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  1. Hi, There're no difference bye downgrade to 7.9.3. So, what've noticed: Some fixtures stop flicking by disabled RigSync! (This issue is resolved:-)). But i still have got some hazard flashing sessions, some or all of the led unit flash one time. Sometime i've to wait 1h to see that, sometime less. And the the flashs start to make a kind of a circle, a flash every 10min, or 20min. The light system is fine because it works really fine one month ago and it was the same! I've 2 univers, a splitter on each, N°1 for conventional, N°2 for LED. Every led power are on a s
  2. Hi, I'm going to downgrade 7.9.3, problems are still there, less flashes but it is still unstable. I've un-active RigSync, but nothing really change. I hope i'll be fine by downgrade. I'll let youknow Matt.
  3. Thanks Edward for having a look on the show, i did not send you the good one, you're right no head movers where patched actually, but this one has flickering issues. i did not check the output view when i had the issue with the Pointe. I will try this tomorrow morning, by unactivate RigSync first. I'm going to use Robe pointe also, i'll let you if strange things appear again:-) Regards. Matt.
  4. Hi Edward, Thanks for your answer! Actually, i've active Rigsync and I didn't try my desk without this on, i'll try it tomorrow. The fixtures who are randomly flickering are only LED unit... Some of those are old fixtures (all of them work fine with I use: 12X LED chinese Bar RGBDS (i've made the fixture in the fixture tool) 4X Spotkolor RGBW from Starway 18X RGB LED panel 18X RGBW Smartbat + from Prolights And 24x Conventional fixtures The flickering is only visible on the LED units.. No problems with the conventional (;-) ) Yeste
  5. Ok, thanks i've find it already. Do you know if it is complicated to downgrade or this is the same way to upgrade? Cheers.
  6. Hi, I need to downgrade to or 7.9.3. Can someone can tell me how can i do? Since I've upgrade to 7.9.4, i've some issues that i don't understand: -dmx signal seems to be not stable, like if the desk loose for a mms the signal, fixtures flash many times without doing anything at anytime. -fader doesn't work properly, i've to clear them severals times before to make it works -some weird things in the setup appears... -load and reload show in the set up to make things stop flashing ... I need help, i've try many things, like reset the desk to factory d
  7. Hi, I've got the same issue with the remote app and my flx, the app is going too slow and does'nt work properly;-). This issue start since I've updated the flx to 7.9.4. I've got the lastest version on my iphone and the ipad i use for it. What can i do to make it works fine? Thanks for your answer. Regards Matt
  8. Hi Kevin, Thank you for all your answers I know what i have to do now... upgrade to 7.9.1! I was a bit anxious to upgrade before but i think i don't have the choise now! I will check what you've tried! Cheers. Matt.
  9. Thanks for everything! I'll check as soon as possible! When i say "preset" that means "palette" actually. I often update color palette or group, the name editing before disappear Regards
  10. Hi, I'm using the FLX desk on V7.8.5, I'm looking for some tips... -Is there a function "move" (preset or playback) hide somewhere? actually I'm using "copy" to do that with the playbacks but it's quite boring with presets... -When update or merge a preset, this one lose its name.. Is there a way to keep it without writing again after update? -Can you remind me the highlight function with UDK, i didn't find it yet on the forum.. I'm using the FLX for more than six months, it's a nice, easy and powerful desk, i will be glad to have all this tips;-) Sorry for my english. Ma
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