during timecode show, and during the "normal" show that I can normally control fixtures with the faders? If yes: How can I do that? Equipment: - Jester ML 24 - Enttec Open DMX - FL Studio 12.3 BETA Build 4 - GameEditor Visulizer V2 BETA Thanks in Advance

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