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  1. hi there, using the FAT FROG my problem is: i have many colors on the color palette, if i start a chaser from the submaster and want to change the color i always need both hands, one for the button COLOR (the color palette) and the other for the button where the color is saved (button 1,2,3 for example) the question: is it possible to lock the color button, example: old: Hold the button COLOR and change the colors with the palette-buttons new: lock the button color (F1+color locks, pressing color again unlocks) so you have this hand free to do other things, while your left hand can tap button 1,2,3 for the colors. hope you understand what i mean and can help me. k-nine can u please reply something for the thing "MORN" is talking about? thx by Revenant
  2. i try to re-awake this treath, because i'm also would be happy if there is a possibillity about more than 1 channel in the brigthness section. and i don't have the money to buy me a frog2. it is a really cool desk, i tested is this year at the pro light+sound. perhaps zero88 could take my FatFrog and make it to a frog2 for me?
  3. i'm using a fatfrog in different ways: for bands, theatre and private disco eventsevery weekend a new event in a new place around Heidelberg in Germany FwF
  4. hi here is what i did: i used the fat frog with 8 LED pars, and we tried to build a fixture BEFORE there was one on the official fixture disk. but we didn't use the fixture becasue u dont have the LED's under controll so fast as if they are Generics. i needet only 4 channles RGB+Strobe. so i patched the desk like 123+5 and 789+11 for the first 8 channels. and i made 4 submasters RGB and 1 for the strobe. so i could easily make them all Red or green and had full controll about the strobe speed. at the end some "normal" chasers from left to regt in different collors and i was happy. and i only used 32 channels instead of 48. so i had place vor some blinders and a smoke-machine. and the coolest thing: i was able to set some light-pictures for between the songs with the generic faders. and another good thing: u can control easily the drive and the attack of ur chasers because that only works fpr HTP channels.
  5. hi there, it's me again. bad to see that the good old fat frog is out of date now but good to see that there is still support for. but bad to see that my old problem which i opened the treath 1 year before is still my problem. now i use the newest software 10.9 but: when i press the F3 button its LED is on, but when is press a submaster button, the LED does not go ON. and i still can't step ANY submaster aslong as the F3 button is on. exactly this was my problem one year ago. is there any special setting in the desksetup that i have to do? greetings Rev
  6. i can send u a show file but you can check this immidiately. just test it in the latest version of the phantom frog. there u can see that the yellow LED of the Submasterflahbutton will NOT shine, when u pushed the F3 button. also u can check the output in the output monitor, and u will see that u are not able to step the submasters in different speeds.
  7. and thats exactly the problem. when i push F3 and the LED is on i cant step ANY submaster. as long as the F3 LED is on i cant controll the speed of the submaster. when i press the Flashbutton of one submaster, the led on the submasterflashbutton will not be ON. i did it exactly you and the manual said it. i have the newest software 10.8.1 but i will not work. and since the latest update i have a new problem programming chasers. on programming a second chaser, the desk always in the first step of the chaser i programmed before. even i put the Playback X Master down. thx for ur reply
  8. Hi, on the Prolight+Sound this year in frankfurt i asked accetly tis question at the zero88 people. his answer: use he F3 button. this is what is in the Manual too. But it doesn't work with Ver 10.8.1 on my Fatfrog. When the F3 button is pessed i can't step any Playing submaster. can anybody pleas explain me how it have to work? gerne auch in deutsch. mfg Revenant
  9. thx, if it works, i will post now reply. mfg Rev from Ger
  10. hi everyone. i want to programm a simple Knight Rider chaser. when i programm a chaser with a few paar-light, i put the Ch.1 to 100% and press "programm" than i put it back to 0% and the Ch.2 to 100%, but the Ch.1 doesn't go to 0%, it means it is still 100%. when i start the chaser CH.1 goes up to 100% then CH.2 goes 100% but CH.1 doesnt go down to 0%. the problem is there was i time it worked, but now it works not. there are some chaser, and they look like they should, but these one i wuld programm now are working not. so it must be a user fault, but i don't no what i am doing wrong. PLS help me.
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